So hopefully you guys enjoyed the video don’t forget to like and subscribe don’t forget to hit the bell for notifications, so you’ll never miss another video. So let’s do this icy fan so guys. Let me pull over the first car guys. It is called the low seat. This is a great beginner’s car and it does not come with these tires. It comes with this type of tire. You have to buy this type of tire, though, if you want it, but it has bumpers, it doesn’t come with bumpers because you can put them on if you want, but it doesn’t come with bumpers and you’ll have to buy them so let’s open this thing up. Okay, guys there’s a tiny motor right there. It needs a small battery that’s, the only battery it can use because other any other batteries would be so sm would be too big, so yeah that’s what’s inside of it on the bottom it’s like a metal thing, might insist you if you want to be do Like i insist, if you have this other type of tire right here, it has spikes. I insist you if you want to do like if you want to put these type of tires on. I insist you to the the two tires that it came with and then put the two big ones in the back so yeah. That was the low c so guys when you get more used to rc using your beginner car guys, you guys, you should move on to other tracks, guys this size, not big, got it yeah.

It has bumper that has it comes with wheels. Well, it doesn’t come with the bumpers because um i just put it – i put the bumpers on there. So now let’s open this thing up, there’s the original battery right there it’s all right right there, and then it comes with a different motor. But this one’s we had to put a new motor in because well let’s just say i burned it yep i burned the motor. So if you guys ever burn your motor just get a new one, it’s it’s, fine yep. It would be fast super fast guys and it could even come the the motor it’s so fast it can compare to that green machine, uh, huh and that’s called granite right. There but i’m not going to talk about it, because we haven’t got to the point. Okay, so yeah you can upgrade the battery guys. You can upgrade and get this type of battery guys. It goes way faster than that battery. It has, and it holds way more power guys so yeah let’s move on to the next car. I forget. I i don’t care how i set these cars up my dad’s just gon na okay. There we go let’s move on guys. This is an rc. I mean rsr 216 guys. It looks like this yeah it um, because this you, my um, my dad’s friend a ray, he um broke it. So we fixed it up that’s, why there’s a different color right there and because we had to put new stuff because when he hit the curb it just twisted this wheel right here and then the whole front was broke but yeah, so yeah let’s open this thing Up, okay, the battery goes right there.

It has strapped for you to put the battery in and then that’s a mon that’s, the motor. I know it’s so big there’s not much to talk about this one because it’s since the body’s, not as big it’s. Just so small, but one after you get used to more into rc cars, yeah guys when, when you get more of the rc cars guys, i insist you get this an rsr, and this goes so fast. It beat that car in a race before the latrax and the low c lost yeah, because um rey, my dad’s friend yeah. It went so fast it smashed in the curb and then my car, the trap. The tracks came in second, my dad’s losing came in last, but since i got a new car which i’m going to explain that one um after this car, okay, okay, guys let’s, go on to the granite guys. The grant this granite is green, but on the box it said it only shows um, red and blue, but trust me guys. This thing is humongous, it has these big tires. It comes with it and if you love, if you like, the color, green and that’s, your favorite color ask them if to check if they have a green one, because they did have a green one um when i got it, but and also it has these back. Two tires that you can see, and you can do this also like just be two wheels when you’re doing it.

But if you want to put a gopro on a car and if you have a gopro and you’re going to put it on top of your truck. Do not flip it or your gopro will probably break off and get destroyed so yeah let’s open the granite up, but real quick, guys um this. These uh clips right to uh keep the top on it’s. Actually, the do not take this part off because that hooks on to that part, so these things can just stay on there. So yeah let’s open the granite up that there there’s here guys there’s straps guys right here, because the battery is bigger than a 2s and this needs a 3s it’s a humongous and then right here’s the motor. It might seem tinier than that one. But it’s actually way bigger, not longer bigger right there guys. I don’t think you can see it but it’s right there. It needs a 3s battery and also if you want to upgrade something you’ll have to like fix some stuff. If you want to upgrade like any of these cars, guys like you, could upgrade the bag well, the low c, you cannot upgrade a battery, you could buy a spare battery, but it can’t use another battery. Yep yep today guys i’ll shoot i’ll, make another video guys and i’m going to be driving this thing and it’s going to be rocket league in real life. Guys show you how fast show you guys how fast this thing goes and it’s going to be.

Since i told you the latrax guys that car is so fast because the new motor um we’re going to play rocket league in real life and let’s, see if my dad burns up the motor. So this is my new car guys, my dad’s, going to take over that that the my dad has the low c the tracks and the rsr – and this is my car compared to all of those. This is my car it’s. The biggest and my favorite color is green awesome, so yeah guys also guys. I have a question before i make that uh one video the rocket league in real life again, but with different cars. Well, what’s this big one who do you think will win in a race the granite or the or the grant like this would be a team, the granite and the or the rsr, and the low see guys subscribe to my channel. If you think the granite and the latraxes like the video, if you think the rsr and the low she’s gon na win so guys, hopefully you like this video. This is my first time making a car review guys. So hopefully you enjoyed this video don’t forget to like, and subscribe and don’t forget to hit the bell for notifications, so you’ll never miss another video see.