This video was meant to be this lc racing, lc10b um side by side with a stock wltoys104001. The 110 scale clone of this you’re still going to get a side by side. If you wait till the end of the video, however we’ve come to a bit of a stop on this, then here’s. Why so? These have recently been released for the wl toys. Now i got offered some um to test, which i refused now the reason i refused them and i bought them myself well go easy buying your own stuff, tommy guys. I do buy loads of stuff. I spend a fortune, but i do get sent lots of stuff as well so anyway. The reason i didn’t want them sent to me because my plan was to pull them apart, because i didn’t believe they were real carbon fiber. So what i didn’t want to do was get someone to send them to me to review for them and then, as you’ll see by this bit instantly pull it apart. So i wanted to have a free reign to destroy something before i’d done a video. Nothing to do with like being dishonest if i’d got these sent to me and they weren’t carbon fiber right. I told you, but i wanted to be able to destroy them before i even tested them. So i believe it is actual carbon fiber i’ve sacrificed this little steering bit. I don’t know if you can see very well on there, but i’ve pulled a couple of layers off and it does look like it’s weave.

All the way through some of the carbon fiber coming out of um sort of china and stuff is it’s, just a very thin layer over the top and then sandwiched in between you get just a bit of like normal sort of composite and stuff and not actual Carbon, but this does look like to me real carbon. So if we look at the lc racing it’s a nice chunky, thick carbon, if i put that next to it, you’ll see it’s quite a bit thinner and it doesn’t have the same sort of quality feel about it. Where it’s been made to the same standard, which it probably hasn’t but it’s cheap, this whole kit, which is the chassis shock, towers and chassis, braces the diff or that the center spool cover little rear bracket there and obviously the steering bit that i’ve destroyed. That comes in at about 40 dollars, so it’s not expensive, so i’m, halfway through putting the carbon fiber chassis on this wltoys one: zero, four: zero, zero one there’s a major problem and it’s, probably to do with the quality checks and just the general r d um. Most of you probably won’t, be surprised, i’m, not surprised, but i’m a little bit disappointed. So this is the stock chassis and you’ll see and, as with most sort of chassis, they’ve got that little kink at the front. Now that kink at the front is to do the geometry i’d like to tell you, i know exactly why, but i don’t google it, but anyway, a flat chassis has always got a little kink at the front.

Now what they failed to do on this one is: give you any kind of wedge a lot of people when they put carbon fiber chassis on they 3d print or get a like a little wedge to lift that front end up, so it sits and where it’s Meant to now, as you’ll see on this, if i push that down so it’s flush on the chassis lifts the front up there. If i push that down how it’s meant to be, you then end up with this sticking up. I screw this in. I screw it down how it’s meant to be fixed. You can now see the problem and also that doesn’t actually line up with the holes under there. Even with this loose um that doesn’t line up so a massive fail, i can’t get that fitted on. It. Just tries to it’s just pulling the screw out there and i think, even if i did get it fitted, the flex on that is going to be even worse than the alloy chassis. I am done with the one: zero four zero zero one. This is the last video you are gon na see you wan na get into the speed run game with the wl toys, get the one two four zero one: nine or the one four four zero zero one. Both of these really really decent rigs for the price recommend them both as for this one, if any of you are mighty car mod fans, then in the bin, so wl toys versus lc racing.

Where does this um cloning come from? Well, it started with the one four four zero zero one. This is a clone of the lc racing emb and the 114 scale very good, and then we got the one two four zero one nine now this is my speed run one 92 mile an hour out of that. That is a clone of the lc racing embt or the the long wheelbase chassis, basically so clone there, and then they came out with this one: zero: four: zero: zero one: zero four zero zero one which is a clone of the um lc10 b. So you can see by looking at this, the um shock towers, same design, front diff, like diff housing same go down from the top there, the front arms as well exactly the same and then the same as if we look from the rear. Now. The difference is, though, you’ll notice, no sway bar on the wr toys. The lc racing’s got a sway bar one of the biggest differences. You’Ll notice is the carbon fiber shock towers, thin, alloy or thin metal on these nice thick carbon fiber same at the front. So a thin very thin, in fact very thin um. I don’t know if they’re alloy but metal on the wl toys, big chunky, carbon fiber on the lc racing. If i give you a sort of view like that, look at the quality there, including the um the shock and then we go over to here, there’s your differences.

You can see that on camera it’s hard, sometimes on camera, to see the difference in quality but just i’m pretty sure. If i just show you that shot there and then that shot there, you can see the difference again on the front sway bar no sway bar there, all the same other than quality of plastic. Both got um adjustable turn buckles. This one’s actually got upgraded, titanium ones. On it, but um it doesn’t come with titanium ones, got a size of the uh drive shafts on these they’re massive, i don’t think they’re gon na bend they’re, probably quite heavy, though now i know, i know that the price difference this will set you back. The best part of 300, these hovered, just above a hundred dollars so three times the price. This does come as a kit. I think you might be able to buy it as a ready to run, but the kit um about three hundred dollars uh this one ready to run about a hundred dollars, but just look at the quality of the components on this lc racing. Absolutely stunning! Really! Really nice looking thing and something else, so the first thing that will strike you center diff on the lc racing, a solid metal spool on this and slipper clutch or option centered, if i think it is mine, comes mine’s, got both again oozes quality and one of The and one of the biggest things with this and quite a few people, actually i wouldn’t say that they gave me a load of hate about it.

But i’ve seen a few uh comments about my video on the flex on this chassis and a lot of people said: oh it’s meant to have flex and it’s track based. It should be flexible yeah. I agree it should be flexible, but you shouldn’t be able to flex it with your hands like that really easy, i reckon if i tried hard enough, i could get that drive shaft out the front without taking it apart by just bending it fingers stuck karma the Chassis design is the same though so there’s no there’s, no, like top bar there’s, no chassis, brace there. Just the braces on the bottom, quite it’s, still a bit of flex, there that’s the sort of flex you need, but you have to try quite hard to flex. It so that’s it for this video guys. I am definitely gon na stick to the lc racing for a one, tenth buggy yeah it’s four times the price, but honestly it’s easily four times better than this one: zero, four zero, zero one for a cheap buggy stock or with an upgraded motor, it’s gon na, Be fine i’m not telling you not to buy it and it’s okay for the money. I’Ve lost the love for it, breaking it. The first time with that flexible alloy, chassis that damaged the motor getting this carbon fiber and then realizing that not only is it even more flexible, but it just doesn’t fit properly i’m done i’m going to take this apart.

This is all going to go. My part’s been i’m sure i can use the wheels the suspension and bits and pieces to do something with but other than that me and you we are done just watching guys.