Let me quickly show you what i’ve done so, as you guys know, because i keep banging on about it, we got the monster truck, build coming up very soon. The park should be here in the next few weeks, they’ve all been dispatched they’re on the ocean, they’re going to be here soon, we’ve had to make a bit of space in here in order to build this thing, because this is going to be massive it’s going To be from that wall to that wall, and about this in length so i’ve taken that shelf down that used to be in the back of the shop there, i’ve cut it in off and i’ve made myself a little room in here like a tall room and A little workshop i wanted to get all the hand tools all the other tools and as much stuff out of this room as possible and into here so i’ve cut that big shelf in half and we’ve got one there one there and this one here, i’ve had To narrow it down a little bit so i’ve cut these shelves in half and re welded them. This is actually my first mig weld in 13 years. I used to be a welder by trade and haven’t done it for many years now, and i did a bit of big welding a bit of tig welding now, i’ll just do it. For a bit of a hobby, i’ve got a new welding machine.

There it’s going to come in handy for doing a few bits and bobs when it comes to building that monster truck so here’s. My little workstation look i’ve got a few rc’s on the top. There look a few more up. There got some hand tools down. There got my vise all mounted got the speed car here which we are taking out. Hopefully, tomorrow weather permitting, hopefully we’re going to get faster than 133 mile an hour. I want to get it closer to that 203 mile, an hour goal that i’ve got, because that is the speed. We need to get it to go to win the world record, but just look how much more space we got in here now put a shelf up on there, a few bits and bobs coming back in here. This is still the same up here. We have a quick look upstairs a lot of you guys, always wonder what’s in this room. This is my editing room and then coming into here. This is a bit of a junk room at the moment, a lot of the stuff that was on that racking on there. I’Ve put it up here now, but it’s all get out of ball. We’Ve got some of the bang good cars there. This is some of the junk and there’s not even junk there’s, a lot of tools and stuff like that and still got a really smart amount. But this is like more of an overflow room up here got my ebay inventory over there packaging materials up there from the top.

Here you can see now how much base we got. So partly the idea of this hole that we put into the wall is so that i can get all four big wheels onto that monster truck and have it sitting in here with the big wheels on. I see a couple of comments in the last video with people saying kev you do realize you can put small wheels on to transport it. I mean yes. Obviously i know that, but this is my lifelong dream and i want to see it with the big wheels on with small wheels on they’re just for transporting it, and they look a little bit underwhelming and a lot. A few people said it’s never going to fit in here with the big wheels on well. I think this truck when it’s done it’s – probably going to be just over 13 feet wide a little bit wider than a normal monster. Truck and um. This shop here is about 15 feet wide, so we’ve got a little bit of space to spare uh but it’s, just not going to be enough room to swing the tyres on to fit them so that’s. What we’ve got this hole there for so we can get this side of the wheels on first. Then we can drive the truck out the door out of there and then we can get it up to here and then open bolt on one wheel. Reverse it in a bit more bolt on the other big wheel park it up and then, when i’m sitting here in the morning, with my cup of tea i’m, going to sit here and admire it in its full glory.

I know a lot of you guys what i think are you weirdo guys? This is my lifelong dream and i want to admire it. Also, a few of you guys said you wanted me to document the build and i will be, i mean it’s not going to be a how to build, because i do not know what i’m doing i’m going to make this up. As i go along i’m going to try and get some help from v2vids over instagram and tony from swamp things that he’s going to come over and give me a hand, so if i get stuck i’ve got people that said they can’t help me to get this Thing done so subscribe and smash the bell. If you want to see that – and i will be filming it, i will be documenting it. It’S not going to be a how to it’s going to be like watch me make an idiot of myself so stay tuned. For that, and also stay tuned for the project, 203 modern hour, rc car run, which will be on this channel in hopefully the next few days, if the weather’s good right, i’m gon na go and edit that video upload it onto youtube.