This thing up off of pro tinker toys. It was a hundred dollars, i think after shipping and everything was like 113 115, where this is. I believe the exact same thing as the little hobby pluses and the ftx and the element enduro but uh quite a bit cheaper. I think they’re around 120 to 130, depending on when you order them the little cherokee body and you get a full uh usable spare tire bead lock wheels. It says waterproof electronics, you get a 600 milliamp single cell battery. We got mid, mounted motor and look at that servo with no servo saver. That’S excellent. Now let’s see what the box says. It says: anodized, aluminum, chassis, pre, mounted, shock standard front, rear lights, torque, anti torque, high torque transmission system, new aggressive, tread mt tire. Two internal bead lock wheels, waterproof electronics, auxiliary outputs for fpv and lighting and other accessories. Fpv, ready esc, fully upgradable available optional, hop up parts, so you get a little radio. It takes a couple of triple a’s. They just slide apart in the back and go in there. Maybe this a little weird wrench a little screwdriver, a basic usb charger and a set of instructions, but now, instead of sitting here and talking about it, let’s just get this thing out and run it so so well, as you can see, the tart tree does pretty Good, so this thing uh, you know for 100 bucks. You really can’t go wrong to me.

It seems like it performs really well, and i love the body. I’M. Probably gon na end up peeling the stickers off of it and doing something different, and i may end up changing it out to a 2s or the electronics later, but that little thing comes with headlights. Tail lights, uh appears to be waterproof. We tried that in a couple places climbs good, even when the tires get clogged up, it seems like they clean pretty nice. So all in all, i don’t think this is uh too bad of a vehicle at all. So remember that uh pro i’ll try to put it in the link and i’m gon na give a quick shout out to filthyco rc. Thank you for turning me on to this little company. To order stuff from they have excellent prices have a good day everyone.