10 scale, 4×4 brushed entry level, buggy, she’s, really nice guys, she’s got some uh nice wheels, foam filled they’re like the little blocks. The mini block tires. Whatever you call them. She’S got some oil filled shocks. Oil filled shocks seems pretty plush metal dog bones. The motor has really strong magnets. Pretty cool even still got the film on it. I’Ll leave that on there you guys could take that off when you receive the buggy 7.2 45 amp two in one. That is a 540 14.5. This is going to rip pretty hard on 2s guys. It comes with a nickel metal and it comes with the phaser. The cool thing about the phaser is you: don’t have to upgrade your transmitter. When you want to go brushless, you can just get the receiver that goes with this it’s, a phaser receiver, so you get a servo, an esc and a motor and then a receiver. You don’t have to buy that normally when you have a five wire two in one setup, you have to buy transmitter receiver, servo, esc and motor. This one saves you at least on having to buy that there anyway guys. This is uh got a metal center. Shaft it’s got composite diffs, it has fixed links now the brushless one would have metal discs and adjustable links and also ball. Bearings has bushings if you’re going to upgrade to brushless on 2s. This will be fine if you’re going to upgrade brushless on 3s, i suggest putting the ball bearings and the metal dips in but, like i said this is going to rip pretty hard with a 14.

5 on 2s it’s going to have plenty of power and um it’s A good entry level buggy watch james review jang did a review on this in its oem form, um himodo, and this thing actually does really well on a track. He tried to break it over and over again and he finally broke it by going full speed at an angle like this into a wall in reverse and he find he broke. A hinge, pin uh yeah. These are plastic hinge, pins, the the brush. This one would have metal hinge, pins, actually that’s, another difference, but, like i said this is 79 on pro tinkertoys.com. You can’t beat that you can buy a walmart rc. You can buy a walmart rc for the same price or you can have this hobby grade rc that actually does really well on the track now i’m going to drive this one time, just some light running, probably just a street run and then i’m going to give This away um the rules, the rules for the giveaway, the rules for the giveaway will be this. All you have to do is like subscribe comment and share, and once this video hits 500 views, i’ll pick a winner, guys probably names in a hat, or maybe some software, some name picking software. This giveaway is limited to north america, guys i’m. Sorry about that, but maybe we can work something out for you know europe or australia. It all depends on shipping.

Let me look into that a little bit further and i’ll get back to you on the running video as to, if i can ship this to europe or australia, it just depends how high the shipping is, if it’s really high, then i’m not going to be able To ship it, but if it’s not reasonable, 20 30 bucks i’ll send it um anyway, guys it’s. If this is a great buggy, like i said, um go watch jen’s video on it. If you never saw this before it’s um, the oem is oh and um. Imac sells it as the warrior pro ticket toys.com has these for 79, so check them out as well. They have a lot of good stuff. Oh, the shocks leaking a little bit i’m going to go over this and i’m going to fix anything that needs to be fixed i’m, going to check all the nuts and bolts to make sure they’re got lock tight on them, make sure there’s lock, tight and i’m Gon na tune the suspension for you guys and i’ll, have it ready to rock once you receive it now they make this buggy a monster truck and a stadium truck and it’s all on the same chassis with minor differences, of course go check out pro tickertoys.com he’s Got a lot of imax rigs: he’s got some brand new crawlers guys. He’S got the brand new imx crawlers the 18th scale and the 24 scale crawlers. They are nice.

I think there’s one called: maybe a sledgehammer or a jackhammer and it’s like a c10 chevy.