Welcome back to the workshop were on to part two of the arma tlr2 typhon, and hopefully you guys saw our first video on it was kind of more of a first look. I called it a review. It was more of an overview, gave you guys all the details and features about this new buggy, and in that video i went, and i read a lot of comments. I responded to a bunch of them and there was a lot of thoughts that were posted. There was a lot of uh, you know, criticisms on some of the equipment that i was using, and so i want to use this opportunity right here to go over some of that. First up. This is not a tlr buggy with an arma body on it. Tlr collaborated with arma and they designed some of the parts that are on here and, and that was their involvement in it. It is not a tlr vehicle, so i wanted to set that straight. Also, it is not a old team. Durango parts car just brought back a lot of the parts on this car were armed apart or our armor parts, which were also used on the durango car. So yes, a lot of its going to look familiar. But if you go and look at the pictures really close theres, some on rcdriver.com of the dx8 youll see that the shock tower design is different. Uh. The steering setup is different on here.

The battery tray is different. The receiver box is different. The center differential mount is different, so it is not a part spin car either, and one of the other criticisms that i got was how. Why are you using spectrum electronics with it, and if you listen closely, i said i was also going to bring it along a taken system with me thats, when im going to go and hit the track, but i want to go and throw this together with some Spectrum electronics to go out and have fun with it, because at heart this is still a basher buggy and i think its going to be fun as a basher, especially if you like a performance handling buggy. But yes, i will put a teagan system in there when we go to the track. Dont worry about it, im a racer at heart. I do like the feel of a good censored system in my racing vehicle, so that will go in later on and you know ive also got some tires. I already picked up some tires for when i hit the track, so i can dial it in a bit more and tell you how it really feels on the race track, but today were going to talk about it as a basher. Just because its easier for me to hit up the local bmx track and show you this thing running versus me, heading up to rc madness, which is a two hour trip to go and hit the track, which i will do thats coming up.

I think were gon na were basically i got ta have a part three as well, so youre gon na get a lot of information and detail on this buggy its an exciting buggy, and i think it deserves it. So, first up im gon na go and drop these electronics in and then were gon na head out to the bmx track to just have some fun Music Music, all right guys. So we went to the bmx track and it was closed. They put calcium chloride down on the track to treat it so i cant drive there and rc madness is closed right now, because theyre redoing the track. So i came to the dirt bashing lot. Didnt want to come here because theres a lot of rocks, but i got to get this thing dirty. I got to drive it. I got to show you a little bit of action, so im going to make the best of it so lets go rip on this thing: Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Music, Applause, Music, so Applause, Music, Applause, Music, so Applause, Music, so Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, so Music, all right guys, ive been driving this thing around a little bit its on a 4s pack. Right now, you guys saw the 1900 kv spectrum system thats in there its got some rip to it, but uh. What ive noticed so far is this thing is really really stable. I mean ive been taking it off a few jumps and it just lands nice and flat, and you can just kind of see how it remains level when its just ripping through the bumps and stuff.

Really good handling, buggy, very responsive thats. What ive really noticed is with the the lighter diff oils in here. It is very quick to react. I could really just rotate the rear of that buggy around plenty of steering up front. Let me go see if i can get a few jumps in on this thing, not too many big jumps around here all right, so i got to try to turn this small jump into something big. So at least you guys can see a little air underneath this thing a little rough on the takeoff, but this thing does jump really well, look at that nice and smooth there. We go see those getting up there. Now nice just kind of a floating roller jump here, but its its taking the abuse time to go through the berm love this spot spin it around here just go through this full throttle. There we go yeah, nice, nice and level through the corner. You can really see the suspension working on. There should be really good for the track. Different bashers, too. All right guys lets head back to the workshop. Well, wrap up the quote: unquote: bashing portion of this review, so i did my best to get some drive time in on arma typhon. For you, unfortunately, the bmx track was closed. Rc madness is redoing the a scale buggy track, so i had to resort to my dirt bashing lot, but i actually got a pretty good feel for the buggy there.

I got some information to share with you uh first up. What i really noticed is the handling of this thing. The chassis stays nice and level through the rough really controllable. So i could see that translating really well on the racetrack keeping this thing, dialed keeping it planted to the surface uh jumping wise. It started off really well nice and level jumps with this. Then it started to really nose dive, and i made a few tweaks to the suspension collars on this gave it a little bit more preload. I think that the buggy settled in a little bit and after that it jumped nice and level again uh and nose down. If i wanted to to pull it out of the some of the jumps and then raising you do that you want to downside the jumps. Get the tires back on the ground and keep going so i can already see that this is going to again translate well to the race track lots of acceleration. You know, ive got the 4s battery pack in there 16 tooth pinion, with a 1900 kv motor. So plenty of acceleration on the bottom end, i think it will really rock it out of the corners cornering wise uh. It did really well on power from what i could tell kind of a loose surface there. Turning into a corner off power, a little bit of a push, but again the surface is a little bit wacky there.

So i really got to hold off some judgment there until i get this thing on a race track to to really tell you about the the cornering ability of it at the very least again, if youre going to go and backyard bash, this thing rip around some Dirt, lots and stuff like that, i think its going to be fine. I think youre going to be able to really rip on it on power and corner tightly off power. At the very least, it does have a lot of steering throw to it. Just like that. The typhon did but uh its a fun buggy. It was a blast to drive there. I did enjoy it um again, its really more of a racer feel to it i mean ive been racing since 1985, so i got a good feel for racing vehicles and uh. You know, even though it was an ambassador situation. I think this thing is going to do really well at the track. I cant wait to take it there for those of you that want to know how fast it goes because, yes, this is uh labeled as a bash or video, and you probably want to know how fast it goes. It goes 41 miles an hour with that setup that i told you so its pretty decent speed out of 4s pack, 1900 kv motor 16 tooth pinion a lot of fun. I i really enjoyed it so far. Cant wait to get to the track.