Here i can’t wait to try it out. The tree is not up but i’m just gon na rip, some practice runs and then i’m gon na get tyler from rc madness to come out, run on the track and see how he likes the car so Music. Here all right guys, we got tyler from rc madness. Here, he’s got the 22 s. This is his first time driving it let’s see how he does let’s check it out. Pretty good lots of breaks on the back. There took off pretty good, though try her again body looks sick. You get a little more heat in the tires. You could just punch it off the line yeah. Let me cook them a little honestly pretty easy to grab, though yeah definitely competitive, built quite a i built a few cars and it’s right there let’s see if we can really give it to him all right. Let’S see i’m just gon na punch it oh it’s, full that was full right from the start, full wick just clamped it just i just clamped in and went on that one i get a little more run sure so you got ta. Do the good burnout seems to really help with this there we go the best run yet yeah looks good doesn’t it yeah. It does super easy to drive, really yeah right there with all the ones i built it’s. Pretty i mean you have to line them up to tell, but i would run it.

We got to do something about the brakes in the back end though yeah, but otherwise the car’s sick, honestly awesome really good nice job. Thank you for your help. Man, no problem anytime, all right, just like i said in my review. The 22s is just a rocket and it tracks so straight so easy to drive. These things are gon na, be really popular if you haven’t done so yet.