Thank you once again for tuning in. I really appreciate it. It’S a cold day up here in the hobby room we’ve got uh. The windows have been open all day. It’S middle of winter we’ve been doing some painting up here. So sorry about the tuke in the hoodie got ta. Do it i’m freezing! I don’t have a lot of natural protection up here so i’m, working with what i got. Okay uh, but thanks again for tuning in guys and uh, i wanted to do a quick video for you today. Sorry, i haven’t been producing much in the last week. I’Ve just been i’ve been working on. Another project i’ve got a full scale car one one, skill car, if you guys are into that, give me a thumbs up and let me know of what you’re into but i’ve got an old 1994 pontiac firebird and uh finally got my motor back after an arduous Motor journey and been occupying some of my time, so i apologize for neglecting the rc world i’m back just want to do a quick video here today, with some endura wheels. Take a closer look at these, so we just want to talk about these endura wheels, guys and i’m a big vale i’m, a big value, guy, big fan of good value and in the world of rc uh, b locks and metal bead locks pretty amazing how quickly You can end up spending two three or four hundred bucks on a set of decent, looking bead locks and uh that’s out of my price range.

I don’t know about yours, but what i like here is these enduras and i’ve picked these up on amazon i’ll, throw a link in the comments or in the description below i picked these guys up. I’Ve used a few of their bead locks before i’ve been very happy with them, and i wanted to share these with you guys so we’re going to unbox these and we’re going to mount them to these beautiful rc. Four wheel drive mickey thompson, baja claw ttcs. First things: first let’s unbox, the enduras, the enduras don’t come in any kind of special packaging. In fact, they came as four separate wheels and four separate packages in one bubble envelope that you would get at your local post office, so very, very plain, jane packaging. But hey you’re not paying for the packaging. This is all about saving a few bucks, let’s open them up and see what they’re all about Music first impressions. What do you think guys? I’M? Looking at this wheel, i think it looks very nice. I think it looks very simple and clean, so they say you learn something every day and it’s just it’s a really interesting design that they’ve gone for here. So here you have the inner portion of the wheel. Where you kind of get the look of the wheel, then we’re going to bolt on the rear portion and then put the outer ring on one of the things that kind of drive me nuts, when it comes to buying wheels and tires for my crawlers, is that They’Re not all compatible some wheels.

Some bead locks will fit with a certain type of tire and uh. This tire won’t work with that wheel and that wheel will work with this wheel or that tire and it’s just kind of um. You know, i guess if you don’t know exactly what is going to work with what it’s a bit of a crap shoot. So you can spend a lot of money and i have spent a lot of money on some of these tires and wheels and had them not work together. So that’s been kind of a point of frustration, so i saw the design of these and i thought i hope they would just work so um let’s keep digging in and let’s see if they actually work. One thing i like about the design of this particular bead lock is that you’ve got the inner rim, which many styles have you’ve, got your basically your entire wheel assembly with a lip attached to it, and then your outer bead lock. And if you look just a bit of room just a bit of space here between this chrome or the stainless inner wheel and the outer bead locks, actually pinch the the tire rc four wheel drive mickey thompson, baja claw, ttc love. These tires. Let’S use these, like so sticky don’t, you want to come out of the package man. These are sticky god. I love these tires real, simple start off just by taking your bead lock or your i’m.

Sorry, the center portion of your bead, lock, jamming it in just like so and as you can see, we’ve got her centered in there beautifully now i’m just going to take my wheel. So what i find happens here guys is you see this portion of the uh? The silver inner portion of the bead lock, as i close the tire down over it it really. How do i explain this? You got this thick piece of rubber right here, and it has to the inside has a provision where it can fold into the wheel, and you really have to work hard to kind of get everything lined up beautifully in order to be able to actually work. Of course, you got these tiny little screws to work with see that big, thick slab of rubber in there i’ve got to kind of pull it back. So it sits over the rim, the inner portion of the rim, a little nicer and gives me enough wiggle room to actually be able to close this wheel down lock this wheel down holy what a task well guys i’ve got her started off pretty good. I think we’ve got traction, putting some screws in here i’m, not tightening them up a hundred percent i’m just kind of getting them in just enough. Well, i think we’ve got it. I think these are going to work. Let’S see also guys, if you don’t, have a power driver i’d strongly recommend getting one, especially for a job like this doing.

Bead locks make your life a whole heck of a lot easier. What do you think guys? I think it did a pretty good job. I think there’s this portion right here where it’s not where the rubber just isn’t quite fully pinched onto the bead lock, so i’ll go back and fix that, but overall for a quick effort, these worked out pretty good. I am actually quite happy with that and look at that. Those look sweet and if you want to get creative – and you want your wheels to match your your rig, you can always take the outer ring off. You can always paint that outer ring and uh kind of use, a like an accent, color, red or blue, whatever you want and have it match up to your rig, because that would look extra super cool, so check it out guys this wheel actually mounted pretty nicely The inside of it there’s enough meat on there it’s grabbing on well enough that i don’t think it’s going to be an issue and as far as the outside goes same deal, i was able to bolt it all down. You know it seems like some of the issues with these wheels is that you’ve got these. These awesome bolts for the uh for the bead lock, but they’re too smaller they’re too short and they’re, just not long enough to kind of get in there and bolt onto the inner wheel hub and pinch the rubber of the tire.

So here they seem to have done that they’ve seemed to have grabbed on well enough i’m, confident that that would hold up out on the trail if it doesn’t. You know i’m going to let you know, but anyway, just a quick little overview of a of an inexpensive b, lock wheel, option all metal found on amazon about 50 bucks, canadian with shipping included i’m i’m. Pretty happy with these. They look, cool they’ve, got some nice weight to them and you bet i’m gon na go run them on my trx4 and see how they go. So. Thank you so much again for tuning in everybody.