What did oh? Oh, oh, okay, you probably just broke it. How many times is that just cartwheel? We are here at bash mountain. This epic awesome place that is just so much fun to bash rc cars, and i have one of my favorite looking rc cars ever. This is a zd racing desert dune, buggy style of rc, which is my all time, favorite style of looking kind of ground vehicles. It definitely reminds me of the losi laser nut at first glance, but even more detailed surprisingly, i showed these things in the speed run, but look at these little hoses and hydraulic systems. Just everything all over here is crazy. Detailed. I love the side exhaust here. The light bar on top, unfortunately, we have a light bulb on the front burnt out. It came like that: the lights on the back there now you can see the two yellow ones better. Now all the details on here are so cool. It has an aluminum chassis on the bottom. I even like the way the wheels and the tires look. It just looks so cool and i’m afraid we’re gon na break it at bash mountain today, because there’s just so much detail on here, i’m, not sure how durable it’s gon na be so anyway. We’Re gon na have some fun i’m, not gon na hold back. I really hope this thing can dominate bash mountain. If that tiny little wl toys can this ought to be able to let’s go hey.

This is like where it was made to run. I love how these big tires just kind of dominate the vehicle and they just provide so much traction, they’re, really soft and squishy. So this is really looking good for bash mountain and then also this is almost completely enclosed. So i don’t think we’re gon na get a lot of rocks thrown in here into the motor and that really loud esc fan we’ll find out at the end of this let’s hit some small ramps before we hit bash mountain. Oh, not bad, not bad! Probably some of the smallest air we’ve gotten but Music. Oh, i feel like i have really good traction with this on this loose travel, Music, that’s, really good. The house divided with zd racing, oh that’s, why i like cd racing, but i don’t know if it’s going to make it through this whole video. Oh, she just got soaked there in that mod i’m standing in the water. There you go. Can you get it back? There it is one headlight whoa. Second, try got it not too bad Music. You can’t see it there. It is nice. Sweet let’s hit the big, the big ramp Music wow. I can’t believe that just happened man, you got it back too you’re, like pro level now with this hill mountain there it goes. Oh, i think, it’s upside down i’m, pretty sure it flipped. I can’t hear it. Oh i hear it now come on, sounds like it’s.

Moving, i think, you’re hitting the brush now. Oh, i saw something move i thought there. It is so i think when it went up to the top of the hill it flipped over and then it was just a big guessing game. I was listening to see, which way is it going? Which way is it going? I finally finally got it so funny i’m just worried that these wheels, oh yeah, i’m gon na snap. I told you during the speed test. They looked wobbly i’m, not touching. It i’ll break it. I know it. This thing is awesome, though, for when it’s up and running like this is one of my favorite looking rc’s artsy ground vehicles that i’ve just ever had and the attention detail is awesome. I just kind of want it to be. Like a shelf queen really but it’s dominating bash mountain wow, i knew i kind of knew it would, but i also thought bash mountain by the end of this battery may snap something on this. So how much longer do i want to bash this? Well, we have to go to the top of the hill let’s go well, if you’re wondering why the car is up here with me, it’s, because we just spent the last 10 minutes, making a hilarious, tick tock so go check that out. I worked hard on it. Nate worked hard on it, go nate! Oh, oh, oh okay! You probably just broke it. How many times did that just cartwheel wow, i think that’s, the most cartwheels we’ve ever done.

All right. It works, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Go go: oh my gosh it’s, so scary. Sometimes there we go here. We go! Oh, why do you keep going toward me? Oh my gosh, when a stick pokes you in the back of the leg, that’s scary, that was terrifying. Oh don’t get stuck! Okay good! Oh, my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my god, i can’t do this. Oh, that was the biggest area you’ve gotten so far, that’s, probably as good as it’s gon na get not gon na break this nate. The destroyer is gon na break this. Let me guess he just broke it: oh yeah, my shark is busting. He just broke going down bash mountains. Oh he broke the top, the caps of the sharks, oh the lower ones, on the bottom, and he wonders why i don’t like zd racing. Well, now, more than ever, you need to go watch our tick tock, because our video just got cut short. I thought it looked like. It was riding a little low and i was looking: did you just find a quarter in there? No, i was looking for the lower shot caps just quickly. I had to find these caps well they’re shotguns. Those are not shotgun shells. These are magnums 357 magnums. Whatever and uh nickel. I found a nickel, so that’s gon na help pay for those uh yeah, so check this out.

You know you got this little at the bottom of your shock. You got this little plastic ring. I don’t know if it’s called a lower shock cap. I really don’t know the name of it, but it’s that little plastic ring and they just pop on and off pretty easily i’ve, never really lost one, though i don’t think, but see it’s missing on this side and it’s missing on the back left too. So that might be like a bad design. Maybe the shock just wasn’t set um tight enough, because that is pretty weird: where did they go? Surprisingly, everything seems to be holding up, the arms are holding up, the knuckles are, which i i really thought something up here on these front. Wheels would break let’s, take a look under here and see how much gravel we got in aren’t those cool houses, yeah that’s right just for just for looks. I see that and you can, that fan is just so crazy, loud turn it off, but yeah there’s. Very little gravel in here there’s a little bit up here. Nothing got in or around the motor it’s, not it’s, not even hot it’s, not even warm, which is really crazy. That esc fan is just ridiculously loud and other than that. Okay, so i had a headlight out when i got it. I will complain about that because it shouldn’t come like that. That should be an easy quality control test. Uh, nothing is broken for ship shipping or anything is in great shape on shipping.

So i think that was probably faulty. You know when they shipped it as my guess loud esc fan, but man it drives really good and if you like, bashing it somewhere like this, like where we are now bash mountain off, roading, gravel, like far from perfect uh driving conditions. This thing is an absolute beast: we did this little crack on abby’s speech, hey you flipped it too, for the tick tock, but that’s, where that you busted that i’m, just pointing it pointing it out, not complaining, not complaining. You did something mostly it’s still in one piece, so i’m, just gon na wipe it down and uh that’ll, probably end up being a nice shelf queen. Now that it’s survived by ash mountain racing. Salad excuse me yeah, well, i’ll i’m! No! No! I don’t want to, but i do want to get a couple more of these little caps here, um i’m, not getting rid of any of my stuff. Okay we’ll see yeah. I know i might get rid of an old zd racing for this one. You have to admit this is one of the best looking cd rings. It is the best looking come on. That was really fun too yeah. It was good. Do we give that one to bash mountain or the rocket you? Let us know in the comments below who do, you think won the mountain or the rc yeah we’re missing a couple small parts. So does that mean that’s kind of why we stopped running so? Did bash melton win? I don’t know, but if you like this as much as i do, we’ll have a link in the description box below you know.

Zd racing has been around for a while. They do have spare part availability, be it online. So you kind of have to order ahead of time lucky. For me, these little caps that are going to go on here are extremely universal, so i should be able to buy something from traxxas arma low c, probably lucy, the low c laser nut might fit perfectly it’s a little bit bigger than this, but i’m sure i’ll Find something that’s pretty universal, that’ll, fit that and that’s what’s really nice about. You know the body here. If something broke on it, you might have to wait for a long time to uh to have something shipped, but it’s really durable. You guys saw this thing just rolled down the mountain like crazy. That was a little hard on it. I don’t know why i think i was just having a lot of fun and uh if you like it, it’s linked in the description box below know that if you buy it through our link, it does help support our channel and our family. So if you’re going to pick one of these up anyway, you might as well do it through our link because it doesn’t cost you an extra penny and for getting out here and having fun with abby and we’re. Actually amelia’s gon na probably come out here and ride her little tricycle around with us. We’Re just gon na have some family fun today. I thank the big guy upstairs also a massive thanks to our patreon supporters, because without you guys we couldn’t get in front of the camera and be as brutally honest as we are.

Some people might say: hey this thing is perfect. You should absolutely buy it. You know no matter what but we’re showing you uh, hey light didn’t work out of the box, the issues that we had and it’s still holding up well, and for that i give it two massive thumbs up and thanks to our patrons for allowing us to do That we’ll have our speed test if you’re interested in this it’ll be popping up right about now.