Today were talking about the new handlebar mount function, switch for the new f5 inner foam that’s right now. The handlebar remote is the first device of its kind. What it does is it controls all the functions of your f5 without the need to take your hands off the handlebars, which is really nice, so that’s something we’ve been hearing as a consumer review for quite a long time. I love the functionality of the unit it’s. The best unit on the market, but I still have to reach up and kind of fumble with it, while I’m riding down the road we’re greates a lot of features of the more expensive motorcycles, such as a harley davidson, ultra classic or a Honda Goldwing. All onto a relatively inexpensive package of this handlebar remote in your inner phone f5 headset, so you’ll be able to control your phone you’ll, be able to control your inner column without ever having to take your hands off the handlebars let’s go ahead and take a look And see exactly how the same functions all right, your first step when you bring the inner phone f5 and the handlebar remote together is going to be to pair them together. So the remote which is motion activated, will turn on when you move it and then the inner phone f5 needs to be put into pairing mode by holding down the multifunction button for five seconds and then you’ll get a blue and red light.

Once you have the inner phone f5 in pairing mode on the joystick you’re gon na want to hold up for 10 seconds, which will put it into pairing mode, and then the two devices will discover each other once the remote and the headset are paired. You won’t need to repeat this procedure, so you get a rapidly blinking red light when the remote controls in pairing mode. I don’t know if you heard that or not, but the headset just said pairing successful and then the alternating, blue and red lights turned into a just a blue light blinking. So once you’ve paired, the two units successfully you’ll have full functionality of the inner phone f5 controls from your handlebars. So the up and down buttons we’ll emulate the buttons on the actual headset itself. So up and down change your modes. You might be able to hear that and then your left and right will control your volume and then pressing it down will put you back into intercom mode. So it really simplifies things and also adds a new dimension of safety to using a motorcycle intercom. And, as I mentioned earlier, it kind of turns any bike into a gold wing or a Harley with a very expensive audio system. But you can purchase these two units from Cruiser customizing for under 400 and there you have it. The pairing of the handlebar mount unit to the Interphone f5 wasn’t that difficult time to be able to use that handlebar functionality without having to reach up and take your hands off.

The bars is really a huge advancement, that’s right Kyle. So you can add a new element of safety and add communication for under 400. There you go the new Interphone, f5 and handlebar control unit.