First um, we are going to show you the the monster truck great to hear the big edition this isn’t a small edition. This is not small audition. This is the bigger, more powerful edition so, and this is going to be a review on watch this video before you buy it. So i can tell you how it is because i have it um, so i’m gon na give this thing a solid four out of five. This thing is awesome. It is awesome um if you won’t, believe this, but it can drive on water um and you can just let it sit there like i’m gon na, do that at the end of the video here it is the big edition. Look how incredibly huge this thing is the sharks, okay kind of gon na lift the shots up like this into the rock crawl and everything these types of styrofoam, so they can drive on literal water, i’ve drove on this before this is probably my one of my Favorite ones, because of how good it is, you can drive branches you can drive over rocks, you can just drive over a lot of things like and you can hold and then it’s also it’s, pretty fast it’s, not that slow, but it’s, not that fast here’s, the Bad things: okay, okay, the battery on this thing is absolutely good, like it lasts so long like it takes a long time for it to die. There’S hitches on this, you can hook stuff up to it.

Seeing it it’s got some good suspension. Okay, no bad things, guys it’s only two wheel drive but that’s fine. Because of these huge wheels. I mean this is my phone up against these? You are these wheels aren’t, monkeys, okay and, like they’re, made look they’re made to travel in water, guys it’s actually about to go like it’s, actually bad at all. This monster truck is good. Okay, it’s good guys and just the battery level on it’s good. The remote is a big, no but that’s. Why it’s four to five, because it’s only super dry but it’s four out of five, i mean what kind of car would i rate this like this car is an absolute beast: it’s, an absolute beast. The turn looks good. Let me get it on and show you guys this thing’s like an absolute beast. You just do that. You turn on from the bottom. You have to tap this once i mean look, how beast it is ready ready for the dragon water part. Okay, we feel that a little bit but that’s okay, if you’re like a hard rider, i would get like better wheels for it. That proves it drives on water, guys, that’s, pure water guys. I really recommend you getting this. You will be happy. You will be in happiness once you get this thing like guys, i’m in the water like the x max. I know it floats on water, but like this is a like now, this thing is um, like i don’t know how expensive for this but it’s good.

But this thing is a beast of the car Music back up the other way guys are spitting up Applause and, like i’ve, already drove it on water a lot of times. Okay, let me help it a little bit there’s, so much debris here, that’s. Why it’s hard for it to get on for sure, that’s suspension? I mean you can get it yeah. Let me do some rock climbing on it, but like i’m driving it forward right now. Look i’m rock climbing, oh that’s, bad that’s, bad okay, oh, ran into a stump okay we’re, stuck between two rocks. Whoops let’s hit that again that rock right there is caught. Oh you see this bailey okay, so like. If you’re gon na go rock running i’d, get better tires for it, i’m probably gon na get better tires for it, because you know these tires they’re, not good. For rock climbing, see they um this truck’s really made for mudding and driving on water yeah. I might pull this. I might pull the kayak with this later let’s see let’s let’s go. This is like let’s, take it in some mud: okay, rock climbing, oh in, like this thing’s got power. Don’T worry we’re, not stuck yep um and on the remote. This is how you adjust the trim, so see focus let’s. Do this see how it turns sharper? Now that way, all right now let’s go over this mud hill before you think it’s, not that big, easy and guys there’s.

So much vines in this area, just bulldozes. The tree, what are we stuck on? Oh we’re, stuck on the tree i’m, stuck on that let’s back over a stump, ready, guys, let’s go over this stuff. Whoops got ta, get the wheels to go over it. I think the battery might be going down a little bit but that’s, because this thing has been running for like five hours so about five hours like oh, i i ran it for like 30 minutes already and i’ve drove. I tried i’ve attempted to make a youtube video with it. Why are you stuck? Oh the battery life’s good like for any rc car this battery. Is i good we’re going uphill right now, so um guys it. I would recommend getting this truck um. It is a beast of nrc car um. It is not a waste of your money, it can drive on water when you think of that, when you think of driving on water, it’s that’s beast keep on letting go of the gas it’s, just so beast um. So i would definitely give this thing a thumbs up this basically like um. If you, you can get a megalodon it’s, not as big as this, but i would not recommend getting the smaller gravedigger. I wouldn’t think it’s that good it could price it still driving water, but it’s not like not as powerful and not as cool it. Doesn’T have a cool hitch on my back so anyway, guys i’m gon na end.

This video here um stay tuned. For my all, it just the battery just but anyway how to turn this off, as you just hold this down until the light goes off and the light went off so um yeah guys. This will be it for the video i recommend buying this car it’s good stay tuned for my all. Nighter challenge i’m going to be doing that tonight stay tuned. For that.