I know very memorable name just like the ones from wl toys anyway, just under 120 dollars, there’s. Quite a lot to like about this four wheel. Drive buggy, so let’s take a look and see what’s inside this box. Richie’S smiling because he’s had a peek already. I will say: let’s unbox this and i’m, going to be doing a full test of it later on. In this video it’s four wheel drive comes complete with 2.4 gigahertz radio, so nothing is going to interfere with it. 7.4 volt 850 milliamp lipo battery now from the packaging comes in eye popping orange, but you can also get it in red and green as well. Where’S, the smidgen under one and a half kilos four wheel, drive ‘0 cam brushed motor in there, but wait till i take the lid off because it looks huge in relation to the inside of the car. So my gut feel is. This should have a good power to weight ratio and speaking of power to weight ratio, they claim top speed of 40 kilometers an hour. I am going to put the gps on this in this video and test that out it’s around about 30 miles. An hour metal drive shafts all around the car, adjustable front, suspension, front and rear differentials and of note at this price point we’ve even got threaded shocks. I would say probably good idea to check. Take these apart, see how much oil they’ve got in there.

So let’s not do an awful lot of damping straight out of the box. 3.5 kilo servo tucked away under here and a 35 amp esc, so let’s see what else we get for our money and then to get the lid off this baby instruction manual with supplied usb charger transmitter feels a little bit light in weight little bit plasticky on There, but we have got a steering, trim and adjustable throttle on there. Four air batteries in the bottom and we’re ready to go. I know this transmitter feels slightly plasticky. I would say: it’s got a claimed range of around about 150 meters, which is not bad at all at this price and if anyone’s thinking it looks like a toy it’s, fully hobby grade exploded diagram, every part number you could wish for in there should you have Any problems i need to order anything for it takes about an hour to charge the battery using the usb supplied charger and you get around 15 minutes runtime. But i will be timing that as we go along in the demo. Well, i have to say, with the body film off, the orange is absolutely eye popping, particularly against the uh black pitman down there. But let me know your thoughts in the comment section below the video. It has a very, very solid feel indeed to it at this price point. Sometimes these buggies can feel like a little bit plasticy. Obviously, a lot of them are made out of plastic, but there’s, good plastic and there’s bad plastic.

If you know what i mean anyway, you can see the metal front drive shafts on there fully adjustable shots. This is how we do need to check the oil front differential tucked away in there a gorgeous body. It really does pop on the eye out. That comes out well on camera nice little wing to keep things stable at the back and there’s the rear end of the car. You know you can get optional sway bars to fit to this car but, more importantly, let’s have a look inside and i’d already have a sneak peek and i have to say this does look one of the better built buggies at this price point. The whole thing has more of a quality, look and feel to it. The ones i’ve seen in quite a little while. Well, obviously, we’ve got a lot of plastic in here just check out those rear, a arms which appear to be fairly solid, as do the front ones lots of triangulation in there, which is always good to see for strength. Our 7.4 volt lithium ion battery good for around 15 minutes, but you notice here we’ve got a little spacer in there, so you can obviously fit a bigger battery in there, something nearly double the size if you want, which is interesting or you’ve got room. If you want to convert this to brushless, our 35 amp esc, blinding the obvious, as they were, how much current that thing handles and this card does show some thought.

We’Ve got a servo saver fitted on there and top of the battery tray. No pin to remove you just click this little lever over to the side. I’M. Getting quite a good feel about this tyres glue to the rims, which is another good sign, and i think they should be pretty good grippy around the track and on loose dirt and we’ve got an extra little socket here, which i’m assuming maybe it’s, for a lighting Kit or something if you wanted got our ‘0 brushed motor on there mini tamiya connector our pinion and spur hidden away under there plastic chassis. At this point, but as i say that plastic is looking severely strong. To my mind, i might even try the richie wall test with this one, if i’m feeling brave enough very well sprung, as opposed to well dance at the minute, how much trouble have we got left the front wheel? Oh probably about half an inch on there. Anyway, time to get the battery on charge, get the gps ready, let’s go test this thing and also find out just how fast it is before we go out i’m just going to check the oil in the dampers. The one thing i would say, if you’re familiar with a lot of these cars from the far east that traditionally tend to have metal screws in there as opposed to hex ones. However, there are hexes all over this car with no screws in sight, which is always a great sign to my mind, okay, well time to give the bonsai one for 600 to give its full name or dubattas, as it says, on the side of the car.

A quick run on blacktop and then we’re going to do a speed test, see just how fast it is, which would appear to be quite quick Applause. Initial thoughts are yeah mate. You can flip the back end out, but what’s the oversteer that’s on full throttle there yeah at the same time that backhand is playful. Should you want to you can loose gravel? This could be a different beast all together. I like that leftovers. There now, if anybody’s wondering what i mean by lift off oversteer, i bring it flat out towards me ease up, i turn and then the car spins out like that that is liftoff dog. Was there just in case anyone was wondering if you eased off and then yeah i like it, because it’s got liftoff focus here, which i quite like as a handling trait on cars. So when you go in fast east up then floor, it and the back end whips around so in terms of it straight out of the box handling bristol. No acceleration super smooth. If anything it wants to understeer, but you can provoke that back end to pop out. If you want, but it does take provocation it’s, not necessarily wanting to spin out on its own anyway it’s time to see how fast it is. Okay, see how fast it is. I’M thinking, maybe mid 20s personally let’s see that’s harry that’s peaked out i’m thinking that’s. Maybe 22 or so Applause – i am thinking that is maybe 20 or thereabouts.

That has definitely peaked out frighteningly good brakes on it anyway. Let’S see what the gps says: i’m thinking, maybe about 22 – possibly 24 miles an hour, but i mean we’re inclined to 22 miles an hour on there 19 miles an hour wondering what that is in kilometers an hour 19 miles an hour is actually 30 kilometers per Hour so another quoted 40 kilometers an hour on a box, but that does not surprise me as uh with many of these cars. They tend to overestimate the speed rating on there, but in terms of its core handling is super smooth, yeah, decent turn of acceleration. To say the least, you could throw this thing around. You could drive it literally flat out about 90 miles an hour pretty much all day. Long changes direction very well. The servo is quite strong. Brakes are extremely strong radio range let’s test, the range it’s, a little controller still got control there, so i’ve got control there. That is definitely good, but 150 meters that they claim for it. That is for sure. One it’s got it’s a bit twitchy at low speed, but once you build the speed up, it is pretty darn good at speed, some slight scrubbing and speed off with the tyres. Now. The one thing i would say is turning high speed scrubs a lot of speed off of the car, but likewise you’re not going to overcook this thing and stack it into something in a hurry – and i say very playful – a great little backyard or parking lot basha.

So ideal at home, on here by the feeling, might be good on grass, so let’s take it on some and see okay, we’ve seen how well it does on blacktop now let’s see how it handles a bit of grass. Well, considering there may not be any oil in those uh shocks, it’s not getting kicked around a lot handles the transition fairly well, i mean the other way, that’s doing quite twitchy, but but a four wheel drive on this plenty of grip on the grass there not Getting kicked around at all, i have to say quite surprising. Some of these smaller, cheaper buggies can really be kicked around in terms of kicking around in terms of direction for this, and it goes exactly where you want to place it not bad at all. This grass is getting a little bit longer. Well, i don’t know the battery is just being dire on it, but i’m getting up close on 20 minutes for the life of the car, not too bad at all.