Easy easy is an understatement. Broke it. Oh you haven’t first jumped no phone calls has come out, it’s come out, but it’s. Not! The point is it? Ah, oh, my tough baby, oh no come on chopping it. Oh. This is called not having a fiber allen key, so don’t pop out of our cars anymore; Music Applause, um, Applause, Music, Music, oh Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music. Oh, my god, i’m not found in there Laughter jesus Applause, Music, oh jesus christ, oh dear corelli, not tough, right guess what that’s getting fixed and sold! Oh! Is that it yeah that’s going already yep. Maybe i’ll put your arms nope let’s go. How did it land did land on the wheel, wow Laughter that plastic it’s? No wonder it broke that’s. Quite an is plastic. That is me saying in the video that karate should know what they’re doing. No, they don’t know what to do with ashes. They’Re, race, cars aren’t they outcast time, outcast time. Thank you so we’re back home and surveying the damage. I do want to point out this. We got to this skate park at seven o’clock in the morning, so it was a ten two six alarm call for us. So that deserves thumbs up and subscribing, please, okay, so as predicted, the dog bone is bent, shock, rod and snapped, and the rpm ones don’t fit and we can’t get hold of the team corelli one. So if anybody knows of an alternative, can you let us know? Please that’d be very much appreciated.

Obviously the arm well we’ve, never seen anything shatter like that before the plastic looks way too brittle camber link again shattered. Obviously the landing was dirty. You can see that we’ve watched the footage back. The landing was really dirty um, but it hit the tree and there wasn’t a lot. We could do about that, but i don’t know a bit disappointed really. Obviously, the hub’s popping out first jump that wasn’t great the quality of the plastics, not great um, the chassis. Still straight that’s that’s, all right do usual guys thumbs up like subscribe. Still the same thing isn’t it leave me a comment be kind to each other.