Don’T know if you can see that yeah um, so there’s a scissors one right, some tape. I must open and just open the tape. Oops. Just give me a second open, this tape, all right so here’s, the back of the box before i open it, so let’s open the box, so there’s some screws there, so i’ll have to go with my phone there’s little things underneath. So i will i’ll get out this box and i’ll cut back when it’s out, okay, um i’ve, unscrewed everything so let’s just put it off to the side, all right, so here’s, the land rover range rover is underneath seems to see something rattling inside there strange anyway. Here it is um you’ll have to it, comes with everything you need, except batteries, so um. What you have to do is um supply your own batteries um. I believe it requires the blade so four double a’s in the car and i believe three a’s in the remote let’s have a look just give me a sec guys struggling to open it here, all right yeah. So the remote requires two double a so it needs six double a’s in total um. I believe that ariel goes up but could be wrong. Um yeah so i’ll be back when i’ve got the batteries okay, so i have six double a batteries, so let’s put them down. So four go into the car like this and then two going to the remote that so let’s screw these backings back on and then we can get into the review um.

This is going to be a part of a so i’ve got another rc car on the way. So this was a 20 pound. Rc car and i’ve got a 80 pound rc car on the way, so that’s 100 pounds in rc cars there. So so what i’m doing is i’m going to be doing a review? The other one is a land rover defender, and this is a range rover, so i’m doing a review between the two, so oh cool, so the headlights, flash ones the headlights turn on with it’s. Just get the instructions from the box, so i i want to see: does yeah it’ll go up? No, it doesn’t right, so here’s the car, pretty good car got pretty good motor seems to be quite powerful. Moving it’s not got proportional. Steering, however, which you wouldn’t expect from a 20 pound car, you can only turn you can either turn a little bit or a lot, but couldn’t it sorry. It can either go all the way or just a little bit and yeah. I will take this uh outside and i’ll. Do a outside review of it see outside okay. So we have the laundry over here so what we’re gon na so already fairly well for a 20 times, i think i saw on the video, oh my cat’s, watching it. I think i saw in the video on the website that it’s supposed to go up to 8 to 10 miles per hour, so so i have no way of testing how quick it goes.

So we’ll just have to take a website’s word for it. Let’S go fairly quickly, which is good, but i don’t think this car has any suspension on it whatsoever, but it’s handling fairly well, so um i’ll take it inside now and i will do a test drive on carpet it’s inside okay, so we’re inside now and we’ll. Try and drive it around on a carpet and it Music much better on um carpet than it does on brick, so we’ll just take oops, oh no, oh no, it’s stuck because the window through the side mirrors let’s, try and get out of it. Okay! So! I’M! Sorry about that, so, as you can tell it’s uh stuck underneath there, oh, i forgot to show you guys: those reverse lights or brake lights and i’m. Sorry and the so brake expect the reverse also acts as a break. So i have loved rc cars for as long as i can remember, um so it’s pretty it’s pretty cool about it, but it drives very well. You can just see the level of detail on it. You can see the aerial and the part of the boot. You can see the license: the registration plate. Sorry, you see the side mirrors the headlights of detail as well, and everything so it’s very well made Music focus. All right, that’s focused so for 20 pounds, i’d, say it’s worth the money, but it is a pain, but it runs on double a’s and not uh rechargeable lipos, because charcoal lipos be so much more efficient.

Oh whoops and it’d be so much friendlier for the environment. Oh, so i would say that this car is worth it so i’d say it’s fairly good it’s worth the money. So this is the um uh cmj rc cars plunder over round river sport so go check them out, but um i spoke on and on and on now, so i think we’ll get one more little shot in where i’m, not speaking and then i’ll leave you two And i’ll leave you be so this is the last thing, i’m gon na say in the video and then i’ll just roll a video of it and going off road on road. So yeah thanks for watching uh, see you later and i hope you enjoyed the little video that i’m gon na put in for you now. Thank you, bye like and subscribe.