When is the last time we had something from hpi racing here in the workshop it’s been way too long and the truck over there. It is not new, but it is a really fun truck. So let’s head over the workbench and dig into the box, we have the savage xs flux. This is the el camino edition with the stars and stripes body, and this truck is pretty cool, uh i’ve. Actually, never i don’t believe i’ve ever reviewed, one of these i’ve driven them they’re insane little trucks um, but i don’t think i’ve ever had one in my collection so i’m pretty excited to add to the collection here at the rc driver workshop, but uh. This thing is a beast: if i remember correctly, this thing is like a tank on wheels. That is just insanely overpowered. In fact, it could reach up to 65 miles an hour, but this truck is really well built. It has 10 scale electronics in it, so you could use 10 scale tires on there. If you don’t want to use the factory tires so it’s, a very cool truck four wheel drive comes completely ready to run out of the box. You will need batteries for it and a charger uh typical for most ready to runs. Nowadays. This is a powerhouse. This is going to be a lot of fun for backyard bashers and those that just want to go wild, and maybe you got a small space or you know, running on dirt and stuff, like that: it’s fun for many different applications, so let’s go open up the Box really quick and uh we’ll do a little unboxing here, just pull up the tab, and this is how it comes packaged nicely built from the factory radio and bubble wrap.

Let me pull everything out of here and we could take a closer look at the details. There it is our savage xs out of the box and that el camino body looks pretty awesome. I love the stars and stripes on there, the graphics package on the hood, the roof. Everything looks awesome that classic hpi look that just never gets old. They’Ve always had a great look to their their vehicles, and this one is obviously no exception. I mean yes, this has been out for a while you’ve, probably seen it before, but every time i see it. I really do enjoy the look of this truck all right. Let me show you something really quick. This thing is like a little tank. I wish you guys could feel the weight on there, but what i wanted to show you is the size of it. Next to my savage xl over here i mean that thing is just huge, but this still has some pretty good size to it. But let’s look over some more details now and check out these tires. These are a nice all terrain, tread tire. We’Ve got black chrome wheels on there and they use 12 millimeter hexes on the inside. So uh. You can put some aftermarket wheels on there if you want to, but these will be good for general use check out that big bumper on the front that will take some hits, got the same style bumper in the rear as well, and then uh it’s, just four Body clips to hold the body on we’ll take that off.

I already took the body closed off before and we could check out the chassis, so it’s got a twin vertical plate chassis. It is a composite chassis but it’s strong. I mean the way they built. This thing uh it kind of just integrates everything into each other and just makes a solid platform here’s, where the battery goes there’s just two little tabs that you kind of got ta flip up and out of the way here see. If i can remember how to do this, there we go and there the cover just slides open. Then you could access your battery. You could put a 2s pack in there and a 3s pack even give you a little bit of foam to uh. You know space. It out when you do have a different size battery pack, but pretty easy to get to and then on the other side here. This is a another cover plate, there’s a servo under here that’s, where the motor is uh, but a pretty compact layout. I mean they did a pretty good job of keeping this thing nice and balanced, so it handles well and then just just really strong. I mean there’s, really no flex in this chassis setup. Here, let’s move on to the suspension uh. The suspension is nice and plush on here. I did feel a little bit of air in the shocks and maybe you could hear it squishing around uh, but once that emulsifies you know the the shocks do feel pretty good and they are a long travel shock.

So you know you’ve got a lot of suspension. Working here for uh, big jumps or just handling rough terrain and stuff, and these arms these are some really oversized. Looking arms here i mean just no flex. Look at me, i’m, just pushing on that thing and i don’t feel any flex in that arm, which is pretty cool uh in board. Here the hinge pins are braced by aluminum plates. I like that just fixed upper links. I like that as well. You don’t have to worry about anything moving and then out here, we’ve got nice looking caster blocks and steering knuckles universal steering knuckles. So you could swap it side to side on this uh in case you ever do get some spare parts. Maybe you’re worried about breaking it, because sometimes these tabs, you break, you can swap it out from side to side which is pretty cool, but you can just kind of see or hopefully you could see. The the look of the composite plastic here looks like there’s a high fiber content, which makes this really strong. The hinge pins are captured here with screws. It looks like we’ve got, uh captured, hinge pins on the bottom as well looks like a flathead uh hinge. Pin there so i don’t expect those things to pop out it’s, pretty much the same thing going on in the rear. As far as the arms and the shocks go, nice long, travel, shocks, really solid arms and then we’ve got some.

You know standard style, hub carriers in the rear, but look double braced up top where it meets up to the camber link there, so that’s a really good setup. I do like that all right. Next up, we should talk about the drivetrain and it’s got seal differentials in there. Four gear differentials ball bearings of course, dog bones for the drive to the axles. Everything is metal in here because uh again, this is a a pretty fast truck again. You could reach 65 miles an hour with this uh, with a little bit of tweaking. So it’s got to be strong, so we’ve got a nice steel drive, shaft steel out drives there and uh back here is where the motor – oh, let me spin it around over here here is where the transmission is actually all metal gears inside the transmission metal motor Plate as well uh slipper clutch inside so that will help any. You know: power hits to the to the driveline and uh in inside uh inside the chassis. Here there are more metal dog bones to send the drive from the transmission to the front rear gear differentials. So pretty stout setup there and then on to the electronics. We definitely need to talk about the electronics so inside the the receiver box. Here there is a receiver that is weatherproof waterproof uh we’ve got a high torque steering servo over here twin crank. Steering inside the chassis just want to mention that really quick kind of your standard, uh setup there fixed links for the steering, but back here, we’ve got the flux system and hpi is really well known for their flux system uh.

This is a two to three sp controller 4400 kv motor, so this is fast. This is gon na make this thing just rip. I mean we even have a cage on top to protect the cooling fan that is separate from the cage of the speed controller itself. That’S very cool, even a rubber boot, on the switch over here so that’s, waterproof and weatherproof as well and this truck again, i really can’t wait to go out and drive it because it’s just one of those beasts it’s one of those fun small trucks, that’s just Going to deliver tons of action before we go out, though let’s head over here, because i did want to show you the stuff that comes with it. So here is the radio system, the tf41 and a pretty good radio system. I actually like this little radio it’s got your standard dials on here for the trims, and then it does come with double a batteries. I wasn’t sure if it did, and it does so all you need is a battery for the truck and a charger. Here is a little pack of support gear. We’Ve got extra hexes in there, a box, wrench body, mount uh, even some washers and stuff like that. If you have to shim the differentials and then of course it comes with your manual, so you know exactly: you know how to operate the vehicle, even some decals in there as well. But again, this truck is going to just be a blast, so let’s head outside find some dirt and rip on the throttle.

As you probably guess, i took the savage access to the bmx track. Let’S go hit the throttle on this thing, so so so so so all right guys, i got a fresh 2s pack in this truck and uh i’m just going to rip it around here in the back park a lot just so you can see the speed of This thing a little loose in the rear, but we’ll get this thing wound up and there we go. It is quick for a 2s truck watch. This that’s pretty awesome, been having a blast with this truck so far rip it around the bmx track. We’Ll go over there in a second, but i want to do one more speed run here. It is very cold out. The ground is frozen too that’s not really helping out, but here we go, speed, run yeah that’s fast. This thing is pretty awesome on 2s. All right, let’s, head over to bmx track, do some jumps. The bmx track is pretty beat up and uh frozen so i’m over here in this roller section, which isn’t so bad we’ll get some air time off. These jumps and this truck works really really well for such a small truck. I mean this thing is pretty planted. Can’T get some big air off these rollers. Let me see i don’t want to break it just yet. The body mounts are broken on it from uh running it already on the bmx track, the bigger jumps, so i don’t want a chance breaking.

I want to get a little bit of run time in so you can see see it from my perspective here, a little bit of gear wine, not a big deal. Oh usually, this thing lands on all four wheels that’s. What uh i’ve noticed so far the truck’s really well balanced right amount of power, a little lag on the bottom end i might play with the punch. You can adjust the the speed controller. You can adjust the punch, uh there’s, another there’s, a couple other things you could adjust mostly in drag, break and brake force and stuff, but as you can see, the handling on this is really good. I just need some uh diff oils. I think so they used some grease in the differentials and uh. Before i came out here after running it, i felt that the uh, the differentials are just way too free. The grease is spread out inside the differentials and uh. You know that’s a little bit of the reason why it’s a little loose in the rear, all right, let’s go find some bigger jumps. Now all right. I like this off camber tabletop for some reason kind of a lot of fun to drive, but this track is really rough. Kicking this little truck around yeah got a little air there again, oh, oh, oh, landed on all four wheels again. This thing is taking a beating how rough this track is all right, so let’s see some air yeah there we go nice smooth, jump, look how well planted that thing is it’s, so cold out, it’s still handling really well.

All right, i got ta find another bigger jump, all right. The track is so beat up that i got ta kind of make. My own jumps, i’m gon na use the sides of the jumps here to launch this truck off of oh i’m. Gon na use this berm here let’s check this thing out. Whoa that thing just landed on all fours stayed there look at that was a big hit, it’s, like 30 degrees out no broken plastics, wow that’s, some pretty big hits there it’s easy to control the throttle. Control on this is really good. I’M. Not really mining it’s got a little cog. I don’t really mind that on the bottom end, but just the control of this truck on 2s is fantastic. In my opinion, that bmx track was really rough. All that dirt was churned up and frozen, yet this little truck still handled it really. Well, i couldn’t do a lot of the big jumps, because the faces were just torn up and it would kind of make this truck veer a little bit uh and with the freezing temperatures i didn’t want a chance breaking it. You know, cold weather does break plastics and i just wanted to have fun with this truck, and hopefully you guys got a really good feel for it, and i had a blast with it. I had a blast with the xs when it was first released years ago, and you know over this past week driving this truck multiple times.

I i really really enjoyed it. I mean it just handles really well right out of the box, it’s really well balanced. I mean for the most part it would land on all four wheels, one and crash it uh. You know huge tumbles and uh. This thing would keep on going there. There are a couple broken parts that i want to tell you about a little later, but i just want to focus on the handling right now and it’s in jumps really smooth, especially when you’re taking off of a jump landing on the downside of a lander. I mean this thing just kind of floats and for its size, it’s really impressive, on what it does. I wouldn’t go big air with this thing and land on a flat lander with this composite chassis. You could change braking, especially in cold weather, so really just try to find those jumps where you could have some sort of downside landing to it, and i think you’re going to have a great time jumping this truck. You know handling through the rough, as you saw there on the bmx track. It was really rough. It handled its own uh. The suspension actually seems to work pretty well. I was a little worried that there was too much air in the shocks and maybe later on down the road. You know when it’s time to finally do maintenance. You build the shocks right i’m sure the truck is going to handle just as well then uh, but i think it’s balanced.

I think it it just. It just drives really well it’s, nice and easy to wheel, steering wise the steering is very impressive in here as well uh when i first turned it on. It was a little sluggish but uh it kind of broke in and the the steering works really well. Plenty of torque to hold the wheels it steers, really tight in corners, so it’s got plenty of steering on top no worries there and no problems from the servo itself. Speed wise. This thing is a monster on 2s, i pretty much drove it on 2s. There might have been a couple 3s clips in there uh during the action portion of it, but it is just fun on 2s and i kind of really recommend just running it. On 2s. It has plenty of power to do really cool jumps and tear up dirt, and you won’t have to worry about breakage when you go to 3s, maybe just you know, reserve that for speed runs and blasting around dirt. You know i wouldn’t go big air with it. Unless you have some good landing spots to drop this thing down on uh, but it is fast, i i didn’t speed test it, but i have speed tested this truck in the past with the optional gear on 3s and i was able to do 64.. I do remember that so just right on the 65 line that they have listed on the box uh but that’s it i mean this is a cool truck durability, wise.

It seems to have handled everything pretty well uh. The body mounts cracked on it. Both body balance, cracked in the center and uh they’re, still holding up even in the cold weather, so you know maybe in warmer weather they’d, be a little bit more durable. Maybe you want to remove them from the truck and boil them in some boiling water for a few minutes just to soften them up a bit, so they don’t break uh. But that was one issue. The other was the rear. Bumper, the rear, bumper, cracked and you know with all the cartwheels i did. It was kind of understandable, and maybe you want to do the same thing with the bumpers as well. Throw them in some boiling water to soften them up a little bit and and they’ll be good to go as far as other tweaks or tuning, or anything like that. I think i’m going to swap out the grease that’s, probably in the diffs for oil i’m, going to start off with 30 000 in the front and 10 000 in the rear, that’s. Just a guess, but that’s going to be my starting point for tuning it because you know the rear did uh feel a bit loose, so i had to roll on the throttle a lot versus just punching on throttle. This thing wants to be punched. You know it wants to go so uh. You know it’s a little hard to tame it, but other than that, maybe tuning the speed controller.

A little bit uh changing the punch control on it. Once i do change out the diff oils bumping that up a little bit but other than that guys. This truck is a blast. It’S really cool to see. Hpi is back in action again and uh they’re available through hobby recreation products. Hrp distributing here in the us uh so go to your local hobby shop they’ll be able to order stuff through hrp for you and if you don’t have a local hobby shop uh you could go to hrp’s website to get what you need. You know hpi it’s a great brand. They have some really timeless. Offerings i’m, really excited to see that they’re under new ownership and and those owners are really going at it. They want you to have these cool vehicles, so i think we need to support them. We want hpi and and to make that happen, we need to support them so i’m excited to see what else they have coming down the road and if you want to see more hpi raising here on the channel. Let me know in the comments section below, and maybe i could hook that up in the meantime hit that subscribe button and the notifications bell.