One thing i’m really looking forward to is the range test to see if we can actually get 600 meters, because that’s really going to come in handy for our project, world’s fastest wltoys124019 sneak peek, so let’s crack it open and find out what’s in the box instruction Manual, lanyard receiver, a little battery meter, switch thingy and the controller and, of course, you’ll need to supply your own double a’s. Alternatively, you can use a 2 or 4s lipo battery that there is a little quarter inch mount where you can mount your phone. If you want to do videos it’s one feature that’s going to come in really handy, okay, guys so there’s channels out there that are going to go over a little bit more detail than i will. But let me just cover the basics all right. So this is your steering and your throttle that you can see. You can name your radio, which is pretty cool. I’Ve got that cmrc uh the voltage and the signal up there and when you plug the battery in that’ll, come up here too. Your steering wheel, which is a beautiful foam. You have your avc, which is here, and you also have your steering and your throttle trim, and these are your different channels as well, so you might be able to lock the diffs or change gears in like a crawler or something. So it is like a six six channel, nearly a seven channel, so this little button here and that i mainly only brought this to do.

Speed runs i’m, not gon na cover every feature. But let me show you a couple of basics menu, so you can change the language. You can do different models. As you can see my model, one is cmrc by api. I don’t know what that is. Uh steering exponential steering, speed, throttle exponential and throttle speed. Now the steering and the throttle exponential is why i wanted this mainly for the steering exponential, which is really handy for speed, runs during high speeds. Of course, if you remove the controller too much you go, you might spin out and abs, so abs is another one that i really want. I have to work out how to use it properly. Uh you have egg acceleration so forward backwards. Um i’m not sure what this is but i’m sure you guys know what it is. But, of course guys if you want to check out the technical specifications, i’ll leave a link in the description where you can check those out and even where you can get it from the sub trim. So you can set your reverse as well. Uh, like i had to set the throttle to reverse, as it was going the other way. Yeah you’ve got a bunch of different other modes, um name your lamp and gyro. Agaro is one that i definitely wanted, which you can control by this little dial here. As you can see, it goes up and down so that’s, going to really help us out when we’re taking off to get that extra traction.

You have a couple of these things, then you can reset it there’s. Definitely a lot of features. I mainly want to test out like response and, of course, the range. The range is the biggest thing and, of course here on the back, you have auxiliary and you have your usb charger and your on and off switch. I don’t know if you guys remember the traxxas slash that we’re doing speed runs on uh. It was a fake taxi. I ended up buying my friend’s second hand and we bought the electronics and all that that he had and the chassis as well and then i’ve kind of combined all those to make one really good rc car. And, of course, you guys know we’re running those black xd90s now so i’ve only just got this back on the road. So i really want to give this a run so i’m going to use this to test out the range and because it’s also got a waterproof box. And of course you guys know. We just got that new gps. So we’re going to be able to see how far we really go guys in the hand. I can already tell you this feels really really comfortable and it’s got a little bit of extra weight to it, which i kind of like i don’t like it. When it’s too light, i like to be able to feel the controller in my hand, it’s kind of got like an old spectrum feel like i guess.

If you know what i mean, i kind of got into rc racing like 10 years ago, so the spectrum’s around there i’m sure someone knows what i’m talking about um, which i really like. So it kind of gives like a nostalgic kind of feel but yeah. This radio definitely goes hand in hand, competition with the dumbo. I think this has probably got more range, but it does cost a little bit more again links in the description below. If you want to find that out – and let me know guys, do you want to see a side by side comparison of this remote versus the dumbo rc radio, of course, before we put the cover back on, we need to give it a test run and now The esc forward back – oh this controller, is really really touchy. That’S really awesome and let’s test the steering, but that’s enough talking let’s get out there and give it a test alrighty guys we are out here. This is generally where i do most of my speed runs. It’S, a nice long straight road. This is where we’re going to use the fly sky gps to test the range on our rc6 gs. V2 i’ve got my gopro set up on the bottom and i’m, ready to go it’s a nice day out nice and cloudy, not too much sun we’re going to send it down that way until i lose sight of it and then i’m going to try and get It off the road and then uh go after it with my car, all right guys.

So this is my setup at the moment this is uh on the slash uh. The gps is just kind of sitting on the battery there held on by a little bit of double sided tape, and this is just my tripod, where i’m just gon na sit my phone all right, guys let’s get into it all right, guys, let’s switch on the Controller and now we do the rc car, of course, okay, let’s it’s really really responsive very nice and the good thing is it’s not too hot. Today, uh, i have geared down the motor as it’s been getting a little hot, but anyways guys let’s, wait for this car to pass and let’s see how far we get. Also one thing i wanted to mention guys when your server is upside down, like that the the gyro doesn’t really work. That well goes in the opposite direction, and also, if you want to turn the gyro on, you have to press the button in the middle of the antennas there alrighty guys i’ve got it set to miles and feet for my american folks and uh yeah, so let’s Hit track start let’s, see how far we go. Hey guys. I am kind of going slow, okay, it’s kind of at that range. Now, where i can’t hear i don’t even know, if you guys will be able to see it, the steering’s really touchy on this thing too, but i’m just gon na keep going until i can no longer see it just adjusting the steering there it’s a little off.

Okay, i basically can’t see it now, but i okay, i can just i should have brought some binoculars all right. I think it just spun around all right guys. I just set it up on the road. It was kind of getting hard to control at that distance. So let’s see what we’ve done. Okay, guys, we actually need to go over to the car before we can read the data, so let’s jump over there alrighty here it is all right guys here it is let’s. Do some reads: what do we have? Okay, so it’s? Just come back into range, hit, stop read, we did 24 miles an hour and it did 1600 feet away guys. They actually recommend that you have one of the aerials bent out to the side a little bit, but i’ve kind of just got them sitting here in this really small confined space with a little bit of heat tube on there we still got 1600 feet. That is absolutely insane guys. I am super impressed with the radio link, rc6 gs. Vr2. This thing is an absolute beast, absolutely incredible, and for the money you cannot go wrong now. Is it better than something like a dumbo? I guess that’s kind of subjective if it’s better than a dumbo or not, because a dumbo is really really great for range. It has a gyro and it costs about half the price. However, it doesn’t have the features like abs and stuff like that.

I’D have to really look into the dumbo uh. Maybe i might even get one do a bit of a comparison. Let me know if that’s actually something that you guys want to see, but the radio link rc 6g s v2 has to be the best features. Bang for buck distance, radio that there is especially for you speed, run guys and even for bashers. You know these receivers are super cheap. I think they’re like what 20 dollars, maybe so you can put them in all your rc cars you can have up to. I believe 20 models just a really good option. If you wanted a remote for all your rc cars. I think this is definitely going to be the remote that i’m going to be sticking with and a little quick message to radio link. If you guys make a v3 definitely hit me up, i would love to review it for some reason. If radio link you’re watching this, my business email is in my about section so hit me up also guys we hit 3 000 subscribers. That is absolutely incredible. I have every single one of you, 3 000 people to thank for that if it wasn’t for you 3000, but still be on zero 2021 man, i said it was going to be an amazing year and i think i’m right. We have some rc cars on the way we have some more projects, some more experiments, heaps of awesome things coming make sure to stay tuned to that guys and if you haven’t already make sure to smash the like button and subscribe.

I really do appreciate it. If you want to stay notified, when i do upload, which that’s going to be more frequently from now on, then make sure to hit that notification bell anyways guys that is it for this video. I will catch you in the next one: peace out, bye and now i’ve got to do a walk of shame because i flipped it all the way over. At the end, good job me all righty. Here we are flip back over and away we go. Have you haven’t already hit one of these videos? You’Ll love them do it.