. If you’re new to the channel, please consider subscribing this heaps of cool stuff just like this. Now this is a new one from fms rock hobby turtle, lc 80 land cruiser pretty licensed as well, and so it should. It is amazing. It’S got hard body fully detailed interior lights, all that kind of cool stuff. It looks extremely scale, especially for 1 18th scale. Crop now it’s got lights like i mentioned, awesome design classic car together. We all love this here, especially in australia. This particular model is super popular here and it’s more so it should be it’s, bloody, great four wheel, drive in real life as well injected molded, hard body functioning, hood scale, interior multi, functional light control system, which is cool because it’s also controlled on channel three rhino. Bumper kit and roof rack high traction mt tyre with one inch internal bead like realistic, pinion and ring gear axle, high torque transmission, water resistant electronics with 2.4 gigahertz controller high torque oversized 55 turn brushed motor 7.4 volt 2s lipo battery, which can give you around about 30 minutes runtime, which is awesome, chassis, mounted, server, aluminium frame, rails and tuned coil shocks, so let’s get into it. I love these boxes that the rock hobby come in. Here we go traction manual for the controller, all that kind of cool stuff. I, like these controllers kind of just lock in together, like that easy to use you’ve got your basic trims, uh your throttle and steering dual rates channel three switch: reverse switches on and off button and uh that’s.

All she wrote but uh it does. The job and i’ll show you that later on, because it’s ready to run, it does have a four way: wrench and a small little uh, two cell lipo battery up until 1000 milliamp. It says okay let’s get into the car itself. Now done one of these previously the red model, beautiful, beautiful rc, and these look good just on the shelf. They look great, as you can see amazing details. We’Ll get some without the light going in there. It’S got a full interior and all these like accessories here, the the little ladder at the back, the roof rack system as well it’s got four ball: bearings metal, gearing you know all the cool stuff you you’d expect on a larger model, but on this super small 118 scale, you can see the metal chassis rails, four suspension four way length suspension. Sorry, nice tires, i don’t feel foam, but they are one inch, the terra z3. I believe it says check out those. I had the red one before, but this is a nice gunmetal gray. It seems everything is nicely detailed and the good thing about it. It is officially licensed by toyota and it does also have a functioning hood as well. If you get your little finger underneath it, you can see there there’s your battery under there as well. You can check that out. 7.4 volt, 380 milliamp hour 2 cell 5c. There we go, electronics are under there kind of splash proof if you, if you will just don’t, want to submerge them, but everything is nicely tucked away.

I do like that underneath that bonnet snorkel really nice accessories the doors don’t open here, but they uh. They do. Look the part as well and a full interior set, like i mentioned before, see the steering wheel. There it’s even got a nice key. Stick perfect! Okay, just plug the battery in there with the uh haven’t ever charge. It up just want to plug it in and show you how it works. Nice and slow crawling speed, which is exactly what you want in the corner, decent steering server and, as you can see those lights, the blinkers it’s pretty cool, though obviously you can disconnect them. I guess if you don’t want the lights, but i think it looks cool. I need a push here on channel three. How nice is that realise her on nice touch? I do like it. Probably. You could fit leds up here as well, because there are housings. There are holes in the back of the light here enough talking let’s charge up this little battery and see how it actually performs that servo is pretty decent for a small servo Music Music. So this is pretty sweet. This little car awesome for outside and even indoor crawling. What do you guys recommend very similar to the the red one? I did the katana, i believe it was called. I think this is the same just in grey, but what do you guys think do you use this inside or outdoors just looks so realistic.

Sorry about that wind awesome little car! This looks good on the shelf too. Oh come on there we go uh if you’d like more information about it. Guys, links are down below, like the video, give it a good old thumbs up, like always appreciate you guys watching. If you haven’t, please subscribed. Those lights in the blinker looks great would have been upgraded to some oil field shocks because that will definitely help all right i’m gon na leave. It here have fun.