Its called legend, its made by a company called legendary, and this is the sting right here and this thing can go 37 miles per hour about 60 kilometers per hour, and so this looks like its gon na be a ton of fun. I figured id do a little unboxing of it with you guys so that we can see whats uh. This thing is like so we got mike vance right here. Lets go ahead and pop him open. If you guys dont know mike mike is one of our subscribers here and he sent me this knife so definitely appreciate that, and so uh its been dubbed the mike vance knife were gon na pop open. These two little tabs right here, close that thank you mike and were gon na bring you guys down. Lets open this bad boy up right here: okay, yeah, nice, okay, so this is obviously the car. This looks like all the accessories here. Lets go ahead and take this guy out. First. Well, take a look at him, so it comes with the cardboard on the sides which is nice. You can easily take it up and out just like that, got the little silica packet in there as well put that to the side lets see what we have right here as well, all the little doohickeys that you need, and then this looks like your uh controller Right there so thats everything thats in the box lets go ahead and get this thing all unbagged up.

Oh this is a nice controller. I like this, so you obviously have your trigger down here to be able to get it to go its got a nice finger. Holding there, so you can go back and forth with it without losing it uh. This is channel three, so you put it on the right channel that you want it on. This. Is your wheel obviously to turn it right there and then you have a bunch of different buttons. Okay, you can barely read the uh the words that are on here, i dont even know if yall can see that right there, but above each of these switches, its and and below all of the little buttons here it tells you the different things that it can Do so st rev im assuming thats reverse its maybe standard reverse and you have th rev so im assuming that is like a throttled, reverse, maybe um. We have the g led and the r led something thats red and green, and you have your bind and im assuming thats to make the connection between the remote control and the car um. We have your tren st trim s. T d: i r are these two buttons right here and then you have uh t, h, d, slash r and th trim and then this down here is your power. Power switch right there. So i kind of wish that they would have put the words in white. So that you could actually read it a little bit easier that would have been nice.

This is your battery compartment down. There looks like it takes two that looks like triple a batteries if im looking at those holes correctly. If i had to guess right there, this is your channel four right there. If you want to switch on over to channel four thats, i, like the ergonomic design of this thing, very feels. Like a gun, you can have your handle right here to put those three fingers. Obviously your trigger goes right here and your fingers locked into there good and then thumb wraps around nicely around here, so you can have a good hold on this right there. I really like the look of this – looks really nice next in this bag. Wheres the opening right there. Okay, we have the looks like some instructions and safety precautions theres a lot of cautions on here, because youre dealing with uh lithium ion and lithium polymer batteries. So there is a chance of fire if you dont uh, take take care of it warning risk of fire, injury or death, and it actually comes with this bag right here, and this is a fireproof bag for you to store everything in lets. See warning never leaves charging batteries unattended always ensure the battery is on non flammable surfaces, ensure flap is sealed, while charging and the liposafe is intended to reduce the chances of damage in the event of a lipo fire. So it does come this very nice bag here that you can put your battery into so that you can get a charge onto there and it has all of the fireproof protections on there.

So thats very important, especially dealing with something like this. Next, we have all the little doohickeys. We got a bunch of little new hickeys here this right here is your charging cable usb charge right there, its got your standard. You know battery type of connection right there. This, i believe, uh connects your battery to your car and then you have uh the brick right here to be able to plug in your usb into there. Just like that, and then this is your strap, i believe, to hold down your battery uh into its uh compartment, just like that, all those little nougats there take a look at the creme de la creme here so yeah first thing i noticed were two cotter pins On here, so obviously, youre gon na take those off and thatll uh lift up everything lets go ahead and take this out of the cardboard right here. Obviously you have these nice. Big fat tires right here, so this thing can actually get some traction and some grip to the ground so that it can go super nice. I, like the pattern on here, looks really nice got the sting plastic top flip it over onto the bottom. Looks like you got some shocks right there on it with these springs on each one right there and lets see, lets go ahead and take out those cotter pins, looks like a nice chassis on the bottom here, and the wheels are looks like theyre on some kind Of hinge right here as well, so that they can turn and move and whatnot lets, go ahead and take out these four cotter pins and well take a look at the innards of this.

So you guys can have an idea of uh what youre getting into here by the way. Thank you to legendary for sending this to me. I definitely appreciate that, so i could do this little unboxing, video with you guys. This is just a plastic. Cover comes off right there, and this looks like uh your battery right in here and your motors right here to control everything. Oh no, this is your battery right here. This must be the heatsink that connects all your wires to everything. You have two cotter pins right here. You can pop out and look. This is the charging port this little guy goes on to so you can get a good charge on there. Let me go ahead and i want to undo this. Is that what that i think thats what that is the charging port? This is the clamp for your battery. This is a 100 milliamp battery right here and this um lets see. I got ta find it to find out where this part on the battery connects to. It has a little felt piece right here to keep it in place, so it doesnt go jostling around as much might have to read the instructions a little bit more, which is something that youre gon na want to do with this thing. Being that it is uh. You know high performance machine, it can go so fast um. You know you dont want to mess anything up here, especially with it being so delicate and flammable and whatnot.

I was reading some of the reviews on amazon and there were some guys on there who left some very, very detailed experiences with this thing. In fact, one was about the customer service because they were having issues after he crashed it. His son crashed it into something and uh it kind of got mangled and the company actually sent them uh some of the replacement parts, and then they were having issues getting some of the parts. So customer service was fantastic with this thing. So i wanted to note that, because i always love companies that stand behind their products, so uh just seeing the few comments that were on there, i can definitely recommend it from that aspect. Uh. All in all this looks like a solid machine. I cant wait to get this thing charged up and roaming outside. So if you guys want to see that update video im going to put that right there on the screen, you guys go and click that video ill see yall in that video.