Crawler it’s got metal gears motor up front transfer case cantilever suspension loads of decent stuff we’re going to get out of the box we’re going to take for a run, we’re also going to stick it next to the rgt crusher because from the outside they look the Same if they’re, the same underneath stay tuned and we’ll have a look. So the first thing i notice about it that color is awesome. It’S, like a candy red, really nice, the box, you get a set of um stickers, you can choose either checker plate or wood for the rear bed. You get a set of hubcaps some velcro straps, some screws for the hubcaps as well usb charger with a dean’s connector. On the end, two thousand milliamp hour, nickel metal hydride um battery full set of instructions. Nice transmitter. These are like the dumbo rc. These are rebranded ftx, rgt, zd racing use them as well. Very good transmitters, steering trim throttle trim, steering dual rate throttle dual rate as well on there, so you can turn the throttle down four channels. Channel three quite often does your likes and then you’ve got channel 4 there as well, and then this is the truck and it does look so nice i’m, not sure if you can see the red on the camera very well, but it’s, a really nice candy red. So styled on a dodge power wagon nice set of soft tires on it. Um bead lock wheels by the looks of it proper spare wheel on the back cantilever suspensions under there.

We’Ll have a look at that in a minute, just overall, a really nice looking crawler. So under here you’ve got a set of front and a rear light there. They plug into the top of the receiver and box there 550 motor up front with 15 kilo, waterproof servo, alloy oil shocks with adjustable collars hobby wing. I think it’s, a yeah hobby wing or rebranded hobby wing esc there got lipo nickel metal hydride connection on there and then you can have a little tab on the top one that gives you forward brake, reverse forward and break or forward and reverse with the tab Removed like it is that’s crawler mode, so it gives you a drag break and then you’ve got your gear box up front there and then a separate your transfer case there metal gears in there multi link suspension underneath and a panhard bar in there as well drive Shaft cva drive shafts front and rear plastic axle casings, but they are locked diffs and they are metal like i mentioned, cantilever rear suspension there very nice, so that gives you the option for um flatbed trucks. So if you want to change the body and get a pickup on there as well, because you’ve got no suspension, straps sticking up, i really like it. Some people don’t, like it – some people say it’s, pointless or not very functional, but i really like it. I think it’s a nice clean design, what a nice truck.

So i expect you want to know. Is it the same as the rgt crusher? Well, let’s get that let’s have a look okay externally, exactly the same, just branded differently! Rgt and ftx are not the same company. What i think is these are made in the same factory and and then just branded for where they’re going ftx is a um, a uk brand. It might be europe as well, but it’s definitely ftx’s um, uk brand rgt. I want to say rest of the world so definitely exactly the same, no difference apart from this is branded outback or ftx. Sorry – and this is branded rgt so made in the same factory, but not the same company. Our gt aren’t affiliated with ftx i’ve, taken this out quite a few times, it’s a really good truck, but this is a nice new one. This is a good excuse to get out on the trail again. Let’S go and find somewhere for this. To give it a run, i’m gon na charge the battery we’ll, take it out and i’ll show you what it can do. Nothing too crazy. Today, just a nice trail, probably gon na find a bit of mud. Maybe some rocks definitely some water. These things are pretty noisy straight out of the box. Um so definitely recommend a bit of grease in there not much grease in the gearbox transfer case, all dips straight out of the box, so it’s definitely something i recommend doing a nice windy trail here.

Hopefully i don’t end up down there, so there’s a drag break on this works nicely Music. That is a long way down Music yeah. We have to bounce it just had to switch over to a live post. Obviously i hadn’t charged the battery because it’s lasted about five minutes and they usually last at least 15 to 20. So luckily i brought a lipo with me, oh finally, finally, something to crawl on. Oh, this looks nice isn’t, it Music, a lot of wet mud on the tires, although not the grippiest of tyres anyway, but it’s definitely not going to help covered in mud but still i’m sure it’s more than capable of crawling over these easy Music, no problem at All there is there, so a nice trail truck a nice crawler. So i think this red does look better than the uh crusher the orange. Although you can get the crusher, i think you can get it in red. This also comes in like a gray color. I think it comes in a green as well, but this red really nice. I remember riley we’re just coming up to a little bit of water. Yes, we are don’t, think we’ll be able to climb up that. That is really slick we might have to get down. It though come on whoa. No, no. Ah there we go so if you’ve not seen my rgt uh video, these are fully waterproof. I had it completely submerged no issues of it at all.

What a cool little stream let’s hope it doesn’t get washed away because i’m not going down there to get it right, come on back! You come Music, it’s, probably a good picture opportunity in there. Let’S try and get in there Music, Music he’s in for a nice picture, picture taken let’s get out of here: Music Music. Once it’s been once these go through water, it seems to quiet them down. I think it’s because the water starts to get into the gearbox and stuff and mix the grease up a little bit, always dry off and clean your stuff out afterwards. So i always dry and clean this stuff off once i’ve been in water. I also spray a little bit of gt 85 if i remember on the bottom, all across the axles and stuff, and then i don’t know if you can see, but once it’s been through the water, you see it’s not really clinging to it. Gt85S are water repellent. So helps with uh getting rid of it. What a cool little trail i’ve not come this far around before. Hopefully we can get back up there onto the track, so i don’t have to walk all the way around Music. Well, i made it so the truck doesn’t roll down – oh famous last words, Music. What a stroke of luck getting this stuff twisted around the axles is not recommended we’re carrying it out. It would be rude to not go for a little bit of mud.

You know. I, like a bit of mud, thin layer of ice on there, but that is going to break as soon as we go: Music Applause, Music in Music, hmm Applause, Music Applause and normal service resumes. You know i can’t resist mud so just coming to the end of this uh little walk. I think when i swapped over to the lipo i just looked at my gopro, my gopro’s on 47 minutes take let’s take 13 off for when we got rid of that nickel metal hydride the lipo’s been going 35 minutes, ish 30. it’s a gen’s ace. I think it’s 4 000 milliamp hour awesome battery Music. If you made it all the way through cheers for watching, if you didn’t make it all the way through cheers for watching. If you skipped to the end uh, this thing really good, really, nice crawler, really nice trail truck there’s. A link in the description where you get yours, i’ll see you next time. Let’S go back a ways to the old bygone days and the simple time we lived back. Music pull me home. Let me wind down my days in the sweet, dusty haze. Take me back down. Take me back down the older road.