What is that now, before we jump into it guys, i had a message on instagram of a subscriber that wanted to see my setup it’s. Nothing special, but i thought i’d show you guys anyways. So take a look here guys. This is my computer system. I built this thing myself. I even took that photo that’s an australian beach, it’s, so cool. This is my ender 3 printer uh. This here is my work desk with a bunch of spares under there got my chargers, drills tools. This is basically my workbench. I kind of freshen the place up a little bit my drink, my big rock toolbox and yeah. This is kind of just a desk just to throw things definitely needs to clean it’s had a few time marks on there and coming over here guys. You can see my light and all my storage and, of course, the other light is just there. So i hope that’s what you’re looking for dude it’s, nothing crazy special, but it gets the job done now guys let’s, open the big rock, so let’s. First take a look at the box, a few picture: pictures, modular design, etc, etc. Stronger tougher wider, so it’s a little bit wider than the previous version, so guys here’s, a quick buzz over at the box. What i’m really interested in is seeing how this new spectrum radio handles over the creighton, because that one was delayed and apparently it’s fixed in this one spare parts, an instruction manual binder and the new radio.

Just from the first glance, it looks a lot better and feels a lot better in the hand, and i can control it with one hand how cool i’m going to be 100. Honest with you guys. I actually had this out before. I just wanted to have a quick glance at it and make sure nothing was wrong in case i had to send it back, and i dropped a little bit of solder on the plastic there. As you can see, we have a slight mark on the body, but nothing too serious so off that comes, and here is a comparison of the size versus the max, the big rock and the slash as you can see, the max is slightly beefier. However, the plastics are actually fairly beefy as well, so i’ve got high hopes that this thing is going to be super durable, as you can see from the bird’s eye view, they’re pretty well similar in dimensions, that’s, a small size comparison for you, guys, let’s get this Body, shell off and take a look on the inside first impressions of the body. It actually feels rather strong. I think we’ll still do the shugu mod, though i’m probably going to start doing some live streams. Maybe do some shoe stuff. So let me know in the comments, if that’s something you want to see just general chatting and fixing, and just having a bunch of fun i’d like to get the chance to talk to you guys live.

So if you haven’t already make sure to hit that subscribe. Button so you don’t miss anything that i’ll post. We have so much plan for this channel guys i’m only just getting started, guys we’re inside this beast, and i must say these tires, although a little bit thinner than something like the max, they actually feel very, very soft and grippy looking forward to really getting this Thing out, it looks like an absolute beast, i’m, so happy with how it looks and feels this is a 3200 kv motor really really fast. We have the blx 3s system in here guys that’s, basically the same size as the 4s hobby wing that we have in the wl toys, 1, 2, 4, 0, 1, 9, so i’m. Thinking about putting it on 4s and seeing how it runs. That’S going to be a video in itself, but i think that’s going to be pretty awesome. The spectrum servo it comes with the velcro battery straps, which i actually really like, because i think it makes the battery compartment a little bit more universal. It comes stock standard with these orange ic5 connectors. However, we’re going to chop those off and put on the black xt90 connectors guys. If you want to know where to get anything that you see in today’s, video, like the armor, big rock or even the traxxas max i’ll leave links in the description, as always, as you guys know, i love z, lipo batteries.

However, i only have these nxt. 5. 400 million power live batteries, but i still really love these now guys. Just a quick, fresh update, i’ve got a 4.5 turn. 7 340 kv brushless hobby wing to go in our wltoys one, two, four: zero one: nine that video is coming next week. I just had to tell you guys guys i always put the heatsink over there just grab the little heat gun that way. We can avoid this one sure circuiting, all right guys connectors are on both the battery and the rc car and we’ve got some batteries in the controller turn it on guys. I have to say that servo is super. Super quick. It is quiet, alrighty, testing time all right battery is plugged in we’ve, got the gps ready and we’re going back out there to do another speed run. I really want to see how this compares to the max, because the max claims 60 miles per hour out of the box, whereas this claims 50 miles per hour out of the box. Yet the max only got 46. so i’m really interested to see just how fast. This big rock is so let’s get the body on the battery is in gps is on put the clips in. I suppose we should turn it on too alrighty track start let’s see how fast we go that’s, an early walk of shame guys this thing’s probably quieter than the max, and i was impressed with that.

It feels quite similar to the max to be honest, but the steering’s a little faster which i like, but i think it might be about the same speed. Let’S go for another run and we’ll find out. I will say the brakes are a lot better. They seem to ease on rather than just slamming the brakes on so let’s see what we got. Speed wise we’re, going to hit, stop read guys 47 miles per hour. That is one mile per hour faster than the max. Let me know in the comments: do you want to see this thing over vaulted to 4s, because i thought that would be crazy, fast, very, very impressed with this thing already. Alright, i want to give this thing the same treatment as the max so we’re at the skate park. Look at the skids back flip nope such a nimble and grippy little beast. These tires kind of like skip guys. This thing is awesome. Ow. This thing is so so quick and it’s absolutely a blast man. This versus the max has to be a pretty close comparison, considering the price point. So if you want one of these guys, i’ll leave a link in the description below. I cannot get over just how nimble this thing is incredible and guys have definitely fixed all the issues within the controller it’s super super responsive. The range was great, especially when we were doing the speed run. The turning is perfect good job armour for fixing these problems.

I, like a company that listens to its customer base. What do you reckon one more backflip and it handles it with ease all right? One more. We have to do another one it’s, so much fun, oh guys, oh no! Where is it he’s in the bushes? Okay? That definitely took a hard landing then, but it seems to be okay, so let’s go out bush and just give it a bash. We are out in the australian outback kind of ish. I kind of live in a rural city, so outback’s pretty common but we’re out here to test the armor big rock v3 to find out if this is truly the best value for money, rc car that you can buy hey guys in general. This is stacking up to be one of my favorite rc cars, so let’s switch on the controller switch on the car. Put the body on and tear up some rough terrain let’s. Do it man this thing is so quick wow it handles so well. I love this road just here, because it’s kind of bumpy but it’s kind of soft at the same time and it’s really long so let’s go and hit a full throttle. Whoa. This thing is so lively seriously guys i can’t explain how impressed i am with this thing easily so far, the best rc car for the money that i’ve used if you’re thinking about getting one, definitely do it guys i’ll leave links in the description we can get.

It from this thing is an animal and i don’t know if you guys can see that, but it’s already got the tyres drilled out. So if you do get any water or dust in them, it’s just going to fling it out alrighty time for a bit of a cindy he’s in the tires seems to work. Fine let’s do that again, it’s coming for me. Oh, that was a sideways one and she’s still good man. I love driving cars out here and, yes, i know the dirt isn’t the best for them, and there is a little bit of cleanup afterwards, but it’s so much fun. Just to do a bit of freestyle. Bashing guys i’ve had so much fun running this thing conclusion: is it better than the max? I don’t really know. I think it’s up there with them. I think it’s definitely better value for the money, but is it actually better than the max? Well, i guess that’s kind of subjective. What i’m going to do is do a bit of a side by side comparison. Maybe we’ll drag race and jump them do a few tests, and then maybe we can come to a better conclusion. I really did have so much fun. I really really enjoyed the armor big rock v3 out here out bush. It is just so much fun. It really does make your car super dirty, but it’s really really enjoyable. If you’ve got this kind of stuff around, then you know what i mean that’s, why i love the x max so much because it just handles it so well uh it’s starting to rain.

So i have to put this thing away before the rain starts to make it muddy, but guys you’re gon na be seeing so much of this thing. We’Re gon na put it on 4s. Now the motor does get a little hot, so i’m going to have to keep it on the temperatures possibly add another fan to it. The max and the armor big rock definitely have to be my top favorite 110 scale. Rc cars for now anyways guys that’s it for now. If you did enjoy this video make sure to hit that subscribe button that like button and turn on the notifications, so you don’t miss anything that i upload. I love you all we’re, nearly at three and a half thousand subscribers. You guys have been absolutely incredible. I thank you so much but that’s it for me guys.