What is it its? The is dtesc70 speed controller that might be better and might be a lot cheaper, all right, hot off the presses. We have our test bronco here, im going to take off the body and the hallowed product im talking about. Is this red one right here: the hobby wing 1080 esc the source of all happiness on a trail caller, because when you upgrade it, everything gets better. So the product were testing. Is this black box right here, the isdt esc70? Okay, so i put them on the same machine for some a b testing and youll see a lot of footage. Some real world footage of the two performing together. So this thing might be better because it has more functions: more programmability, its about half the price so but first lets cut to the chase and get to the performance. Here it is powering the servo thats, the esc, power on the servo, and then i am going to control it and there it is modulating and, as you can see, kind of feels like a hobbywing 1080 huh kind of feels like a 200 dollar brushless motor with So much torque control drag brake. Look at that vector control, but does it have punch second gear its all there? It is a new esc. Very new from isdt isdt is a renowned brand in chargers. You see those very fancy chargers, the drone people use it and they made an esc. I think its their first crawler product packaging is good little manual, that you need eagle eyes to read its in english and then right.

Here is your esc. It has a switch nice packaging and its got some fancy stuff. Some heat shrink tubing notice too, that it has two receiver connectors. One goes to the switch and one goes to the receiver. So it has these plugs, unlike the hobby wing, 1080., all right so thats. Your package, 25 bucks, 25 bucks. So the hobbywing 1080 is good. It does everything well its programmable and whatnot, but its got a couple problems. One is its 44 dollars, not cheap and, and the programming is not that awesome uh, you have to do these little cards and every box comes with it. I always praise them that they include this thing and not charge 20 bucks for this thing like spectrum, but i have like 20 of these were producing garbage in this country and thats, not cool so and its very hard to read. Can you read that it feels like youre programming, a clock, radio, the first time you do it its painful heres, where the it has more functions seems to have more power, but the programming is awesome as well. Im gon na get a little gopro here. The app is called isd, go and theres three rings right away. One is the capacity throttle the red ring, which it says, zero right now. Next is capacity uh. It says we have about 25 percent battery left and the temperature, the esc, is 38 degrees, fahrenheit. Okay, the voltage is 11.

3 volts, so its a three cell and there it is, and heres heres the heres where it starts to get crazy. I should lift this so as i do the throttle it tells me, i have one percent throttle being applied by my finger percent, seven percent, so its graphically illustrated as well as numerically. Now we go to settings uh. It allows you to calibrate the motor this way. It has a bunch of profiles, uh rock crawler, on road drift mode, so these are really up to you. You can basically, it stores a set of configurations on each profile, so im on rockroll right now, and then the way you program it is you hit the ones with the arrows. So primary is its grouped into three sections: the programming options and were going to go into primary, and it says i can do running mode forward – reverse battery type number of cells. Oh, can i change that? I can interesting, but somehow it knows what i am im at already cutoff voltage is 6 volts, bec voltage is 6.2 volts and mode rotation is reverse. Okay, so were going to do something cool we go bc voltage. I want to protect my tiny little servos on this trx4, so i set it to 5 volts. I dont know im just concerned so set check and it saves it takes a while to save this is not the fastest thing, and sometimes i get failures. I get timeouts and i have to restart everything set successfully so now instantly.

I have five volts going to the steering. Servos lets say we want to go big voltage, 7.5 volts get the max capacity were entering a contest set successfully and now i should have more power right, uh huh. So if you dont know the secret of esc and vc voltage now you see not only, is it faster its a lot more powerful too. So the other cool things are start force, brake force, active, drag, brake and active brake brake. Enable active brake brake is super awesome because that the problem with drag brake is it only works you when youre not on throttle and in a brushed motor. The minute you go on throttle on a steep hill. The thing will freewheel. It has to power the motor, but it also loses the drag brake so hell just careen out of control, active drag brake means even while youre on gas. It it its doing current to keep that speed only to break and only maintain that speed and thats a vegetable here from one to twenty. Okay. How about we do a little test run on the rocks, see how this thing performs punch there, not a problem and right there. I got a good heel hold even when im not on throttle. Here is a super steep wall very slippery today, but it just keeps on attempting keeps on tracking easy to modulate right here, very sensitive, not a problem as good as the 1080 aca.

As far as i can tell, and here the drag break is good right here. You can tell the the front tire is killing maximum drag break a little smooth berm here, not a problem, a little punch little bump, and not only does it bump, but you can execute it with ease and over here is a sensitive little hole. You can get threatened that hole, sped it up a little bit and right there, its able to get over so enough control to be a true crawling esc, so pretty happy with it notch here nice and smooth, just as good as the uh 1080 and then the Bump here, by the way, this is way better than a sock way better and finally, were gon na. Do some fast performance put in second gear and as far as we can tell, it did not lose any fast performance. 70 amp is what they rated at. The heatsink is a little small, so it might heat up a little faster, but you know per crawler, not really a big issue, so great performance and much easier, programmability. Okay, so on the running video, it was on par with a hobby wing 1080. You know theres, i couldnt notice anything, especially if i did it blind test it its as smooth as punchy, more programmable, more programming options and easier to program 25 bucks versus the best value ever 44 bucks. So what does that say its an even better value? So should you get it, i would say this is amazing technology and its a little early.

I think its a little bit buggy the the im getting a lot of timeouts on the app, so i think theyre going to continue to develop it. The fact that it came to me with no wires meaning its not 100 done, i dont think thats why you havent seen a lot of marketing on it. We are in the early stages, but hey amazon check it out um if it works for you good, but theyre. Definitely gon na refine and finish this product off, get rid of all these bugs on the app but its super cool, the its a great product and a super value, and we think its just gon na get better as they refine it with a lot of revisions.