Here. Everybody is arriving for some more Kyosho mini z, action since we're all newbies, and this kind of discovering how amazing these race cars truly are. We are running an open class, both two wheel and four wheel or all wheel drive. If you want to say that instead, this is really kind of testing the cars to see what's good. What isn't you know it should be run separate and everybody has new cars on the way anyway. So we're all excited we've all got great pods on these cars they're going to rip around the racetrack got our timing system set up or we're going to see who wins the Kyoto Cup today, majority Music? Oh my all barrier, while Penguins ripping man everyone's rating for a picture with the keel show Cup, the track is 25 feet long and 12 feet wide: Oh Music, Music. I know that good job who in Kyle Kyle wins 35 laps next with Sean Louie for 29. Chris 25 Aaron Stewart, 24 Luke 24. We know it's all 20 mile 22 Duffman 20 and John 16, holding and fastest laps course. Kyle, seven point: two one: zero! This John, you said you did the old school braking method yeah. How did you do that? Pull them over on that kind of lots of water and rain it. I thought you can't, put an electric motor in water lost, put a little under FERS, hahahahahaha, terrible advice, the opposite, fresh water. Only Music.

Now they got their wheels on the ground. They'Ve already had a practice run now round: two Music Applause: Music: oh fuck, nicely: oh gosh, Music, cool, a blue sweater. Oh Oh got a crack up. You guys, Music, Laughter laughter. I place these heavy duty construction equipment pieces here just to mess everybody up around the corner and it certainly is working. Oh yeah, that was final lap. Kyle came in first of course, 7.1 32 laps over Sean 29 lyle, ahrens, luke, crisp notch on stuff ahead. Rain completed in first place, penguin in 67, left in second place out in front with 54 lat. The third place trick with 52 left in fourth place in line with 52 left in that place. Ricky 100 gosh golly. I saw this among Fremont over hundred great what happened to the king we're not done to final. Oh, oh, you got it. Oh that's, a fire fire shit, Oh Zach, Oh Chloe! Oh, take it outside it'll start stinking yeah. Here you go. Hey screwdriver is an actual fire. Stinky call me wow what the heck oh yeah, Wow alright on the inside. I don't think we've ever seen a Kyosho light up like that before man, oh wow, it's, actually glowing. So it must have been a short I don't know, or just how hard I pushed on that last race. It was unhappy with him. Oh yeah, melted right there. Oh did. I know the case. This is only called not good.

No, his whole board is melted. Everything'S, like fire fire, have you ever seen a Kyosho mini z, catch on fire, no I've seen that before wood, that is a new one, holy cow, yeah, that's, what you get for winning! Ok, these guys have been kicking butt all day and it is time for the final race of the Kyosho Cup looks like the leader is already toasted as motor, but everybody else you ready to go. Yeah. Alright, let's do some Kyosho mini D racing yep, Music, Music. I Music Music, Music, Oh Music, Music, nice job, jon, lyall, Chris Aaron, Glueck, John Duffman, so we're looking at best lap with Sean Louis 6.41, nice time, man, 50, laps, good job man; no! No! No! This is yours. Kyosho cop yeah what's, the car.