Questo ha un 5.7 liter Hemi engine it’s a v8 and it’s a 4×4 it’s really easy to get into this truck. Just talk to our sales team they’d be happy to take you out on a test, Guida, storage and speaker in the door as well as power, locks, windows and mirrors. The driver’s seat is manually, adjusted your lighting controls are located here, and the steering wheel can tilt there’s a grab handle in the body making it easier to get in. On the face of the steering wheel, you have your cruise control and when we start up the vehicle, you’re gon na see any important messages, as well as the odometer reading and on your shifter, which is automatic. You press this. Sulla destra, side you’ll see toe hole and then you’ll see overdrive off and press it again in the center. Is your media choices of amfm and you’ve got a little cubby there as well down below you? Have your climate control with AC and front defrost off to the side is 4×4 anch'io. You have a cigarette lighter another cubby in the center and a 12 volt little cubby there to put things there’s a couple of cup holders down below and that flips right up in the center there’s an armrest and when you unclip this there’s, more storage inside and Then you can flip it up for another seating position off to the side is a glove compartment. A manually, dimming rearview mirror 17 inch wheels, cab, step block door, handle in side view, mirror driver’s side fuel cap, the black handle, extends to the tailgate.

You have a tailgate, our trailer hitch, as well as a seven pin connector and a four pin connector down below the hard tonneau cover locks and it’s easy to open it up. I’Ve already unlocked it for you, so you simply lift up with one hand and it’s got I’m doing it with my left, so it’s a little bit harder for me and then you simply open it. Up with the hinge inside you’ve got that nice big box with tie downs and then, when you’re ready close it all up, walk away, lock it up and it’s nice and secure or jump in and head out on. Your latest adventure. Naturalmente,, don’t forget to close that tonneau cover speaker and power windows in the door, seating for three in the back and the bench seat lifts right up. So you have an area on the floor to put things and a little cargo bin there. E poi, when you want it down, simply push it down with one hand. You also have grab handles in the body there’s lighting up in the center there hooks in the back and access to a sliding window wrong bump or five and a half foot box with a hard tonneau cover privacy, glass with window events, powered side view mirrors halogen Headlights, fog, lights and so many more reasons to visit us at Island.