I can’t tell you which one because my local competition would sleep out so just to confirm here we are 18 Eco sport here and it is a push button start. Così, primo, what you’re going to want to do is open the module plug the blue connector in make sure the toggle switch is in the off position: ok, so here’s our harness and module you’re going to come down here by the kick panel. You see the OBD tube right on the backside of it. Music is the connector that we’re going to plug our harness into. So let me do that. I’Ll show you what it looks like Music. So we got our harness plugged in to the factory connector there we’re gon na, take our email in here and plug it directly in the back of this all right so to program the module there’s a little button on the side here, you’re gon na push and Hold it you’re gon na put the toggle switch on this light will turn orange when it does go ahead and release it, and now it will turn red it’s hard to tell the color guys on the camera, but that is a red light so now reach up And push your startstop button on the dash one time, so I just pushed it. This is gon na blink for a few seconds and then we’re waiting for the solid green light, which means it’s programmed and then the lights going to turn off and there we go so hit your button on the dash again to turn the ignition off grab your Remote here and we’re gon na tap lock three times you’ll see this light, go through its cycle and we’re running that’s.

All there is to it. You guys can hit the brake to turn it off or go ahead and hit the lock button three more times and we’re off and you’ll hear a couple clicks here, which means that the remote start is deactivated and that’s. All there is to it you guys, on the push button, EcoSport same process on the key star. Eco sport, however you’re gon na have to make sure that the instrument cluster says put a jar when you open the hood prior to installing this. If you guys don’t have the hood pan this will program, but it will not start because the module does not see that the hood is closed with our lock, Blocco, lock kit come in here to the gear, icon and you’re, going to use the buttons right here On the dash arrow to the right and get you into the settings, options go down to a vehicle setting tap the OK button and you can go down. And now we have remote starter settings that are populated in the menu and you can change duration. Climate settings. Heated seats and steering wheel, if you guys have that available the systems box right here like I said this will only pop up after you put our kid in so if this box is unchecked, your remote start from your key fob becomes inactive, so you can treat This, as if you’re going into service, you can uncheck that box. It will kill the remote start and then you can put it back so you’re not gon na have these settings with our no honk kit and you will not have these settings prior to installing our kit.

So our x3l kit turns that on alright guys. So after you remote start it you’re gon na walk out to it. Push on lock, jump in close the door and you’re gon na either put your key in the ignition and turn it on, and then you can hit the brake pull it on apart or you’re.