My name is Dakota and today we’re gon na be taking a look at this 2019 Chevy Cruze LT, true north. This hatchback comes equipped with a driver. Confidence package which includes rear park, assist lane change, alert, blinds on monitoring River cross traffic alert under the hood is a 1.4 liter turbocharged inline, four cylinder engine six speed automatic transmission front wheel, drive and kicks out 153 cavalli e 177 pound feet of torque Music. Coming around back, we have plenty of room in the cargo area. We also have a cargo cover to keep everything out of sight out of mind. Underneath the floor is extra storage as well as your spare tire, with the tools that you’ll need in the event of a flat, e ancora una volta, we also have rear park assist on the driver’s door. Voce senza chiave, as well as blind zone monitoring coming on into the interior on the driver’s side door, we have power options for your windows, mirrors and locks coming on to the interior. Our bucket seats are power adjustable and clad a new, beautiful cloth upholstery. The steering wheel comes with cruise control and audio controls. The odometer reads: eleven thousand seven hundred eighty two kilometers a variety of technological features include a color touchscreen push to start technology, we’ve got climate control with air conditioning heated seats for both you and your passengers. Usb auxiliary and 12 volt outlet transmission shifter, the key fob comes with lock, unlock remote start and panic button.

We have our traction control here. Our Park Assist and in the armrest we’ve have additional storage. The touch screen comes equipped to the AM and FM radio Sirius XM satellite radio. We also have Bluetooth phone connectivity and a backup camera coming into the back seat. We have plenty of room for passengers, Un 6040 split folding rear bench, USB on the back of the console for your passengers to keep their phones charged and the seat pull down simply like so giving you extra room for cargo. Naturalmente,, if you have any questions about this vehicle or any other vehicle on our website, please feel free to click. Our call today, in one of our sales representatives, faremo, be more than happy to help.