I get messages from you guys asking why your videos don’t look like my videos. The answer is simple: it’s not rocket science, it’s lighting. You have to use lighting to make your videos look as good as they possibly can so that’s. What we’re going to talk about today, affordable and mobile lighting Music? I know it’s been a long time we’re moving on today, i wanted to show you guys the light that’s. Effettivamente, lighting me right now, which is this guy there’s, a more expensive version of this it’s called an ice light, but this thing is bright: it is crazy, brillante, è, wild and this one specifically i’ll put the name of this in the description this one specifically does Different colors, maybe a highlight in the background or a highlight on somebody’s face um, you can cycle through the colors here it looks pretty cool and then it always goes back to a daylight or tungsten. You also have the functionality to make a brighter dimmer, Tuttavia, but i wanted to show you guys these things because, like they are fantastic lights, i actually just ordered these two to put into my lighting kit, because i have these big lights: okay and i’m hauling. These things around like, if you’re shooting outside, ad esempio, you are filming somebody talking to the camera. Bene, what would be nice would be a little kick of light to the face to help them stand out a little bit from the background.

You want them to be bright because the background is going to be bright if you’re in daylight, so you want to give them an extra little boost of light to their face. ora, when you’re outside you don’t always have access to outlets or power, your lights might not have batteries. I don’t carry batteries for my lights um. I do carry extension cords, but you know what, if you’re out in a pavilion somewhere – e si sa, Sei 200 yards away – è, not gon na help you these lights really are awesome, there’s the name brand of it. If you can see it, i will put this down in the description and it’s gon na be an affiliate link. So i’ll make a couple bucks if that’s all right with you. If you want to use this light straight up and down, you can do so uh. You can just put it right on the end of a light stand if you want, but if you want to use it horizontal and do it kind of like how i’m doing it overhead you know you can do that too. But you’re gon na need another piece. So at the bottom of this thing you can see it’s got the quarter inch screw there like a tripod um or a light stand. If you want to do it horizontal. You can use this guy right here and what this is is a ball head light stand adapter, and so you can go ahead and screw that in that would be vertical, and then you could turn it on its side and the light would be like that.

Cioè. What i’m using right now it’s a back light? Anche, these lights come with a remote control, very cool Music. You have the light set up kind of high or something you know you can always just like point turn it on turn. It off turn the color uh. The intensity up and down so it’s, pretty neat um yeah, i don’t know i really enjoyed this time that we shared together it’s very nice i’m excited to to be back um. Se a voi ragazzi è piaciuto questo video, if it was informational, if you think these things are as cool as i do, Continua, hit the subscribe button hit the like button and uh check out the first comment.