RC Car Christmas Gifts Under $150

It’s Holiday shopping time and each year we get a bunch of messages asking for help for picking the best gifts. We’re always happy to help, but we might not get … [compare_prices_deals] fonte

Recensione di Element RC GateKeeper – Questo è il tuo KeyMaster? – Recensione della rivista VRC

Ritorni preferiti di Backyard Basher! Redcat RC-MT10E Brushless 4×4 Recensione del camion | RC Driver

They are going and putting all other vehicles under the redcat label, and this is the most recent truck to go under the redcat label. We used to know it as a team redcat racing vehicle which was a higher end line, but now they’re just putting it all together and now this truck has […]


Everyone Shawn here from real RC in the workshop today to bring you another real world RC review today in the shop I’ve got the latest ready to run vehicle from Traxxas the new Traxxas rally. The rally is a four wheel: drive ready to run brushless vehicle that’s based off the Traxxas, Barra 4×4, […]

Divertente Mini RC Auto da un nuovo marchio! Modello Xotik 1/32 XC324 Super Storm RTR Revisione | RC Driver

Benvenuti nel nuovo workshop. Non è stata una strada facile arrivare qui. Solo pochi giorni dopo essersi trasferito nella nuova casa uh, siamo stati colpiti da una tempesta tropicale che ha messo fuori combattimento il potere bussò sugli alberi e uh. Ancora non ho potere. Today the house is actually being run on a […]

Best rc car under 500 ruppes/by RC REVIEWS/best rc car

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Redcat Racing Wendigo RTR Recensione – Se un cingolato di roccia dovesse andare veloce? Velocity RC Cars Magazine

Il gatto rosso deve piacerci per google le cose, perché non avevo idea di quando andare. Wendy go when to go once i had a google it it's, qualche spaventoso mostro di ghiaccio mangia carne bla bla bla. Significa solo mostro più grande. Mangiare carne cosa invernale, quindi questa è una grande carne mostruosa […]

Redcat Racing Kaiju RTR Review – Velocity RC Cars Magazine. Can this beat Traxxas at their own game?

I had to look it up in Japanese. It means monster or monster truck and a bunch of other things, but it means a big guys, truck and we're here to test Redcats new monster truck. So let's get to it, try to keep it real here, so red cat racing in the past, Ho […]

Traxxas Maxx Revisione – Velocity RC Cars Magazine – Bash Perfetto?

Why look at this? You can't do this with an on road car. Your honor car looks pretty, but it doesn't do anything we're reviewing the Traxxas max to see if this little french bulldog and its proportions can match up to the legendary t max Emax, all the maxes, you can imagine Music, I'm […]

Arrma Infraction RTR Review – 80MPH Off-Road? No. Velocity RC Cars Magazine Recensione

You ever get asked this at a corner: hey baby. How much or how fast do you go? Bene, the armored infraction can answer those two questions at about 600 dollars and with the right gear over 80 miglia all'ora. Does this mean this hooning truck is worth your cash we're gon na take […]

Kyosho Inferno MP10T Review – Velocity RC Cars Magazine

www.vrcmag.com – our fast assessment of the brand new MP10T. Tutte le persone nuove e preparate per l'osservante. We get a restricted take a look at session with a professional's equipment. Evaluate in concern #37 Assist our sponsors www.prolineracing.com www.teamtekin.com www.tamiyausa.com www.hitecrcd.com www.rc10.com

HPI RACINGMaverick Strada MT ReviewVelocity RC Cars

What’s the greatest 1st RC Automotive? May this lesser-known model have all of the bins checked? Value, velocità, and sturdiness all appear to come back into play. This model is imported by HPI Racing within the USA however is likely to be obtainable underneath completely different names the place you might be. Our full evaluation […]