Now this thing’s super cheap. You can pick it up for about 15 bucks off Amazon I’ll, put a link down in the description where you can buy this exact car. Now after unboxing it you get the car the controller as well as a couple sets of wheels. They have wheels with traction, which I have on the front here. The traction wheels are actually tires. As you can see, you can just slide the tires off and replace them, and they have these smooth ones which is actually for drifting when you’re, using it on, say a hardwood floor or a surface it. These don’t have hardly any grip on them, so you can drift super easily with it and I recommend putting the tires. The grippy tires on the front, because that way, you’ll have traction on the front, but just not on the backs, so you’ll be able to drift around easier and then taking a look at the controller right here. After putting the batteries inside of the controller, as you can see, the antenna can extend, but after putting the batteries in it, when you push on the controller it actually lights up so it’s always on you, can’t turn this controller off. So I don’t know how that affects the battery life of the actual controller, but for 15 bucks this is hard to beat for such a cheap, rc drift. Car and again link is in the description where you can buy this, but, as you can see it lights up, I, when you push on this, so the way it actually works.

Is you push this to to go forward? I don’t think this actually has any speed variations on and when you push it, it goes a single speed which again isn’t the best it’d be nice to be able to go slow and then faster, but again for 15 bucks it’s hard to beat a deal like This and and then for turning same thing with this and I don’t think there’s any gradual turning on and it just it just lights up one when a senses a turn and same with this. It has a reverse and a forward and then there’s also an antenna right here on the car. If you can see that it’s very hard to see, but there is also a cover for this. I lost my cover for the car, but it still works fine without it and taking a look at the car design. It’S it’s, not the best car in the world, but it’s decent it’s, decent size. As you see, is this about the size of my hand right there and taking a look at it, and I really like that it comes with different tires. It comes with two sets of both different kinds of tires, so it comes with one set of these smooth tires as well as one set of these grippy tires, and I don’t know if you can tell on camera here, but you can actually see it’s it’s. More of a rubber can, these is just plastic it’s.

Just a very smooth plastic so makes it really easy for the thing to drift now we’re, taking a look at how we turn the car on right. Here, we just got to flip this on switchings. You see four very bright lights come out of the bottom of the car, which is kind of cool. When you want a drift and then to make a go, you just push you push forward on this. As you see, there is no speed variation on this and, like I was saying, there’s no speed variation on this. So when you push it, it just goes out of speed and again it’s got back up and forward and left and right for turning the tires. As you can see, there yeah and another thing to notice with this car too, when you push forward on the throttle, it actually lights up. So, as you can see, when you hit for it on the throttle actually lights up, the headlights in front of the car there so I’m gon na take this thing for a test drive now on the type of surface it’s made for it’s not really made for Drifting on carpet, so you’ll want to have some type of hardwood floor, some type of marble floor or a smooth floor to actually be able to drift. With this thing, so I’m gon na go head on over to my hardwood floor and show you how this thing drifts so now we’re here on the hardwood floor and I’m gon na show you how this thing drifts.

Again, we have the smooth tires in the back and the grippy tires in the front, so the front tires will actually have most traction, as you can see right here, the front tires are really gripping this hardwood floor, as opposed to the smooth tires in the back, Which really slip easily so now I taking the controller here pushing forward on this, as you can see a drifts incredibly easily and what again, when you’re, giving throttle you can see the headlights on as well and it’s really fun to drive. I don’t know exactly know how long the battery lasts on this and again it takes all those batteries on the bottom. So when you actually run on a battery, you have to replace each of these batteries on the bottom. Here, as you see, it takes double a batteries, 4 of them so I’m, pretty sure it lasts a while I’ve I’ve driven this thing for maybe 30 minutes on the last one, and it still has got enough battery to to be doing this so really fun to Drive especially when you have the grippy tires on the front, I mean, if you want to use it as like, a more of a standard RC car, you put, the grippy tires on all four of the wheels, but having the back tires with the smooth tires. It really drifts quite easily and you see it’s not leaving any marks or anything so it’s, really just a fun thing to drive around it’s, really fun just saw drifting around with it.

You’Ve got you kind of got to get a little feel if you want to do any actual kind of drifts like that right there. But if you but it’s very easy, you just push for it on this. If you want to just do donuts like do a little spinning around like that, but you can do some actual drifts like that right there and it’s really it’s really fun doing. I do interesting. You get kind of get the hang of it odd. The more you drive it and it’s an overall, really fun thing. I mean totally worth the 15 bucks it cost you to buy. This thing it again link is in the description where you can buy this exact our little RC drift car, and another thing I want to point out real quick too, is that this thing is actually four wheel drive, but it is able to drift I’m. Just fine even being four wheel drive because and that’s just so, mostly because the front tires have the traction, while the back tires do not really fun to drive this thing, it’s actually really: addicting, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Applause, Applause, Applause, Applause, all right. So that concludes our review of this RC drift cars. You can see after driving. You can just fold that antenna right back up in there and, like I said, the controller does stay on, which is probably not the best for the battery life, but this has been sitting away for quite a while and it’s still got enough battery to drive and Same with this thing, I’m really surprised at how long the battery is lasting and, as you can see, if battery is battery still has power, the lights still go on when you turn on the switch.

So in conclusion, I really recommend this thing. If you’re, looking for a nice fun and cheap little rc drift, car it’s really really amazing how slippery these back tires are as compared to the front tires and highly recommend this thing. If you’re, looking for the cheapest rc drift car on the market, link is down below where you can buy this exact car thanks.