It was black at that time, Naturalmente,, painted black. It had different wheels on it. It had a whole bunch of different things on it, but this back rack was still here. I'Ve done a whole bunch of different upgrades to this thing. Ever since I've changed it into big red. I can't believe I've had this for like seven years, my friends check this out. I installed air ride quite some time ago. Look at the suspension lifting in the back and, Naturalmente,, in the front it lifts up as well. A little bit on the older side needs a little bit of oil in there to help speed that along, but check out the clearance on it now you're right, you heard me right air ride suspension or, should I say air pump look at this. This is the aromatic from capo back in the day. I remember I installed this onto the truck because I wanted it to have massive clearance look at this insane. This is a base off of an axial scx10 one of those giant tires on there. These are absolutely beautiful, I've loved the rock crushers from RC four wheel drive ever since I saw them here. I can release all the air if I want, via remote there's the front and, Naturalmente,, just with a drop of oil in there. That'Ll help that sag down so looks like it needs to work out some kinks. I think I should take it outside and give her a rip, but first I know you guys are going to be questioning it.

Guarda questo. What the hell is this this is actually the antenna I wrapped it around one screw and then the other for the air ride. So I can get better better travel with this, so I could be farther away better distance here is a Tekin servo in there waterproof. The t 360 anch'io, I have a hobby wing ax system in there with a 2700 550 can motor in there I swapped all of it out it used to be a sin sur les brushless, which made this vehicle incredibly hard to crawl with it just wanted To go fast all the time, but now with the Hobby wing access to minute and the easy run motor ready to go really or should I say Zee run I used to have these on optimus overkill. Can you imagine this whole time it's been on and it hasn't made a sound, no sound kit or nothing in this boy. ora, with warm wind brings warm weather let's go enjoy it Applause. All my mud around here, even if I sit here and work it with a pitchfork you there's so much clay and sand. It never really wants to hold the water, so it clumps together. Really easy. Look at how much look at that's insane articulation or suspension under under under pressure hey. I have the suspension all the way. Huh look at it's like a monster. Sì, I love the fact that spring is in the air.

All of us may be stuck at home right now from the 2020 health crisis, but I got ta tell ya being outside, even if it's, just by the window, Sai, is it's nice to get the sunlight, dude power all day, 3s lipo power that's. The only problem with air suspension, especially in the cold like it is still pretty frosty, Oh, is that the the rubber, come puoi vederlo, starts to twist under the under the torque of the motor and that rubber the gaskets start to shrink up a little Bit and it gets you know like itlets some of the air out, which kind of sucks so you'll see on the front same thing. So there is a time and place for air ride suspension, but it doesn't do in every. You know it's not ideal, for everything. Let'S keep going Applause, it doesn't matter. What RC you have. It could be expensive. It could be cheap if you're outside having fun and laughing. Then your RC is an awesome, RC don't. Let anyone push you around and say otherwise. Musica, Musica, Music into the deep stuff, yeah that's, where the 6×6 really excelled, that in in hillclimbs, A destra, cuz, the longer wheelbase sure acts, oh that's, what you get for a high center of gravity and turning to sharp with traction, my bad yeah that's. What I expected, at least all the water is starting to thaw out and I can start washing trucks.

A lot of viewers may think that often I don't use a lot of my car C's, but a lot of my RCS are purpose built right. So like this one, Per esempio, you got to have good weather to have the suspension really work for you, uomo, Mi piace un sacco. It'S in full, like the air, is all out right now you can see it's riding pretty low, but it runs so well. I love ripping in mud, though I could do this all day. Long tell me: what is your favorite part like if you are a trailer, not if you're a trailer like if you're a camper, but if you are a trail trucker are you somebody that plays in the mud or do you stay away from water all the time I find it more of a Labrador Retriever, with these things, I'm in water and mud as much as possible. I think that's, the that's the fun. You know a lot of people make mistakes, thinking that we don't have full sized off road or 4×4 machines, and we do a lot of people do. But you know what it's also fun to go out and you know just beat on something that can take the abuse and you don't have to worry that it's gon na cost you later that's totally what she said come on there's, so much innuendo in this hobby. How can you not see it? All I want to do is play in this mud: pozzanghera, Applausi musicali, Musica, Applausi, Musica, Musica, Musica.

I love soupy mud for days, the return of mud I'm so happy. I know the snow isn't gone forever. We'Re still gon na get some that's just for me, typical from where I live, but this means that more mud is on the way, yeah guys thanks a lot for joining me in today's RC adventure. I hope you had a lot of fun and you're inspired to get outside and play with the hobby of RC and, come potete vedere, I need to go clean. The lens of my camera bye, guys Music I'm guessing right about now. You guys are thankful that you don't have to clean this Music. Oh no harm, no foul, just part of cleaning off the side of the truck looks like when Homer made Marge Simpson a makeup gun gold.