So here is the gmat buffalo chevy blazer, the military edition 320. Only for uh for a kit that you put together yourself, probably the cheapest of of this lineup. You know three: 369. 490. 520. These two are ready to run and but on the military edition, it’s quite a bargain, so it comes with this bumper smaller wheels and a body that’s a blazer looks real good, so stock, viene fornito con 4.2 inch tires on a very scale. Looking tire and wheel combination, we painted this silver. Normalmente, this color pops huh very soft tire, soft foam, you know pretty scaled, but it doesn’t perform it. Doesn’T quite perform up to the task of the others. It lowers the vehicle and it just needs a little bit of weight, and i think we can do that so for the competition that we did. I should i should give it this angle by the way, give it these nice at least matching wheels. We gave it 4.7 Pollici. Traxxas tires that’s what’s on it right now, quindi cosa ha fatto per questo. The body is cool, so you know it looks fairly well proportioned the size of the windows and whatnot. You know little plastic molded pieces. We painted them silver and really nice bumper. So this is the the military edition it comes with an antenna as well. The trail edition comes with a roof rock sliders and bigger wheels, but we we kind of wanted this bargain and it has pretty cool, led light lenses over there, so it’s led ready, so the lens is front and back, but over here there’s.

No. This is just a sticker, no 3d molded plastic piece and then something really cool just like the actual is no body posts, so death to body post is kind of the new mantra and what they do is kind of interesting it’s pinned on all four. But really you just need pins on the front, you take those pins out and you can just lift it like this. Okay and then you need a little bit of uh sliding force to to get it off the back and boom there’s your body. So there you go really nice body, non così pesante. It has these nice wheel, wells or fenders, and these the plastic molded pieces are are kept in with body clips. So pretty nice job we painted it glossy black and flat black to do a flat by the way on lexan. What you do is you get flat black paint, but you paint it on the outside. So if you paint it on the inside it’s gon na come out shiny, because the lexan is just shiny right. So here is the vehicle itself. What we have is inner wheel wells so pretty modern, a lot of the it’s kind of a requirement now to make it look scale. Così, Purtroppo, anche se, the wheel wells are not wide enough, so there is a gap here between this, this body and the wheel wells. It has a little bit of a stiffener here room for a fan which is not very useful for a crawler.

It has a utility box here, you can put a receiver or what have you, but we chose to put a receiver right here and something pretty special about this vehicle for the price. Is it comes with a two speed transmission and the two speed transmission is actually very effective because it’s it more than doubles the speed of your vehicle, and you know two speed is not only handy for high speed, you know for having fun, but you could gear Down and and really get that precision control acceleration and braking from a you know from a brushed motor, a cheap motor. You don’t have to spend the 200 bucks for a brushless, so we powered it with a homes. Hobby trail master sport, 550 and one of the best deals out there so much punch on this and then a hobby wing 1080, our my highest recommendation, and what do we do? We did a fly sky gt3. I believe eco power servo, so we’ll put links on the descriptions, just just a basic build but you’ll see on the performance that it does quite well. So how does it do so? It’S very, very it’s, sprung pretty stiff, so it’s meant to perform not a lot of flex, but that can be adjusted easily, so it climbs pretty good it’s pretty light. You know this thing is lighter than all the rest um, so it accelerates like like crazy. It has counter rotating drive shafts, to give it less torque twist.

It doesn’t have portal axles not on this one, but it’s got a nice shape to the to the axles themselves. Sai che è che è, just it’s kind of angled forward, uh to give it less of a an obstacle when encountering rocks so a little uh pretty light, but assembled pretty nicely the the way the assembly happens. You see there’s a lot of trees and you have to cut out your your parts. You have to hunt, you do a lot of hunting for parts because it’s pretty random, you know the modern kits they get. They organize it in bags. You know bag a bag b and you just go go in steps. You know one tenth, the hunting. You know if, if bag asian, if part chapter a chapter, one is in one bag right. So so this one is a little bit a little bit of a parts hunt, but it’s performed quite well. One fault we did find is the drive shaft. I believe it is the front drive shaft. This thing is not quite long enough, so under load it it. It falls out so it definitely needs to be fixed. Sai che, you probably need a spacer right here, so it just doesn’t push all the way forward, or back and yeah. You definitely that that that’s that has to be solved and on this model there’s. No sliders, you definitely need sliders, so you’re, not just grinding the lexan on a very difficult part, but check out the running video.

You should be impressed like us. We believe this is the best crawler ever from from g made, because it looks good, performs good and it has quite a bit of opportunity to up the performance. You know you know, the the drivetrain seems pretty solid, abbastanza liscia, Sai, and all you need really is some heavy heavy wheels. Sono, not sure you’re gon na get be able to get some brass out here. You know there’s not a lot of aftermarket support for a company like this so far maybe tune the shocks whether you want to be climbing or you want some some some actuation, but this could be. You know quite a find this year so and you’ll see uh links in our description, it’s always sold out, but got a back order. You know part of the part of the pandemic waste is our rc. Hobby became really popular, so we got ta. You got ta decide what you want and back order it all right enjoy the running video, so we’re gon na start out the running video with a little bit of a radius test. How tight is the steering very important for crawlers so on the right turn: full lock, è, not very good it’s about 75 inches in diameter, and the reason is the servo arm hits the panhard mount a common problem, easily solved by some trimming and fitting the left. Turn is going to show us its real turning potential.

It is about 40 inches it’s, abbastanza buono, and you can see at full, Blocco, it’s pretty smooth, so the universals are doing their job, and now we do a little bit of steep descent end time on a slippery soil surface. It does pretty well stock tires, pretty good balance, not a lot of torque twist and using the hobby wing 1080 and holmes trail master sport it’s got some nice modulation and pop. This is done in first gear, Naturalmente,, La musica è, a beauty of a trail collar with with cheap motor and electronics, but good ones. If you have modulation, torque and speed, as you can see here so we’re gon na do a little bit of playing around. Maybe you can clear the tabletop huh, what do you guys think second gear and a little bit of confidence? It’S tippy? But oh look at that awkward, atterraggio, Cioè, Non c'è problema. So this is the fun part you could do some crawling. Some trailing go hike with your Music do some jumps and some rock balls along the way and that’s why this the hobby has grown so much because they’re versatile and they look cool Music. So now we’re going to move on to our rocker, not the native habitat of something like this, come te, can just kind of see how capable the vehicle is right. There see at the limit of breaking little tippy stock stock weight, and this is the lightest of all our vehicles, Cioè, good and bad.

The the good is it’s easy to affect the center of gravity without the vehicle getting too heavy, so just put some heavy wheels boom. You can’t really put brass axles, they’re not really available, but it’s all going to be done always go super slow with wheels initially and then some strategic placing of weights lead plates are already easier to do it and look at that. It modulates good compose right. There it’s a little bit light so, but it has a you know, stiff suspension, so it allows it to Music, Music and the real beauty of this is having an option having a different option. That’S new something to play with you know: maybe you have a trx4 already and you’re thinking what’s, the next one wow. This is not a bad one, not a lot of aftermarket parts. Remember that, but it is so affordable. It comes together. Nicely 320. Make sure you get the military kit, so you spend 30, you save 30 bucks and you get you don’t. You don’t have to get that roof rock, which will kill performance and put with the nice stuff fly sky. Radio, oh lo farò, be in 1080 esc and homes. Hobbies fail master, you’re good to go. Guarda. This is the charge for the trx4 blazer. We are hard on the bodies here, Eh, because when you, when it starts dropping right here, so the next line is here and finally look at that. Guarda.

It doesn’t quite articulate that rear suspension, but it’s settled you know: it’s it’s made for stability, not so much that’s the job avery, which one are you so hope you enjoyed, that oh you’re, the little bit of fun in games. You need to stop across rc and if you’re, non rc, you need to get out there. Our ace builder mealwood made with mismatched. We get some sun too. Va bene. I think i’m ready some endorphins and vitamin d. So steady thanks a ton. Click on the link at the end, what we are doing on these four plus problems it needs to wind up.