Kit together took a while to complete building. For my surprise, this car is very durable, despite the fact that it’s made from building bricks if the tracks were able to be made more durable, this kit would deserve six stars. We had a lot of fun with this rc track. It is working good overall. Tutto sommato, anche se, for the cost and the prompt and kind customer service, this is a great rc toy Music. My son received this item as a gift and at first i thought it was something from lego, but then realized it’s really lego compatible, but as we built it together, i was surprised by the quality of the pieces and instructions Music. I couldn’t really tell the difference this and the lego technic pieces, which we have some of. I should also point out, anche se, that the first one we got had a dead motor unit. I wrote to their customer service and they immediately sent me a replacement item. Free of charge after i sent them the order number from the gift receipt, the toy is really well built and the remote control works. Bene, one thing it could use is a left right trim since it’s easy for the motor to pull a bit to the left or right. The motor is super strong and i like it that it came with a rechargeable battery, so we don’t have to keep replacing it. We were invited to our friend’s sons b day.

I picked this lego type vehicle which can be operated by a remote control. After the b day, the kid’s mom texted us saying that her son spent couple hours assembling it and then playing with it. Musica, apparently it’s a cool toy for a seven plus y.