Oggi, we’re gon na talk about one of the best features that comes on the all new 2016 Chevrolet Malibu. Why is it amazing feature well, Sono, a little biased since we live in a cold climate, but its remote start standard almost across the board on every model of Malibu it’s as simple as just a few button presses we’re gon na hit the lock button once and Then immediately press and hold the circular button below it. After about five seconds the Carl come on. If you need any indicator from a distance, the parking lights in the front and rear will actually come on the vehicle as well. Now I know when it’s the middle of January or it’s the middle of July, this cars gon na take a little bit longer than 10 minutes storm up, which is about the cycle that you get from a mouth start. You can actually do the same process over again after 10. Seconds is a lapped and it will actually put an extra 10 minutes on at the end of the cycle. So you have a full 20 minute cycle of remote, starting for the Malibu.