I can’t see it. Che cosa succede ragazzi. Il mio nome è mark sunrise. Welcome back to channel welcome back to the rc vlog guys this might be, may possibly be the busiest day i’ve ever seen an action rc mikey b back there big things coming from mikey b in 2021, i already picked up an awesome pit, guy we’ll figure out What that is a little bit but check this out guys check this out. Look at this people, rc drivers everywhere, they’re all the way out there. This is just a club race guys. This is insane. We got spec slashes. We got some lcg slashes. We got a four wheel, drive slash, we got technos everywhere, let’s go take a look at these looks like someone brought, i know cliff brought his mini truck. The reason why i haven’t ran mine in a while is because i don’t have tires. You need tires like this waiting for my pro liner to come in. Oh guarda, ha che è, got teeth on it like that truck that’s. Awesome whole bunch of people over here, jonathan phelps race, with him all the time, this guy, just that guy. Just this that guy don’t worry about that guy walter that’s, his name shulkin walter, a whole bunch of people. Here we have some big name pros pitting in this area over here that guy right there got the red shirt. Brandon rose. Remember him! He is going to be huge, huge huge in 20, 20 21.

At the end of 2020. He was already making big podiums she’s, molto veloce, that’s melissa, Sono. Just joking she’s not fast. Look at this it’s freaking crazy out here, guys crazy let’s go back around this way. We met this gentleman at texplex. Last time we went there. Super nice guy, he’s running a typhon 3s let’s. Dai un'occhiata. Oh uomo che sembra buono. Che sembra buono. I love seeing cars like that out here, because it’s cool to see how rtr’s perform out here we got people pitting all the way out here again. Some people recording the spec slashes spec slashes everywhere today should be a nice, solido, Spec, barra, class jason ramsey. He was the one that wins whenever i’m, not here i’m going to beat him. Oggi, anche se, i don’t know he’s actually pretty fast. Here is the off road track. It’S super windy guys. So if uh you’re hearing a lot of wind, we are running short course, so that last video i posted where i ran my short course with the buggies that triggered some people, guys that triggered some short course drivers. They wanted to do it themselves, so we got a solid short course class today, um and they’re all here to beat me so we’ll see what happens. A couple of guys do have have what it takes to beat me here. I’M kind of scared, but we’ll see what happens all right, we’re going up on the driver’s stand, but y’all have already seen this but it’s kind of cool to see all the people here on the flower super fast.

He was going to kicked my butt last week and uh short court, slash e buggy there’s, mr pizza hustler working hard as usual, heinz mini z, champion. We got all different types of champions here today, all different types of champions off road track, turf track. Oh uomo, this is going to be awesome. Jason reedy owns next gen renovations, Musica. You like that see. I knew he was waiting for me to plug his stuff next generations. He he owns a construction company he’s doing some construction of my house at the moment. Cioè, joel nice guy whole bunch of cool people out today a whole bunch of drivers. This is the weekend after christmas. Guarda questo. This is just practice time, guys just practice time. Oh uomo, there goes another short course. Another short course just passed me looks like the short course is gon na be solid today, which is good because that’s all i brought, i didn’t want to run short course by the way i personally wanted to run e buggy, but everyone was like better bring. Your short course so i’m running short course and spec slash um yeah, so i’ll be honest guys. I have been toying with the idea of getting back in the nitro buggy here’s the thing it could cut into recording time that bothers me. I enjoy recording and exposing the hobby more than right, Guida, nitro rc auto, so kind of torn there there’s mikey b. di nuovo, that is a legend right there, guys a legend going on to the backside here.

I don’t know what that oh, look at this guys: that’s doug, yeah dog, Lui, awesome there’s a couple of techno guys awesome. He owns the track micah. Also another pro driver spencer klein is here spencer klein and his mom they’re right there. They just signed on with techno this guy right here. Let’S go on this side because he’s, a big old talker hold on we got to see this show him. Dude show it’s like it’s like he’s batman, Ragazzi, Sì, fantastico, scott stanley, man me and him go way back way way back. Where are your sleeves dude? This is why he’s never going to get an msm shirt because he gets him dude. That would be weird, actually he’s got the right to bear arms. This is the guy who called me on short course. It really bothered him. You bring your number two. Oh, questo è questo. Is the rc body armor guy? A proposito, did you bring your number two pencils? I did not bring my number two pencils all right. This is yours. This is your time to plug all your stuff right now, brent, really right now: ok, y’all need to know body armor for the wind, keep them bodies. Looking fresh and tight all year, long get twice the run time out of them still want to do the shugu and everything on the inside, but this really stops them edge back. We got kevlar stitch battery strap. Do you ever pop a strap before a race? And you missed your race because of a battery strap stop that with these i’ve got even more either oh, where we got and wait there’s more there’s top secret in here.

Coming out, we got the hatch pack. Oh, this is top secret guys top secret called the hatch patch you’re gon na put it in your radio trays and your battery trays and in between the motor and the chassis to stop those impact points to protect. Effettivamente, that probably helps a lot, because i do bus batteries by fashion, not least a lot of stuff. You want the protection of the kyoto tape without the hassle of it, without the price of it and half price we’re gon na i’m, still working on the second layer of adhesive for the back, but we’re gon na have neoprene esc mounts. I haven’t come up with a name for it yet, but that’s gon na be out early next year too nice and mechanical animals mechanical animals make sure you subscribe on youtube and facebook. I just got kicked off the team by the way you kicked yourself off the team. I asked you if you wanted it i’m, just making me look bad no mark, i told mark he always has a spot, whether he wants it or not. Sì, oh brandon. He’S got a whole bunch of good stuff. He’S got a whole bunch of new stuff. Coming out. He had this pit pod. I was excited about seeing maybe we’ll get a sneak peek at that later hold on. You want to see a picture. Oh we’re gon na we’re sneak peek picture it’s over there. I just haven’t picked it up.

Yet i figured that’s what it was. Oh, i can barely 12 foot of led lights around the top and better. They barely see it it’s gon. Na light up. Oh, i don’t think i can see it y’all see that guys i don’t know if you can see it, we’ll get a picture of it for your pet ever and it’s time to change the pits. I need one of those those actually look pretty cool. This is one of the ghetto pit pods. This is the cody. This is the cody cooper special right here from oklahoma bro. Questo è pazzesco. Guys chase just got here. Cioè, my boy, my f1 buddy he’s uh running specs last year, he’s the one with the pretty pink spec slash. Those two, ladies in front of him, are actually going to see my wife but it’s, going to be a crazy day, guys a crazy crazy day. We did drive the hoss. This is the ultimate house that i built. We did drive it on turf track just now. It it doesn’t turn uh. The tire is just so big it doesn’t turn i’m gon na drive it again on there. I didn’t bring my 3s battery, anche se, which is a little disappointing, but it’s fine with 2s. It can still clear everything, so we’ll drive it on there. I’Ll show you what it’s all about on the turf track, but it’s really hard to uh turn with it. Drivers meeting guys it’s packed look at this.

This is crazy part of getting us to this next it’s growing. So much all right, Ragazzi, we’re gon na get some laps with mr brandon rose and and on some rankings, he’s ranked number eight in the world. This guy legit this card right there that’s mr billy tylaska that’s, mr nemo racing holding his car, get warmed up. We got the legend mike patel next to us, he probably won’t win. Effettivamente, he won’t because b rose is in this one. How do you feel about that mike Music i’m, just messing with him good drivers in this one? We got micah austin hunter hunter’s, the one that beat me and e buggy. Last weekend we got robbie darby thomas lots of good races in this one. I did get approval from mikey, b and brandon to be up here right, mikey b, see brandon was cool with it, brandon’s cooled it so for you guys on the uh that are watching that get mad about. Oh, these are so disrespectful. I got approval they’re cool with it. This is actually good practice for my brandon rose because he’s always in the limelight and uh he’s gon na see what it’s all about when a whole bunch of people are watching so let’s see his car is blue and white. It’S right over here, brandon roadyou got ta check, oh in silent check in so silent check in is whenever your cars are supposed to be off, and then your pit guy walks your car across the starting line.

Um these guys that have their cars on aren’t. Doing it right that guy has his car on mikey b, supposed to be selling chicken. ok, now it’s good! So now see now they’re firing brendan rose’s car up mikey b, he’s driving. I don’t know what he’s driving right now i don’t even know if he’s allowed to tell me what he’s driving right now that’s, the weird part: ok, there’s brandon road right here. This is just warm up by the way guys i’ll get some of the races. Oh, this corner is so tight. Musica. Oh rolls it all right, guys we’re gon na, let it kind of shake out. Let him get his nerves out. We’Re gon na get probably the middle of his qual, where he’s in the zone and we’ll see what it looks like everyone’s coming in for pits now for some fuel, all their cars should be able to do seven and a half brandon’s getting called in for fuel. Oh brendan, is he gon na make? It is the question Music? Oh, he is gon na make it here. He comes ryan that’s, a good guy, now he’s doing some pit work for mr brandon rose. These are world class drivers here, Ragazzi, ok, i’m gon na shut up and let them drive all right guys, stiamo parlando di 30 seconds in there’s, brandon rose. So what you’ll see and why he’s so much faster than anybody else, is one he’s carrying so much corner speed and look how tight he is on these corners.

Oh, i cannot hug the hug the pipe like that it’s just it doesn’t work for me, perfect lap. Here see how he landed elon, you carry more speed that way whenever you land hug in the corners when you’re hugging the corners like that you’re actually traveling a shorter distance than everybody else, and when you’re hugging corners like that and you’re moving faster than everybody else Around the corner that’s the secret sauce right, there landed a little flat there, but he didn’t lose much time that car in front of him is hunter le flower he’s, the one who won last weekend so we’ll see how fast he catches up the hunter it’s. Strano, anche se, watching these guys, it doesn’t look like they’re going much faster, but did you see how fast he just caught up to under the flower, unreal it’s, because they’re carrying so much more corner speed me, i don’t carry corner feet at all. It almost sounds like his car could go even faster down the strait. Brandon’S, not he’s, only doing whip. So when i say whips it’s, when you kind of move your your wheels in mid air he’s, only doing that when he needs to which is another sign of a a good experience, autista, see connor, let him go just either hunter or thomas, both of which run Here often, whenever you recognize someone faster behind you, you typically let them go, which that yellow card did it correctly. Applausi, Oddio, look how tight he is around the corners.

Get up. Let’S get a lap with mikey b. Oh see that guy let like brandon rose. Go mikey b down the straight we’re gon na transition over to mikey b here mike mattel. He is, when i say, he’s a legend. He really is. He was, he was the guy back in the day like when i got in, he was the brandon rose mike mike wittel has won at the dirt nitro challenge, which their nitro challenge is the largest a skill race in the world. Effettivamente, he’s won there. He is a nitro revo champion, but he does not hug a tight corner. Do you see how wide he went there? That was weak? Oh, è, trying now he knows he knows we’re recording him. So vedere. He only uses the uh the wheel wobble in midair when he needs to Music great racing right now. Little wide there mike i better, tighten that up bud let’s see he went white here last time, let’s see if he adjusts. He does that’s a good one. Sorry on track right now: oh man see that was see it’s just his corners are tight Music we’re going to try. Oh we’ll get the end of mikey b’s lap here see if he adjusts to hug the corner better here, yep see he hugged it there. He went a little wide last time. Here’S brendan rose again in the blue and white. Oh perfect, perfect landing carried so much feet on that landing.

There you go front wheel. Prima, perfetto: it doesn’t look it, but i can assure you they are going way faster than most of these guys on track. We’Ll actually go and look at the times here. In a second, oh got a little loose. There see those little the little loose wobbles like that. That actually costs that little bit of time that you need to win at the level that these guys race at the car in front of brennan rose, is micah smith he’s also fast, but see see that respect. That is the difference between racing and sportsman and sometimes in open and pro they just have so much track awareness, micah smith, let brennan rose, go that’s why you should run which people are going to be mad at me when i say this because i run open, You should run in the higher classes because you get that kind of respect and you actually go a little bit faster. Oh, what a beautiful beautiful race he hasn’t made a single mistake: um, maybe the worst he’s made was not landing perfect, which didn’t cost him any time. We’Re gon na go check the sheets. I don’t know if he’s done yet, but we’re gon na go check. The sheets let’s see where we’re at peter hunter see brendan rose. Is your heat winner, that’s looking for mason lay out there right now we got brandon rose hunker winner with a 13 502. four seconds up on the flower and the two five seconds upon hitting in the three seconds back.

Oddio, guys so fast. Bene, that’s a wrap guys we’re gon na close this video out i’m gon na go out here check this out. This is the bike track. I brought my haas, but i forgot to tank 3s batteries, so i’m gon na see how 2s bashing is. First before i start recording it if it’s cool, then i’ll record it, but if it’s kind of just lame, i won’t do it so anyways.