What I am doing is I just purchased a car alarm system and I am going to install it for one of my friend on his Toyota Corolla 2001. So I will give maximum information. What I do I could to install such a system on a vehicle hope. This three part video will have people who are going to install a remote control lock system on their car. This is not very difficult, as people are thinking this simple process, but only a little understanding is required to accomplish the job with success. It is a little alarm system for the car other words over this locking remote control system, not alarm. So we are going to install this before installation on table. We are going to test it I’m, going to show you how to do it, how to test it and how to install it, as is the wiring, is a little bit confusing, but it is really easy. People have made it very, very much confusing. Oh no, now how to do it, so we are going to install it and first we are going to test it on the table. So here this remote controllerand here is some accessories you can see. These are the motor actuators which are going to the tours and whatsoever the trunk. So these are the motor actuators. They will be installed on the doors I’m going to show you a little while after idle. Why so here is the main electronic unit, which is the remote control? Naturalmente,, ricevitore? And here you can see the Quarian technology it had been written and some code is there.

This is the code which is for the identification of the remote control radio code. Somethingand here is this unit, and here is of course, these few terminals or pins. You can see this one is a connector, the female, and these are the mill, and this will go in some way like this, like that one I just opened it the cover I’m going to show you why I did so here is the little diagram or schematic Or whatsoever they have been given a wiring diagram, so I’m going to show you something is clear. Something is confusing. Everything is not clear on this. This is same unit actually so here first, we have to start it from the battery battery. Le 12 volt is going through the fuse to the red as it is written and the negative, Naturalmente,, which is going this vehicle ground, and this is coming to the black. So here are two wires which are red and black, which are here in my hand. These two, so they are clear, one will be positive, the red one and the negative will be the black one, Naturalmente,. So the next is what’s over this purple wire. So purple wire is one here you can see and purple wire have is having some sort of the shrinking slew on, and here two wires are coming off of this purple. I am going to explain why these two wires, because you can see these this purpleis going to the parking light.

Come sapete, in the vehicle there are two parking lights, one is on the left side and the other is on the right side. Effettivamente, there are more than four six something like that, but main are left and right. So these are two are for the left and right and what I am suspecting is from here the unit the one wire is coming and there will be two diodes which are actually in they are not combined over here. The energy can go from here, but cannot be returned to the backward. So that is why they put these two diodes. They are important and this one is the purple wire had been finished, è. ok. Now we explained this, and next is the orange. Come potete vedere, here is the orange, but this is not actually this wire. This is bad wear it on. It should be written something pink as I can see the pink wire or here you can feel the difference in these two words here is the orange, and here is the pink in my hand, so this pink wire is going to the trunk. It is a trunk, so this pink wire is going to the trunk. Questo va bene, it will go to the trunk trunk, actuator actually and then four six wires. These are the six wires or inch white, yellow orange black white black yellow black. These are the six wires which are over here, Naturalmente,, for here these six wires.

They are not explained properly. Something is written, lockunlock central indoor flock wiring, so maybe it will be on the central lock unit, but as we have, we don’t have a central lock unit. Invece, we have curved which have no wiring in node door, actuators, niente. We are going to install them. So for this purpose this only this here, it is enough to do the trick and here of the two remotes just one and the second one is also there some way like this. These two are that are more, which have been come with this unit, so in a little while I’m going go to explain and will power it up and will show you here. This unit is mi. 555. 555. You can see the central door, locking system yeah some other wires, a bundle of wire you can see, and these actuators five actuators. Actually they have gone to us. Some sort of these are the situating whatsoever. These labor, you can say or whatsoever these wires metal wires. We will be fixed, were here like this and we will let you through the actuator, will actuate this wire and they will be connected to the door, locking system, locking and unlocking system. I will show you on the vehicle how to do it and then this actuator – Effettivamente, this is a motor or here is the motor, and here is a gearing system. Quindi questo, as you can see these two wires, these are to our unit.

Actually so the hair is a DC motor and the actuator is excavating way, some way like this out and n, so it is situating the lock and these this motor. Effettivamente, while you are going to energize by DC power, I am going to energize this motor in front of you. You will understand the function, how it is doing so now, as you can see here just in the clear way. I have to show you how to do it positive negative. So now it is going in so I will reverse the power now it is going out. There is a spring action. It is reiterating inside like this, so this is the way I just actuate it with a 9 volt power, and now I am going to proceed with a wiring, quindi qui, as you can see these wires, these were so. I will go to solve the matter. The problem of these wires, as you can see inside the unit that I am opening it and we wanted to understand and give you understanding as well, I never to release the black relays. They are for the door and the other relays are, of course one for the are trunk and the other one, viceversa, or whatsoever, one for the parking lights and one for the trunk. So here these two black relays, they have five terminal. Actually so true or the coil, these three are one is normally closed and the other is normally opened this one here again many closed and normally open.

So what we will do is these two wires normally closed and normally closed. We will connect them to the negative supply here. We are going to connect our unit to the power here, as this is coming from the adapter and then what adapter I am going to connect this unit to the power is two wires two wires actually, which are for the power. The unit power we are going to connect negativethis is the outer, so outside the negative. The inside is a positive. I am going to put it in so now. The unit is powered already powered and I am going to operate this with a help of this remote control. With this remote control, if I’m operating, you can listen the clicking of the relay as well as if I will connect a lamp over here to whatever this parking light, this parking light. If I will connect a lamp, you will see the lamp also. So here is a positive with a parking light it is coming. So here is my positive, which is the purple wire. The negative is on the adapter, and so you can see this power light this with a dark opening and closing this light is indicating – e qui, if I will do it, and here also or the trunk, it is not actuated with the unlock and lock its actuated With unlock, it is actuate in two times with a lock, it is actuated in one time now we are coming to the door wiring so over the door wearing.

Effettivamente, these two white wires, which are the central pole of these relays Center, is this relational pole. These relays, which are these two wires, which are white, we are going to connect one actuator, my next waiter, one put one wire and the other wire we are going to connect with the same way to the other wire and, Naturalmente,, Qui. This wire, which is two orange wires, we will go to connect to the ground and then the yellow wires, two yellow wires. We will connect together and will connect it to the positive and, Naturalmente,, for the indication I will have to connect this small lamp as well. So now you will see actuated this actuator, so this actuator is over here actually difficult to show on camera. Wiring is very, very much loose, see so now it’s open now the close now open, now close, open and close. So this is what is a procedure? How to connect this wiring? The main thing is: you have to understand these two wires, which are orange. This will together they will go to the negative supply, negative 12 volt and the orange wires. They will go together, the yellow wires. They will go together to the positive supply. This is what is the trick to understand so by this way and of course, these two power wires, which are red and black, they will go to the power right to the positive battery and the black to the negative.

So this is the trick which must be understand to do the function properly. ora, as you, the actuator is actuated. So by this way we will connect it in the car and they have given me one other unit, this one and bunch of wire and the wire works over this connector they are of no use. I will not use these. I will not use this one, because this is of knowledge. Invece, I will throw it away and this main unit I will use in the car. I will show you how to wire each and everything and the car as well. Thank you for watching keep on watching stay tuned, stay tuned for the part 2 and please don’t make negative comments. People are making negative comments with the watercolours this and that so many things people are doing so that’s, something not good. If one, how good understanding he can make you on a negative comment, I will listen it and I will see it, but problem is so many people which I am looking at. Their channel have no video zero video upload and they are even making negative comments. This is something not good.