I hope you have followed the series because there’s been some crazy custom. Stuff on this table has already been unboxed and if you haven’t seen it go back and watch it because yo there’s some proper one off rare, are other rare stuff on here. Okay kind of, like you might noticed, I’ve gone Toit’s X, my body’s, not that really odd towards them I’m trying to convert them to the mini Z Sassy’s. So you know I love my police car guys and I, like the chevrolet caprice that’s. Why something a bit more modern? Looking if you’ve been following and the channel, you would have known that I have gon na modded some police cars up I’m gon na give you a sneak peek, not a proper one though, e si sa, let me show you what I’ve gone into now like this. Is pre owned that’s? What the shell really guys? So this is the X mod transfer. The barricade police car yeah is the 2007 Saleen Mustang yeah. Va bene, I bought the shop I here. If you know me, I hear all the 27 mega hair stuff all kind of business, with a vengeance, more interesting going too many Z’s guys, sorry into into xmod cars. But I did like the fact that they have police crap. The wheelbase seems a little bit longer. Then stuff I’m used to okay, never going to xmod stuff guys. I don’t like the aerial so it’s running after your cars and all that kind of luck, so almost got a bit weight to it right, Cioè, 30, more I’m, not interested in doing a burn.

Unboxing yeah, Ma è, abbastanza semplice, pretty primitive, but the thing I really hate guys is the fact that you’ve got to have an aerial sticking out your car, which kind of kills the realism right. Pretty simple car, not even for a police car there’s, not many decals. Su di esso, that is the bane of my life, I hear that are sticking out of the car, especially because I do like riffs with street raised beds. Can’T have that sticking at my car. I wanted to look as real as possible, guys and that’s what’s gon na kill off everything. Oh, questo è, quite a long wheelbase whoa it’s, hundreds that’s crazy. You know so a bit of a different police car I’m gon na decal that out a bit more because I like to have my police cars. Looking like police cars, can you put the lights in the roof? You better be able to so quite a similar design to minis ease back trees, go into the bottom they’re almost here this lot, both there isn’t kind of like it in here. Oh you press this down. You know I’m, always so worried about breaking stuff. Those soldier wreck it Ralph and today I’m, having an exceptionally clumsy day. ok, easy I’m bothered loyalty to you right. You know I’m trying to do this, like a mini Z, Sono, trying to pull the signs out and get it off, but you’re not. I mean easy. I’Ve got ta, get my head around that be alright.

ok, ok, look one of these right! You push this tub back. Pull the car forward. Come on you little beggar! There you go right, then it’s lights out, okay right, so there is some kind of a light. Oh, you can fit lights on the top, also it’s, similar to the mini Z, police car you can’t fit likes to the top. The light bar is not very impressive, but it’ll do so. ok, similar to many Z’s, has the mount of the front, but it’s lost in to the back via KC sort of bracket. So the shells that slice in to the bracket here that’s how it’s held in place, which is odd because put mini Z’s, we can’t we’re gon nahave to change that around there’s a crystals I hate so that’s not running on 2.4 gigahertz s emission. If we drive in a few cars together, because you can get interference, they can cut out really easily as well. It’S got some good weight to it, not much suspension action, but it seems quite solid compact. It feels like you’d have good handling. I don’t know so feel you can feel it. It’S got a bit of resistance and the more of science seems pretty similar to the mini Z, long wheelbase, at though so any other. I was only after the shop that’s long that’s long what’s gon na fit in there and I’m gon na give a sneak peak yeah, not a proper one.

Cuz you’ve got what’s the top of it right. You’Ve seen my McLaren anyway, but I’ve really kid it out. With loads more decals, so you guys know me a proper tight but always watch the proper vid way see in its full glory, and this is what a lot of people have been asking about. So this is the Mazda 787b and yep. This has been kitted out as well. This is my Japanese supercar police car I’ll, be using in my vids and as mentioned, the light bar is on the spoiler okay that’s. All you getting then a custom one off cars, ok, because I’ve obviously done that myself right check this place done guys get subscribed, get notified and be ready because there’s much more craziness to come. You don’t wan na miss it okay, Ragazzi, ok, Ragazzi! So here we’ve got something you probably weren’t expecting to see on my channel ex mods. So ya know I’m not crossing over Oakland Bay into X months. But I love my police cars and I thought I’d like to have a bit more of a modern police car. I’Ve got my supercar police cars, whooshing, worried and thrilled about my Mazda 787b I’m on McLaren 12c, but you can’t have enough police cars. So I saw that and I thought that would ex mods are the same freaky kind of dimensions as many Z’s. So I probably could get mini z under that she’ll saying that that wheelbase looks long, it looks it looks longer than 98.

Might just be me, but it looks long so gon na have to look into what kind of a car I can get under there. I do like the police cars to drift. Just look so much cooler when you doing of it so and that’s a bit plain for my liking. I think I’ll put a few more decals on I’m, not gon na care come on, Ma è, just like it’s the obvious that that’s a police car. Where is that one police sign not really doing it for me so yeah, so I might just touch it up. A little bit make it my own and find a way to get rid of that bad bit, that slots into the mini ex months, so yep but yeah. So this is basically the transformer versions of the ex months even ocean. This is the barricade 2007 Saleen, Mustang and yeah. I mean I’ve got a few excellent shells, Ma sì, so I think they release this, as they were doing like a transformer kind of series elects mods, so that boom will be car. I have this one and with next mods you can then, supposing a custom chewing your card, Si può, Sai, affect the speed, la potenza, the talk, the overall performance. You can get more to upgrade your forms and you can get all these different kits and frequency. Six figures again: yeah well, Sono, non è. A lot of guys do is take the motherboard and receiver from the mini z and put it into a next mod car and they’re they’re solid.

They feel, come sapete, museu is pretty like they’re solid. I mean I don’t know if that’s a disadvantage, because the heifer I have it comes to racing, but they feel like a quality bit of kick. But I hear all that 27 megahertz business man no way am I going back to that so yeah. So in this car you could prepare for battle, so where the headlights I’d, you could stick in some weapons like like little arms, have robot what kind of thing so yeah and then you could smash. Cercando, I see friends so yeah that’s, basically it this one does not transform into a robot. I was thinking I’ll go to pull that off yeah. No, non lo fa. I think it was following the same kind of theme that they were using in the movie. So I know this is still quite expensive. I only saw them in America. I was happily surprised to see one in the UK and I thought well, let me get a hold of that one and it was half the price of what they are in America, which I was even more happy about. So if I can get something to fit under there, I’m chuffed I’m happy but that’s the mission guys so I’m thinking it’s about I’m hope, I’m wrong anyway. Bene, this Civic is 98. This have a quick look. Bene, it might be a 98. So look at the coolers round where the foot meal that ended upoh right, it just looks long.

Penso che sia, quite a narrow car, Va bene! Bene, Sono. Happy about that! That means I can drift it as well that’s, so cool ready, yeah it’s narrow, so it just looks really long, but I am glad I am wrong. Awesome awesome. It can be used. That’S awesome right guys, restate sintonizzati, look out for the rest bits more coming up and you’re gon na see some of these bad boys starring in their race bits. You need to be subscribed and not if I was ever on this out and as a special bonus. Sono, giving you guys a sneak peek at my McLaren and my Mazda 787b police car. Ero gon na. Fallo. I thought I’d just show you guys, but within the bags, but you know what no they need to be seen on the nice. So how about them not about boys cause, are beautiful and get yourself notified, guys didn’t wait to listen running in bed.