Thank you guys for the 642 subscribers let’s see if we can get up up up up there. So now we’re going to open up this box and we’ll see what’s inside this is eighty seal. F, K, p, thirty, seven and the door is open. The engine’s there so gorgeous this is by rastar and batteries. Batterie. Double a’s operation guide caution on your warning. Signs let’s hit this scale. 1 14th rc car lamborghini sean opened now see it did have these little plastic things around the door to close them and stuff. Così ora, we’re gon na have to do is these little twisties. This comes right out of the box, goodbye, È bellissimo, ok! Bene, we need to get the remotes free and once that all right guys, this is the vinyl green asian, fkp, 37 rc car by rastar. The doors stay open, so you can kind of look in and see they have. An orange online is where i found it: Risate musicali, Music is the newer controllers. This one is super light and has no linten on the top, so it’s all kind of like satellite, and it does take batteries as well. Like the um. This car takes a total of one two, three four, five double a batteries and the controller takes two double a batteries, quindi cerchiamo di. First one is post this one. You just slide back now. You can turn the on switch in which those will blink now turn on.

The controller so once you get the batteries in the right way and what’s cool is your lock mechanism on here and you can use like a pair of scissors or like if you have a coin or something you can turn it to lock it and then the Lights will stop blinking, as you saw on the previous video, and now i don’t know. If the i guess, the doors kind of manually open, c'è, No, no button on the doors for this one. So you just manually, farlo da soli? So i guess when you want to use it just to look at it, you can open it up yourself and just close it like that.