Tuttavia, ti piace questo è un CCO uno in esecuzione semplicemente su una batteria lipo a due celle un servo impermeabile bue unguento, a spectrum receiver that's. Impermeabile anche il mio unico tizio dell'esercito solitario che stava dirigendo l'intero progetto, mancia uno freddo per voi ragazzi. Eccoci la RC quattro ruote, drive bivouac tent trailer. My Unimog was the first to pull it actually, not so bad heavier than my Unimog, but that's because of the tub style chassis. These kind of trucks, aren't really meant to be heavy, and you can see it pulled it really well, even up the hills with some slippery dirt, not a big deal guys if you liked today's episode and you want to follow along on more rcadventures i'm, always working Hard to keep you entertained go ahead. Click that subscribe button. Maybe I even earned a light click from you.