I have another unboxing today: it’s the red cat thunder drift uh a 110 Scala, uh electric drift car uh. This one specifically comes with a 540 22 turn motor uh, so decent speed, Uh 40 amp brush dsc um. You know just generic uh, which uh you know. I do plan on upgrading this down the line, but right now i’ll enjoy it stock and something i’m trying to learn to do um standard servo. Penso che sia uh, probabilmente un 10 Kg 15 tops. But here you go 10 Scala. This comes with a 2 000 milliamp nim battery with banana connectors uh 7.2 Volt. È a quattro ruote motrici, but what is different about this one is that it’s belt drive so it’s supposed to reduce the gear. Slop uh that you get out of shaft uh shaft drive um, you know so i’m new to rc uh new to drift rc’s, and i want to give a shout out to jordan. Uh we’ve got uh plenty of great chats about drifting and he definitely got this in my mind. So i decided to pick one of these up and i did go with this uh. I do like the body, it kind of looks like a generic newer, camaro let’s. Take a look at the rest of the box, so everything is included uh. This is true ready to run uh, with the exception of four double a batteries for the transmitter, um but it’s cool, because they do give you a charger and they do give you the um the battery um.

So i guess they show some additional accessories um. I pick up these guys from aliexpress a set for like four or five bucks. Pretty cool they’re, just like the hex adapters that go behind, makes it look like you have disc brakes, um tunable suspension, something i am curious about is what other upgrades they have. I might want to look for metal components to upgrade the steering because of to reduce a slop as well, but plastic drift tires so i’m going to start getting this thing opened up and again thanks for watching, i lost audio so i’m going to have to do Some voice over but i’m, basically just cutting the box open and it did come very nicely packed. It came in a brown carton. I got this from rcplanet.com and i ordered it from them because they don’t charge sales tax for california. Purchases which you know saves us. A good chunk of change got this for 169.99, so the rc felt loose. It was rolling around in the box. The little twist ties seem to have gotten undone, but what’s great is the rc came with that plastic film and i love it when the bodies come with the plastic protective film to keep it nice. But there are the twist ties that came loose, but everything was secure and nothing broken, which i’m happy about just the manual not too much to go into here’s the transmitter and accessories box. It does come with a fly sky, trasmettitore gt2, so red red cats, Uh.

Pretty solid because they use value uh components to reduce the costs and they’re a nice balance between you know the bigger brands and uh the cheaper china, rc uh companies that can be hit or miss. You definitely don’t get the quality and service from them. As you would redcat so redcat um is a nice uh little in between um, this being a ready to run it’s cool, so here’s the charger uh. It comes with um to go with the nim um 7.2 volt battery banana connector. Quindi tenetelo a mente. Quindi di nuovo, that cool plastic film is there and nice that little mirror came loose, che va bene, it’s just held together by uh. Double sided: nastro adesivo, not such a bad thing, Uh, considering if you have any impacts, nothing’s gon na break or snap, but my audio is about to come on so we’ll get back to it. I think it is supposed to be like a camaro and i thought the box uh. I thought these were accessories. You had to purchase from the box, but apparently it comes with it. So that’s actually really cool um here’s the drift tires. We’Ll get this body off. So i am very pleased so far um. That body is really cool. It even has the plastic hard windshield wipers mirrors the spoiler wing on the back. Um feels pretty good, ed ecco ci siamo – and this is the good stuff and battery comes with the warning.

The zip tied on the battery itself right here, let’s get that pulled out. ok, quindi è. In realtà un 2100 milliamp 7.2 nim battery. I think the box and the website says 2000. So you get a little bit more run time out of it, che è piuttosto cool. Um most of my batteries, i actually run on dean’s plug, which are also t plug, so i actually picked up these uh adapters banana to deans, so i could run my lipos on them, so i do recommend these. I think i got them on amazon for like five bucks for these two. I know you can make your own, but this is something i felt was worth it and then, se, if the stock connectors ever come with this, i typically buy an adapter like this. Just so i can use my standard batteries, but to get to what makes this drift uh car a little bit different or uh specific to drift is it’s actually belt driven. È a quattro ruote: drive belt, Guida, um, so that’s pretty cool and again i don’t have much experience with the drift, but this is supposed to reduce the gear slop and make the power delivery more smooth, but future upgrades. This is like the box said. 540. 22 turn brushed motor and i hear for drift there’s no issues with brush motors, because the the power delivery is consistent. You know from watching my other videos. I often do motor upgrades and i’ll go brushless, but some research i did about the drift rc’s is that if you go brushless, you do want to run a censored brush system so that you don’t have the cogging effect that you would get from a standard or A non sensored brushed motor, so i’ll leave this in stock form for a while and practice and try to get good at it before i try to do any major modifications, but i will do some research to see if i can find some steering upgrades, maybe some Metal parts to reduce the tolerance and make it uh more precise, but i’m excited to get this out and thanks for watching.

So there were a couple things i forgot to mention so sorry to take some more time you can see. These are full metal, oil filled shocks, which is actually a very nice touch. Usually the uh they’ll have metal, uh caps, but plastic bodies, so that’s pretty cool and uh. They are filled so that’s, nice and you know, they’re adjustable for ride height and and spring tension. Uh, i guess that’d be preload um, but you can always the great thing about oil filled shocks is you can always adjust it uh also with different weight oils for preference, but i you know i’m going to run this thing stock and an another cool thing. Is this car is supposed to be a full ball bearing so i do see a set of ball bearings right here on the on the spur gear belt drive and i believe the wheels should be too so once i take those out, i think it’ll be cool, But i wanted to add again it’s pretty cool that the accessories uh came on here, meaning the kind of simulated, calipers and brake discs, and you know i think, it’s a sticker but it’s a nice touch that it’s there and they have molded uh. They said the molded calipers on there, and these are kind of like a nice finished. Uh plastic wheel, um, you know a little gun, gun metal finish makes it look. Nice do see and here’s the shot of the receiver um.

They did put a red cat sticker on it, but essentially it’s. It is a fly sky, um receiver. So you should be able to bind that to anything. You have also and something to note that the motor clearance is uh, pretty tight. I guess they got it. How they wanted it? So if you do want to increase the motor length, you would have to relocate the the receiver, ma la cosa bella è: you can see that there’s actually room for a bigger diameter motor, so they did leave that available, che è piuttosto cool. Ma ancora una volta, i think the biggest thing i might try first is: i might go to a 550 12 turn or 10 Girare, because i do have the that spares of those in my box, but i probably won’t go brushless till i look into a censored system, but I do like to finish on this check that out even the uh little antenna tube is this aluminum metal piece, so it’s got nice touches. I think the only thing like i mentioned i’m gon na try to look into to improve um are the is the steering and just to reduce any of this play like you see and get it more precise.