I wasn’t sure if i could program this without one of the original remotes, but figured i’d, give it a shot once you get the fob just go to their website and look up the instructions for your particular vehicle. It took me about five tries since i was going through the steps too fast, but once i slowed down a bit, it went right through took about six minutes total much better than paying the dollar 100 plus dollars. The dealership wanted. Color is a weird gray, olive green instead of the picture black picked up, this replacement and it works great, took a couple of attempts to program, but i think this was more related to user error than product error when they say to complete the steps quickly, they Mean it, the instructions were clear. You just need to work through the steps quickly to program it once it was programmed. It works great and three months later it still works great. I got just one and in hindsight i should have got the two pack for dollar. Ten more, i would suggest getting two of them, so you have s. Spare programming was a little tricky, but not impossible. I programmed my 2003 acura mdx antenna. 15 minutes smile, follow the instructions on the card and try to keep the remote close to the mileage display. Dashboard while pressing the lock button smile, the remote control for my acura mdx was identical to the original, and the programming instructions were easy to follow.

It works perfectly. It is working great. The programming was easy. I was programming it with two old fob. When i first saw the instruction i was scared programming one fob would erase all existing fobs Music, so i had to program the new fob n1 with two existing fobs. 01 o2. The instruction looked too simple, but worked fine. This is what i did: zero get in the mdx driving seat insert the key into ignition switch. The ignition switch is in zero position. 1. turn the ignition to 2 2 position without starting the engine within a second push, the lock button of n1 and release.