Today we are reviewing the armor sentin four wheel, drive RC car lets get into it. ok – and I just want to point out first that everything Im saying in this all the things that I dont like about the car and I do like about the car is my opinion. So if you dont like what I say or anything its just what I think so I mean if you like it, thats good for you, but now if we get were gon na start. So if we get to the remote right here, um were gon na start with the back. So it says like its like the speed dial right here. So if you like its 50 70 E 100 Come 100, E poi, if we get here, it says um its like the backwards and forwards thing if you want to go its like this is what it is when you get it its like forwards and backwards. If you can switch it to go forwards and then the backwards that way and then on here is like the same thing, but with the steering. So if this is left and thats right, then this is left and thats right and theres the on button right here now on the front, the steering trim is right there. That is a cruise control setting that you can put on, and then that is another speed thing and then you can put the batteries on the bottom and with that button right, there Im not actually sure what that does, because I mean I dont know now.

If we get onto the car, you have a blue and white body, which is the color I got you can get black or red. Se vuoi – because I mean I dont know where you live, so you may have different color choices, but those are the choices for me when I was getting the car I mean it says scented on this side. It says 4×4 lì sopra. It says Arma there and then it has these sticker headlights in the front wish they were real, sad that theyre not Arma. It says it has headlights in the back too and if youre wondering those stickers on the back, I put those on there, so they dont come with the car and then it says right there, original armor, armor motor works. ok. Così ora, if we get to the actual car right here, you have the battery, it is a speed pack, 3300, seven cell hump NIMH 8.4 batteria volt. It makes the car go about 30 miles per hour because when I used it for the first time I actually used a speed thing and thats exactly the speed. It went and thats what it says. It goes on the box, so at least they dont lie about anything. ok. ora, if we get onto the actual car, the motor is right here. Si tratta di un 12 turn Arma motor, and then these are the straps for the battery to just sit in there. So it doesnt fall out and right here is the transmitter, its a very big transmitter, Cioè, where you turn it on right.

There theres another part of the transmitter. This is the connector that connects to the battery right there and now, if we get to the wheels you have nice vented rims with two inch tires, you have black Springs covering the shocks. You have a a pretty small bumper for one of these RC cars, but then you have a way bigger one in the back and then same thing on the back with the shocks and all that, and then you have this part right here, which the body goes On to this, if we turn around here, um right here is where the uh, like the steering thing is and right here is where, like the um, the thing turns to make the wheels move and stuff with the motor and all that on the bottom. This is one of my complaints with the car. I wish there wasnt so much plastic on everything because its its about 90 plastic on this car, as you can see the whole entire chassis plastic, all that plastic thats plastic, ma comunque, its like these things. I actually like these things because they help the car not roll over as much because if it goes on its side, it will actually help it flip back over and also this right here. It is very protective if you run into things my friend was actually using this on my other RC car. Let me get it so this is my other one on this one.

My friend was using it and he hit the bottom of the wheel and it snappedand I am taking both of these cars to the track and I am Im getting that one repaired tomorrow. So thats a good thing about that and then anyways so another complaint. I have with this car is about how long the battery life is. Per me, Ho, with the charger I have the one I bought, that makes, is supposed to make it go faster. It actually didnt end up working because the worker lied to us about it. Working and all that, because the year we had it, they stopped making the ones that worked for that battery like the Chargers and stuff. So we had to use the battery that came with the car and that takes about six to 12 hours to charge. So it takes about a full night to charge, and then it only lasts about an hour on battery life, which is super bad Im, hoping it lasts a lot longer on the track, but another another upside to this car is the durability, because I have flipped this Thing many many times and I was actually driving this in the snow and it got a bunch of water out of in here and it I mean obviously, all this stuffs waterproof because I mean if it wasnt it wouldnt work right. But I mean like with this right here: this is what snapped on that car.

So I wish these were metal just so they wouldnt snap as easily, because my friend he drove this part onto the bottom, which pulled the wheel like that and it snapped this. So I really hope this doesnt happen with this car like dont, tell anyone, but my friend hes, not a very good driver, literally he hit my other friend in the legs and yeah. Dont know why Im saying this, but yeah anyway, guys that is it for this video hope you enjoyed. I will be doing a review video on that car. Once I get it repaired and also I will be doing a video one where Im at the track. So stay tuned for that video like And subscribe guys, please Im trying to hit a hundred subscribers even 10. I dont care. I just want some subscribers.