Welcome back to the workshop this week i was going to work on our max project phase two where i put on the wide max kit. I even got the sledgehammer tires where it that’s gon na be really cool but uh. Even if i finish up the build it’s been snowing out, so i can’t even go drive it. So i figured why don’t i look for something else and then i remembered i got the deep tracks in for the track set that we reviewed a while back and i think it’s gon na look really cool on our ultimate trx4 build. So i have everything over here on the bench: let’s go see what we’re gon na do in this video, quindi ecco. What we’re working with i’ve got the ultimate trx4 build back out on the bench. This rig came out so sick. I just love the way. This looks if you haven’t seen this project series i’m gon na put a playlist at the end of this. Video definitely check it out highly recommend it then over here, we’ve got the track set. I have already reviewed this as well. I’Ll put a card up above to the review um, but when i was done with the review, i put the tracks back in the box, they’re they’re great first, the box is great for storage uh, so it’s just been kind of sitting waiting for winter now is The time to use it, it’s got to go on our trx4, build it’s, going to look really cool, but the big deal here is kind of these aftermarket parts that are available for the track set.

So we are going to install the deep terrain tracks. These look really awesome. They’Ve got a really tall paddle on there, we’re just ripping through snow and then, while i was looking through the option parts for the track set, i found this stuff. This is the cap set for the end of the tracks here. It replaces the composite cap and then over here, i’ve got the aluminum gtr set hard coated, gtr shock set, and that replaces the composite shocks and then i saw they have optional springs for the shocks, so i got those as well. These are the tan springs, and these are a little bit firmer than the springs that come on the track set. I figured since our trx4. It has a bit more weight than the the stock tier x4. A firmer spring would probably be better for that. Quindi quello che ho intenzione di fare in questo momento è che sono, going to pull everything out of the box and just start assembling it and we’ll see how it looks when it’s all together and i’ll. Let you know, if there’s any tips that you need to know for installing this stuff along the way now it’s time for me to get to work: Musica, Musica, Musica, Musica, Musica, Music check this thing out. Doesn’T this thing look: wild i’ve got our ultimate trx4 build converted over to a track vehicle and this thing looks absolutely wild. I love the way it looked before, but now with these tracks on here it just looks so aggressive.

I can’t wait to go. Tear up some snow with it, but swapping everything out was pretty easy. I’Ve had experience with the tracks before, as i mentioned so bolting them on, was no problem and just a side note. They do fit just fine with the aftermarket aluminum carriers and everything that the portal covers uh. So if you had a question about that that answers that, but swapping the deep train tracks out was easy as well. All you have to do is remove one screw in the track and collapse the front arm and slide the old track off slide. The new track on just be aware of the direction, while you have everything apart, it’s a good idea to go and clean things up. If you need to and then double check that the tension arm is the right length that it’s supposed to be and then just put it all back together, it was fairly simple. I also went ahead and put the gtr dampers on there. The aluminum ones just be aware that there is a spacer in the rear shock when you’re assembling it and if you still have the instruction manual that came with your tracks. Kit it’ll show you where to put that, but i just took the shock: apart filled it up with oil, comes with oil. In the shock kit, i use those tan springs, which are a little bit firmer than the stock springs that come with the tracks and just bolted everything back together i mean everything fits where it’s supposed to with traxxas vehicles, so there’s really not a lot of hand.

Fitting, unless you’re doing something really custom with it, but if you’re sticking with traxxas parts again it all just bolts up, but after bolting everything on, i screwed these stub axle nuts in the aluminum ones. Those look really cool on there and they are available in different colors and then finally, as a reminder, make sure you’re aware of your gear ratio in there. If you’re gon na go run these in snow uh, they suggest that you change your gearing up and if you’re gon na run 3s, so definitely look at your tracks manual and use the suggested gearing in your vehicle. I actually changed mine up a little bit. I didn’t have the suggested 45 Dente, so i dropped a few teeth on my opinion. I’Ll just be aware of my temperatures as i’m out there driving it, but this thing looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun. It looks like a beast with the lights on, and especially with the uh, la ruota, well lights. It looks really awesome. I just stared at it for a while. Once it was done, it looks that cool all right time to head outside and tear up some snow i’ve been waiting for this for so long, Musica, Musica, Musica, Musica, Musica, Musica, Musica. These deep terrain tracks are pretty awesome. This thing just muscled through the snow, had plenty of traction, and i was just impressed with some of the stuff it was doing out there.

This trx4 that we built is a very cool rig. I have fun with it every time i drive it and you know with these new deep train tracks on there, it was awesome. I can’t wait to get out there in the snow again. My problem is, i burnt up the motor yeah. I couldn’t cheat the system by dropping the pinion down just a few teeth. I guess it really needs that pinion change and uh spur gear change as well so i’m going to order that up and the new motor. I was only running on 2s, but it was going through some pretty deep snow. It was about four inches three to half four inches out there, so it was plowing its way through the snow more than driving over the top of it. But still i was impressed with you know what it was able to crawl in snow. You know the light stuff, it kind of sunk down a bit, but it did motor its way through a lot of stuff, che è piuttosto cool. The snow did pack up in the tracks and kind of push them off a little bit. So you just got to be aware of that. If you see a track stop you have to stop and clear out the rollers, which you know understandable. Things happen out there, ma uh. This is a pretty cool setup, è, just totally different, totally wild and uh. You know i had fun with it again.

I don’t think the stock tracks could really handle that type of snow. So you know having these deep terrain tracks for for snow and mud is definitely awesome. If you have the tracks set up but uh, i can’t wait to get out there again.