We got different varieties so before you get burned out, don’t fight your throne, some need for speed, let’s roll out what’s up y’all. Welcome back to my channel and today, we’re going to be doing an unboxing on the s100 3.5 channel 2.4 g control helicopter. This is another small helicopter, but it’s a better brand than the last one i unboxed so let’s get to it all right. This is how it this is, how it looks when you open it all right, so let’s get everything out. The box. Okay comes with your manual. Your instruction manual is right here all right and then here we have some tools, a little screwdriver, so you can work on your helicopter. If you need to, we have the charger here: let’s plug it up to your computer and charge it up. So people go ahead and release that now get that ready for the charge. We have a spear propeller here. Keep that in the bed never know where you might need that Music. Okay, this one is zip tied, so we need a knife, some scissors for this. One Applause i’ll be back once i get this open all right now. Have it out the package and, as you can see, this baby is ready to be charged and fly so we’re gon na get our aaa batteries in here then we’re gon na charge. This up and we’ll be right back to see how this thing flies all right, all right, i’m, back youtube.

I’M back. Okay, so we gon na turn this thing on real quick and we gon na see what it do. Okay, there we go. You can see the on and off switch you’re gon na turn it on all right, all right, little red light flickering. So all right got the controller in our hands. Gon na turn that bad boy on let’s see what it do all right here we go. Oh and it flies much smoother than the other one man. This is 100 better than the other one wow Music wow. Look at this wow. This thing flies so smooth. Look at this wow i don’t throw the other one away. Music! Oh as y’all can see this thing really really flies. Man flies really good um. Let me see yeah, but this thing flies really good man, so um i’m satisfied with the product it’s way better than that cheap chinese made one like super. I mean it. Does everything the other thing can’t do it’s like it’s on autopilot or something the way it flies? You know where is it Music, uh, Music, wow? Well, that’s it for the review, guys uh it’s, a good helicopter it’s way better than the uh chinese made one um. It cost what 35 dollars more and you can tell with the price difference, or you can tell with the way it performs that it’s supposed to be 35 dollars more than the cheat when i bought and that wraps it up for this review.