Do this hey guys me ho super son. Mille Grazie, its the brand new batmobile. This is the new batmobile by spin master, and this is from the new, the batman movie. I am so excited. This has a turbo speed action button as well, apparently its a usb based droid. So its got a usb power, so you can be. You can charge it up via your computer and stuff and yeah its got a few little thing, different sort of quirky little things with it. Quindi, a quanto pare, it lifts up and its like a back wheel and stuff and could do like a wheelie and thing so well have a good look at that, but yes, its the official movie styling for the brand new robert patterson. The batman very excited to have this. In my collect collection, if you havent seen my review of the bat cycle, then please go back and check that out. That is the the bike from the new movie, but this is the brand new batmobile and how hes gon na look in the movies. Così, im very excited by that, so lets go ahead and break this thing out of the packaging and take a closer look like i said before, im very excited for the new movie uh. I know a lot of people were randomly hating on it. When uh robert patton was announced and ive got a bit, i had my reservations when he was first announced but, like i said in my last video, he cant be the kid from twilight and harry potter forever.

Sai cosa intendo. Um weve got to accept that hes grown up hes matured and hes ready for new roles. He cant stay in the kid rolls forever. I mean look at the roles that tom cruise did as a kid. He did that weird magic movie like fantasy movie and stuff. So i mean everyones got to start somewhere its got those big plastic things in them right im, just gon na freeze from the packaging ill be right back, so it seems to have a little bit of charge already in it from factory so lets see. If we can use this little bit of power, its lit up at the back so just like with the uh, the other one lets see how uh quickly this can move across my desk. ok, i barely touched that lens. This is gon na be fast, so it does move pretty quick lets. Take it down to the floor and have a closer look die box die its a pretty decent nippy little ride. You know its got a lot of power to it. I can come. I know hes got stuck on something. Oh, i think hes just died. I need to charge all right guys. We are now fully charged, so you can see the car itself is actually very nice. It moves pretty well, it does have a drag button. So let me just get the camera set up for this. ok, hopefully well get it all.

If i push the little button on the remote control, which is just here it does this, we try and show that from that side angle, oh ive got it stuck lets. Try on some different surfaces, so final thoughts on the batmobile, è molto divertente. This is probably one of the fastest rcs. I think ive ever owned its very quick, very nimble. I cant wait to race it against the uh, the bat bike so stay tuned for a short or an update on either instagram or tick tock, where i will race the two cars together, probably on here on youtube, to be fair as a shot, but yeah cant Wait to race them, ma ragazzi. What are your thoughts on this batmobile? Is it something youll pick or pick up for yourself? Fatecelo sapere nei commenti qui sotto. If you did enjoy todays video, then please be sure to hit that like and subscribe button and ill see you in the next video.