Se voi ragazzi l'avete perso, Lascerò un link nella casella di descrizione del video in basso dove l'abbiamo portato su un sentiero di backwoods, Fondamentalmente, dove un sacco di macchine a grandezza naturale girano intorno e davvero un po 'di sì. Sono stato solo acceleratore per tutto il tempo, even lost a tire which was awesome. We found it lost a driveshaft, and that made me think a lot about this RAM inator truck because it is a one fifth scale monster truck put it into perspective. Here is a normal can of beer, and this is what you're looking at. It is a Goliath, and I do have the TMR performance engine in here. Some of the Keener's of the show may notice that I have changed the outer rings of my tires. The bead locks there they are red now and really. What I noticed when I was putting this truck away was how many parts had fallen off when I was actually on the trail and how many parts I noticed were moving when I got back here. So I kind of wanted to go over this a little bit before I do. A quick install so for the peas are getting much more popular. I think at the time of this filming, if primal even has one left, they only have one left, so they are getting more popular I've been seeing more videos out there. Big shout out to everybody: that's been getting these and I've had this truck for a few months now, and I want to say that this area back here, where your your four link setup basically is the top links for your suspension.

You want to make sure to get in there and tighten those make sure they are nice and snug, or else you're going to start getting that left and right motion on the axle now mine is super tight at the moment, but that is something to look for. Also on these links, you want to make sure that these nuts right here are always nice and tight right. You want to make sure there's no slop in there or else you're gon na start getting movement in that axle. There is a lot of power here, even in the stock engine and you'll. Also one of the areas, Ho notato, sorry about the blurriness there. One of the areas I noticed is on the side of this driveshaft there's a pin, and let me see if I can back that up for you to see that drive pin is actually what fell out right away. Now I've used red, lock tight on that several times, but I got ta tell ya just with heat and the immense power and motion they work free. Anche. I noticed that you get a lot of movement in these front, steering spindles. Naturalmente,, Sai, I would expect that that's the steering horn right there. They are being worked off of two large servos for steering and they work together, one giant servo saver in the middle, but you also want to make sure you're not getting any slippage in these links up here.

You can see there's some metal missing on mine, and it is because I had some movement in there and I noticed when I was steering I wasn't getting the proper, throw and so that's something that I learned this one a long time ago. Red loctite did help with this one, although I may have to heat it up to remove it, non è un grosso problema. All of this is aluminum for people that have never seen this vehicle before. This is a very heavy, very amazing monster, truck one of the one of the one of the key highlights of the Hobby at the time of this filming right now, energia a gas, Naturalmente,, everyone's begging for an electric conversion on this, and I have to tell you My friends, I know you don't get the scale of this. You know until you actually see it in person, but you would have to be carrying huge lipo batteries and have a massive massive motor in there, and I know that they do exist out there. But these tires guys like I said this is a normal can of beer, and you have like four of these tires, so I would like to see somebody else attempt that, because I love the sound of an engine now. I know that Dan, the guy that that actually designed this entire truck from Primal RC, was a claude buster fan the original Tamiya clawed Buster and that's. What he really was trying to do with this truck and, although I know I'm, going to get a lot of flack from people because they already think the suspension on this truck is too stiff.

I disagree, I think it's great for a scale monster truck, but that's the beauty of the Hobby is that your truck set it up. Tuttavia, Vuoi – and I always take suggestions, so I love getting the suggestions, but today I want to actually make it even more. Claude buster, like that way, i can take all the pre spring off of this one shock. I think we should add another shock all the way around. Almost like true claude buster. I know Claude Buster's were motor on axles, but at the same time you can definitely see similarities in the setup. So let's do that. I want to install it and see how it looks and maybe even you can have a look at the body. I paint it up: hey first things: first there's the front steering hub I'll just take the opportunity to give it a quick, pulito, Sì, look see it looks a little loose here now. When I go to tighten this nut down. I don't think it's gon na move a lot or that screw so I'm beginning to wonder if this is a potential wear spot or if it's, just naturally supposed to move like that on the sleeve. But I think it's, probably getting rounded out but we'll, see with time. I have jumped this a ton of times and I've got a spare one standing by so just that doesn't matter but interesting. ora, if you can see right here, there is a secondary shock area where you could either adjust your shock, your original shock position or add another one.

Now I see pre existing holes here already and I'm thinking that this is either for that shock adjustment. If he moved it forward, so I do have the extra pin, which would go right in like that and then a nut on the back, Naturalmente,, to hold it in place using a thirteen millimeter in case you're wondering on the front ten mil on the back. I get these bits at Dave's motors com, also known as DDM they're good for your drill or whatever they also. You can get this red handle for straight through to the other side and then compress it, and it goes back on the top eight millimeter on the nut and a number four hex driver on the screw done. Then the final lock nut up top holy cow there. It is double shots. Hmm. Now I only have to repeat it three more times I had it backwards like this was turned around and I forgot a washer but that's okay through the magic of editing. Look at this all the way around there you go guys. I think that's hilarious, and what do you see peeking in the background there hey yeah it's what you actually came here to see cuz I'm, not going to test this out today, it's too cold outside. I know I know I know I'm rewarding you with this. Invece, because I did order a new cage painted up a new body, let's get it mounted up and give it a final look and see what you think let's get you in for a closer look.

So I know you won't have a look at it: bello, yellow and red, and black I'm gon na have to buy another one of these. Just so my friends can come over in place, so my wife Jem she wants to rip with it as well. Have a couple of these on the track? That would definitely be a amazing thing to do so now when people say it looks way too springy I'm gon na be like yeah it's. A monster truck I've also heard that I may have to remove the coils on one of those Springs like maybe it's, just so bouncy it's, just not going to Corner well at all. But what do you think of the new look guys comment down below? Fammi sapere: do you think this spring setups gon na be way too much? Lo voglio, but I think it looks like a true monster truck now and, Naturalmente,, I'm not installing a light bar on top, yet because, if it is as springy as I think, it's going to be it's gon na spend some time on its roof. Even though this is one of the most stable RCS I've ever used with that modified 49cc engine in there it's got a ton of torque. You guys got to see a ton of slow mo in my last video of the suspension working so now. I think it is like car crushing worthy. I just have to find some hey guys thanks a lot.

speriamo, you've enjoyed today's video and the look at the banana nadir and we'll see you in the next episode of rcadventures.