The only drawback was i have a 98 crown vic, which is the only model year that couldn’t be self programmed and has to be taken to the dealership to be programmed. I ended up taking the circuit board out of my old remote and using the housing from the new one. It works perfect other than that. This is a very good product. The keyless entry remote works good. My vehicle has a keyless entry number pad on the door and i had the original code, which is what you will need. The instructions worked well, the remote works. Bene, this is a great value, because if you go to the dealer, you will pay much more. I recommend the product, Tuttavia, make sure you have your original code very easy to program. These keys, just a quick search for your car control is nice. Mine goes through a harsh environment when it’s in my pocket, so some of the symbols are kind of faded, but the control still works great, the sticker that you can apply to the remote didn’t last long either. But as long as the remote works, then hey well worth it. This is a great bargain. My dad’s remote for his 2001 mercury, grand marquis stopped working and he had given up on ever having a remote. I happened to see this one and figure did give it a shot. I had a little trouble getting the car to go to programming mode. You have to turn the key to run as quickly as possible, but online chat support was wonderful and i had no further problem.