50.. The instructions that came with the find were slightly confusing and i work for a car company, but once the find were programmed, they work perfectly and cost a fraction of what a dealer would have charged works. Grande, Tuttavia, customer service was not so great, had to look up on youtube for clear setup instructions programmed easily once you get the correct programming instructions with specific timing and order on buttons. Anche, the range is not quite as far as the original, possibly because the original has a 2 3 v battery set up where this is just a single, not enough of the reason to rate it lower these work perfectly. It took me a few weeks to understand the instructions. Customer service is great, had to pay to get it programmed Music. If you have a habit like me of losing your keys and or remote, you need a cheaper way out this works, and this is it. If you have left over working remote, then the new one can be programmed more cheaply. But if you must find a locksmith to program your aftermarket remote, then you probably will still save money. Item was, as described shipped quickly and works great. The only downsideand it is clearly stated in descriptionis because i didn’t already have a working key fob. I had to have them programmed by a dealership that was sixty dollars.