It is from hossim, but just before that i have a small update channel update. I guess i have this microphone for my camera. As you already know, i am using this microphone to make my voiceovers, so it is a bit too complicated for me and in take a lot of time for me, so i decided maybe to get this microphone put it on my camera and yeah make the video All in one so in the in this box you get actually your microphone camera mount cable. You have this pop filter or kinda like that, and this wind, but anyways lets mount this and we are gon na film with this one today. So if its any good, i have no idea lets find out Music, a brand new rc car from hussy and its a brushless. My first brushless rc car guys im really really excited so guys. As you can see, the box looks pretty nice and i guess every person that buy this car would be really impressed with how the box looks. There is also a lot of information on the box and, as you can see, we have this car in a red. In a blue version, so you can pick one which you like more one thing that i also want to mention is. I could not find maximal speed of this rc, so we have to test it, which we are gon na do in this video, so stay tuned.

So when you open a box in the box, youre gon na find this hasim thank you card and on the rear side on the back side, you can find all these informations about wholesome, as well as a qr code, really nice. The next thing that horosim is always includes in his packaging is this awesome lipo safe bag, which is really good? You should definitely use this bag, especially while charging next thing is a instructions manual, two small screw drivers to start wrenching on the car, as well as a two screws, wrench tool, really good d plug which allows me to connect two batteries at the same time, which Will extend the drive time for double, really good spare body pins? Really, nice always need those new model, or i dont, know ive, never seen this one before from hot sim, so yeah new radio transmitter on the top. You can, as always, find these on off switches. Trims and steering and throttle reverse, really good steering feel really nice. I love the foam on it to power. This remote on we are gon na need four double a batteries and the car itself: Music, Music, Music, okay, guys so lets talk a little bit about the car itself. I like this triggy look on here whats going on and you actually got two body shells. We have two styles red as well as blue one. I chose the blue one. You can pick any color, you like the only uh difference between those two is this outer ring on the rim? Okay, so the chassis actually looks like um.

It is a new design. Chassis, but it does look really really similar to older models, and these tires are actually same as from the older models that they have nothing special, and i did feel that they are not. The grip. Yes tires whatsoever and no foam inside whatsoever, and i like this thread on there, so on the front we have a big chunky, bumper, it is really really hard and sturdy. It almost has no flex in it yeah its. It is made from thick plastic and it should take a pretty much abuse on there inside it. We can see this light led bar, which is really nice, to have to see on this rc car, but, as you can see, i will show you um. It is not protected so much, there is a pcb on there. So if you are gon na run it in some wet surfaces, you should take care of that on the rear. We have nice big, wheelie bar, so it is flexible but not adjustable, but it should do the job well as well as this spoiler. It is really really flexible, and i like that, because when you jump when you roll over, that should take abuse a lot. So thats good thing so underneath the chassis, the chassis, looks really nice and i love the new style on the front. We have a new big metal, aluminium skid plate on this part of the body. There is a lot of stress, so so they have beef.

It up with this metal plate, which is really good, so lets, take the body off and see a little bit more underneath the car uh first thing to notice is that this car has only friction shocks. There is no oil inside whatsoever, which is, i would say, really negative thing about this car, but you can also upgrade it those two oil field, sharks to some better ones. Of course, i have already talked uh with wholesome and they were very kind to send me. One set of oil shocks for this one, so, as you already know, how sim has a really really great customer support? So you should, if you get this car, you should contact them about to oil shops and they are gon na, provide you with some new ones. I guess so yeah thats a negative thing. I would say so on the front here we have these linkages which are adjustable so you can adjust your toe, but you cannot adjust a camber on this vehicle on this rc cars on the front. What is also upgraded is inside the wheel, so we have metal hubs on there, a new tig for wholesome on the front. We also got cv, drive shafts, so you are not gon na lose your dog bones anymore, which is also an upgrade, and i like that as well. A arms are made from plastic. All four diffs on this rc car are filled with metal gears, which is really nice, and that is also one upgrade and, as i can see, this center driveshaft is also made from aluminum.

So, as i previously said, the hostname has made a new chassis for this rc car and i like that they are coming with something new on their platforms and first thing to notice. Is this green brushless motor? It is a floating motor brushless motor in this new chassis im, not sure about that. How well it will perform, because underneath here there is nothing to support the motor um. So if you take this rc car to bash on skatepark or some some hard surfaces, it may happen that you will actually bend it. So you can strip your gears inside the gears inside are made from metal and there is a bunch of production gears inside, but yeah im just a little bit worried about this system um, but we have to test it. It is greased. Well, so you dont have to worry about about the grease inside the gears. There is a lot of grease inside so thats also really really nice to see so moving further. We have 45 amp brushless esc receiver combo with a three wire servo. It is a 2.2 kg high torque servo and this servo has no servo saver inside, so you should be careful and last but not least, are the batteries. So, as you can see, i have got two batteries with 2 600 milliamp hours. It is a 2s lipo. So you can actually drive this rc car with both batteries at the same time, with included plug for extending your drive time so thats.

Also very nice thing. Okay, ive talked enough about the car lets. Take this batteries, put it in the car. Take the car outside and see what it can do so lets go. So here are guys on my location, where i come usually to test my rc cars today. I have with me my x07 from horizon and were gon na bash it today. So lets go so for this run. I have take with me my stock batteries, both of those so were gon na test, how those works – and i will test it with some 3s as well, because the esc is capable of 2s. So why not? I have adapter because this 3s battery has a gst plug, so i have an adapter for it and then we are going to test it with the 3s and we are going to measure all speeds with my mini gps from me. Lane so lets. Do it Music. So lets see what this guy can do. Actually i have a gps inside so lets see how fast can it go? Oh, oh, oh, okay, that steering, though its really hard to handle this car, oh first crash pulls always pulls on one side. Oh my god! This is hard to handle guys. It goes all over the place. Lets give it a few more. It is really really hard to control this car im too wet Music. Oh my god! This is too hard. This is too hard guys, Music whoa.

This was scary. Lets see what is the maximal speed of this rc piranhas Music come here. Little boy lets see okay, so maximal speed on 2s is 42.7 kilometers per hour. It is really fast, but that handling though okay never mind lets try it now on 3s. Why not so guys, as you can see, there is a 3s5 with adapter, okay, okay, it works! Oh, oh, my god! So as you can see to us 42.7 kilometers per hour, im gon na leave that slap it on there and give it a go. Oh, my gosh Music and its the first serious crash. Look at that look at those sharks. I dont know what to say on one side. I am really impressed with this rc car and on the other side, im im a little bit disappointed because its just not possible to control this rs car. That connection. Oh, i forgot that i did lose my gps 53.4 kilometers per hour on a 3s. Oh guys, we have a smoke. Oh look at that. I know whats the problem this guy, this adapter that i have used. They are really really tiny and they could not hold 3s power. This was my mistake, so so wow Music look at this guy. How dirty it is, oh, my god it is unrecognizable, so guys thats about it for this video. I hope that you like it. You can check my descriptions and find the links where you can buy this rc car.

If you are interested, it is an awesome. Rc car and i had a lot of a lot of fun making this video.