Oh yeah don’t mind my battery sounding noise right here. Just charging the final battery for the upcoming smash 89 anyways check out this cool big old bag, so i could stuff rc’s in there, because why? Why would you want a big old backpack to put things in it? Maybe to put some of these in it? I really had to stuff them in the truck can’t. Do that when i’m riding around one of these bad mamma jammas the sauron broken s2 that’s super 73 yeah yeah it’s gon na be another tale. Super 73 sent me. My parts only been wait. Three months yeah, the backpack’s gon na be handy riding around one of these things. I tell you i can get places and those cool e bikes plus they’re just fun to ride that i can’t get into with the big truck that didn’t make sense. I can get on tighter places like a motorcycle, these bikes, they’re, cool and they’re quiet. I can’t get to some of these places. The big old titan truck let’s check out more of this bag right here. Of course, it got the pockets right here. You got this little one, so you got this little one right here, because you got stuff like lipos in there just like that, stuffed in there see look at all that slack. You probably could fit some more in there and you got a controller pouch right here. You’Re just going to go ahead and zip that boom look at that in control right there, yeah yeah.

This looks like carbon fiber, but it’s. Not it feels cool though, and then two long ab long side pockets right here. This i mean you could put like user imagination, just put like tools in there and stuff and just stuff random things like the magnet body mounts in there and then the toiletry is a clips. You stick them in there and then you just zip them all up. Uh, oh yeah everyone’s, you might need light, go crawl in the dark you can’t afford, like headlights, you’re too lazy to put them on put some light on there. Look who light light? Ah, light yes put it in there and then zip it up like a meatloaf bag, and then the other side has that same oblong like pocket right there, camera shake right there. Look at that, you just pretty much use your imagination fits and it’s really long. So like tools or something i don’t know just use your imagination, god let it happen just let it happen. Maybe a happy little tool just lives in there getting rid of talking about the letting the magic happen. My battery discharges right there, so we can go for the little smashy bashi seriously, though the real meat potatoes right here is this big old compartment right here, because you can fit slashes and short course: trucks that’s, what they advertise it for, but you can really fit A bunch of other like primary 10 scale, pro, maybe like a scale.

If you take the tires off, but look at that gigantic compartment giganto, so they say they fit a short gorgeous truck in it it’s. Your short course boom short course slash. Yeah, slash is a short course right. Look. It fits in good fits the whole thing. Bodies tires and now oh shabang, but wait there’s more because it’s, not just for short course trucks and boom. You could put a trx4 in there and a crawler yeah. You probably could put a 10th scale bug in there like an arma typhoon. Oh yes, very good! Look at the typhoon! It goes in there really good yeah. You can zip it up like a ziploc meat bag right there. Just a few ideas of what this thing could hold, but we’re gon na put it to the tester and i’m going to load up the trx4 and we’re going to hit out roll out on the surround. Smashing is my card call me smashing right, we’re, all buttoned up ready to go here. Look at the backpack like a turtle shell wearing like a turtle, shell, yeah let’s, do it. My heart is beating to your drum and i’m blinded by the sunshine. In your eyes, not thinking twice am i this down, although i know you’re all i want, how could i crave something so bad? My sweaty palms reveal all right. We arrived my new favorite crawl. Spot Music is can’t, help myself, Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music Applause, Music, so Music Applause, Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, not bad kind of steep, more slow motion; Music because that’s the spot, so not bad for a stock sports trx4.

You know what i put 3s in there and it’s just like i don’t know. If i want to put it, i wasn’t doing like a vxl brushless in it, but now i don’t know maybe i’ll get another rig. I’Ll still do vxl, but this thing is just so cool out of the box: loving the bag j concepts right there made all this possible because driving one handed with this thing in the other arm and the other arm on this thing would suck Music all right Back to my counterpart, all right hope you all enjoyed that smash and tail with the trx4 crawl in the rc. Carry a bag, especially if you’re in e bikes, if you’re just hiking or you just want to walk around. Look like a turtle with an rc in it, but y’all. Let me know what you think about it downstairs in the comments below until next tile smash.