Another fat guy builds episode today doing something different still a car, but not really a car anyways check it boom. I want to make me and my buddies want to make a like a laid out track made out of tape, so i can still use the shop you know and then we want to get drift cars, but i don’t want to spend 400 right away. You know so this one was only ‘ 95 or 97 or something at walmart thing looks pretty nice um, obviously it’s a lower lower quality than what i was gon na get for 400 bucks, but uh just to get into it and see how everything goes and You know learn a little bit how to control a drift and all that um, so yeah, so i’m gon na open this up let’s take a look. Apparently this is a standard usb charging. I wasn’t sure if it was like a specialty like 12 volt style thing or something, but apparently you can use a computer car charger standard wall charger which everyone should have tons of those. Now over the past years. Every time you buy a phone, you get a new one, so you should have that comes with double a’s already inserted into the controller, then the rest of the directions and directions on how to switch the wheels comes with one set of extra tires. These are just trash, so if you’re using this outside you’re gon na go through the turrets, pretty quick, probably but uh yeah, you get two sets one set on the car.

One set extra. A controller itself feels cheap and empty and hollow and light um that’s to be expected on something. This price range battery compartments on the bottom here forward, reverse, and then this is a little turbo button. I guess – and it probably has a switch relay or something in here that um doubles the voltage when you push this so on the bottom. You have a manual steering adjustment, you just move it left and right and it moves where the zero position is. Then we have a switch here on and then off and charger the same open this little door and this door is where the charger is and then the tool to change the uh tires, and it just has some telling you how to charge it so let’s go Plug this in and see how long it’s going to take so i’m going to use my theater room seats, i got this nifty thing. Let me use this as a charger and plug it in and so then, under here the green lights flashing and then supposedly when it’s done, the green light stays solid. So, as far as battery charging is concerned, the battery on this charge is fast, no matter what what will change, how fast it charges is. If you have like a newer style phone charger, brick or older style one. You want to look at the current output in amps or milliamps on your charger, brick, so the higher you find one, the better this thing’s going to charge either way it’s going to charge fast because of this tiny crappy battery that i will be uh upgrading in A follow up, video, so stay tuned for that all right, let’s see what happens.

Applause so i’d like to thank you all again for checking out my video hit like subscribe. I got a bunch of real car stuff. I just barely got into the rc stuff. I want to be able to drift rc’s good before my son is able to even start learning how to do this. That way, i look like a god instead of looking like a troll, so i’m gon na learn start off with this cheap one, and this will probably be the one he learns on and uh slowly get into better and better ones. If you guys have a suggestion for a good uh, rc drift car like around 250 to 350 bucks with all the goodies like full package, i guess – or you have any other uh ideas – uh send them to me because obviously i’m not gon na – want to drive This thing forever i’m gon na want something better.