We got red number one and blue number. Two over here goal is to hit the side of the bumper car you hit the side of the bumper car. Your man is gon na go in the air like this, and the winner takes home the gold baby. Anything you two want to say before we get started red you’re, so trash you can’t even bring that off red. What do you got to say today? You are so sad. You can’t even move i’m gon na get you and you’re gon na be lost and not having a crown i’m gon na make you jump out of your seat that you’re gon na be crying home like a baby. Oh, you let’s see how this happens on the Applause. I just wan na floor to you, um let’s switch it up. Are you ready? Yes, i’m gon na beat him hey number one. Are you ready Applause, Applause, Music Applause, food Applause number, one? What you got to say about round number one Applause Music. What are you gon na do about that i’m? Just not warming up so he’s gon na forget it Music round number two: go Music, Music Applause, Music, uh and bread. Number one! Is the winner number one? How does it feel to be the winner? I feel like that the king is about twice as hard. Do you want to rematch blue number? Two? Yes, i wonder. Blue number two tell us what happened there.

I kept on moving forward, but he knew my trick to because i’d like to go backwards and he knew that i was going to go backwards and he moved forward and then then he hit me because i’m affording him for it too. Hey read number one: are you willing to put the championship back on the line and go against blue number two for one more battle, yeah, all right, whoever wins this one is the ultimate champion.